• FFXV has a Terra Wars collab event going on and other FFXV news

    FFXV has a new free event available where Noctis teams up with Terra Battle 2's Sarah in a promotional event for Mistwalker's upcoming Terra Wars game which will feature characters from the first two Terra Battle games. Here's the trailer:

    Like previous events, you net yourself some cool new stuff and it's nice to see Sarah get new life since her own game was pulled off the market this month. For those wondering, Terra Battle 2 launched last year and was developed by both Mistwalker studios and the Bravely Default team Silicon Studio. The game had a rough time both in the West and Japan so Mistwalker announced last June they were pulling the plug on the title with the Western version shut down at the start of the month while the Japanese version will end on the 28th of this month. The only explanation given for this sudden action was that the game was hit with too many unforeseen struggles and the team couldn't keep up with it. With that said, Terra Battle 1 is still going strong, though it will release it's final major patch next month but there are no plans to end the games service. In addition, Terra Wars is still in beta.

    On the FFXV front, this is the first of three cross game collaborations, the other two being a Lara Croft costume collab for Comrades, and new T-shirt designs based on DJ Nobunaga which itself will now get remixed music from FFXV for it's title.

    Tabata has mentioned that the four final DLC to be released within the next year, the final one being scheduled for next summer, would spell the end of Final Fantasy XV and the conclusion to the Fabula Nova Crystallis project started back in 2006. Ironically, the last game content for XV will be released thirteen years after it was initially announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The four DLCs will showcase four different characters and fill in some of the gaps fans feel XV's plot still has.

    • Episode Ardyn will be a prequel DLC showcasing his fall and origins.
    • Episode Aranea will be about her "worst day ever".
    • Episode Lunafreya will detail events after the conclusion of her arc in XV
    • Episode Noctis will expand the final battle and ending.

    With that, Tabata plans to move onto his new studio within Square-Enix called Luminous Studio and begin working on new ideas for original games.
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    1. maybee's Avatar
      maybee -
      Don't worry, I'm suuuuure that they can at least squeeze in 5 more DLCs between that time.

    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      Finally got to try this out, and it was actually really cute. Good to hear Nobuo Uematsu's music again, and Sarah was pretty adorable. Makes me feel sad Terra Battle 2 was cancelled because this made me want to play it a little more. I kind of wonder if Stella had stayed in XV, if her interaction with Noctis would be similar to the one he shares with Sarah? Anyway, you get her weapon for completing the quest which is not too bad and works like a very well balanced Ultima Weapon with mid tier stats. Kind of worthless for my post game party but I still like the design and the memories.
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