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    by Published on 10-18-2016 02:49 PM
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    In what seems to be turning into a trend, Square Enix announced today that their popular smartphone game, Mobius Final Fantasy, will be arriving to PC's via Steam this November! Check out the Announcement trailer if you aren't familiar with this game.

    So far this will only be for Japan. The original game is currently available on iOS and Android on the western front so it may not be long until steam gets a Western localization too. No word as of yet when we'll see it on this side of the world.

    Have you played Mobius Final Fantasy? Will you be interested in getting this on steam? Maybe this has spurred you to get it on your smartphone! ...
    by Published on 10-15-2016 03:15 AM
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    At the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas today, Naoki Yoshida announced Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion, Stormblood. Slated for a release in summer 2017, we have a few details about 4.0. Before we go into that, check out the Teaser Trailer!

    Thanks to Siliconera we have some more details:

    • The Monk job will be a focus in Stormblood just like how Dragoon was a focus in the previous expansion, Heavensward.
    • While it wasn’t officially announced, Yoshi-P wore a “Scarlet Witch” shirt, teasing a possible Red Mage job as one of the new ones for 4.0. He previously wore a Batman shirt to tease the Dark Knight job, and a 007 shirt to tease a new gunner class which ended up being Machinist.
    • The level cap will be raised from 60 to 70.
    • Stormblood will usher in a revamped battle system which will include an additional skill system overhaul and a reassessment of ineffective, unused actions.
    • The size and number of new areas will not be less than Heavensward
    • All new Primals will feature
    by Published on 09-16-2016 08:30 PM
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    Tokyo Gameshow is in full swing! You thought we were only going to hear about Final Fantasy XV huh? Nope! They granted us with the first trailer showing off the remastered content for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

    Check it out!

    What are your thoughts? No Release date yet but this is great news to see it actually coming to life! ...
    by Published on 09-14-2016 07:37 PM
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    It was announced that the featured exclusive Final Fantasy XV Playstaion 4 will be coming to North America and Europe! We've got the details for you thanks to Siliconera!

    The Luna Edition PS4 model will come with a Limited Deluxe Edition Bundle, featuring the new slimmer, lighter PS4 model with a 1TB HDD, and a large illustration on the front of the system.

    Also included in the bundle is a copy of Final Fantasy XV with the exclusive Steelbook case, a DualShock 4 controller with a Final Fantasy XV graphic, and a Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV Blu-ray. It’ll also include several DLC pieces, with the Royal Raiment Outfit, Masamune Weapon, and Leviathan Regalia Skin.
    This baby will be an exclusive for Gamestop and EBGames. The Luna Edition Limited Deluxe PS4 Bundle will be $449 USD/$549 CAD. Europe will also get a standard edition bundle, which features the standard PlayStation 4 Slim model with a 1TB HDD, and Final Fantasy XV. Both will be available on the release day, November 29th, 2016!
    by Published on 09-13-2016 03:23 PM
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    Tokyo Game Show just had a brand sparkly new Final Fantasy XV trailer for us! We know you are all excited about the release but since it has been moved back a bit, they have granted us with this lovely piece of work. Check it out!

    Final Fantasy XV will be available November, 29th on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. What are your thoughts on this trailer? ...
    by Published on 08-09-2016 04:22 PM
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    Next friday Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will arrive at select theaters in the US. That's right Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will be in theaters on August 19th! Of course you want to see it! But will you be able to? Here's a list of the participating theaters that are showing the feature length film.

    Looks like if you're in Texas, you're spoiled with locations! Don't worry though. If you can't see this movie in theaters, you'll be able to digitally acquire this on August 30th via streaming services, followed by a Blu-ray release coming October 4th. The game Final Fantasy XV will be released for PS4 and XBOX One on September 30th.

    If you need a refresher on what Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is, well check out the trailer! Yes, it will actually play a part in the story line of the game!

    Who's excited for this movie and will you be one of the lucky ones to be able to see it in theaters? ...
    by Published on 06-14-2016 03:25 AM
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    Yup, you read that right. A VR exclusive for Final Fantasy XV! The Sony E3 Press Conference showed off various VR exclusives including our own favorite franchise, Final Fantasy.

    You'll play as Prompto. We'll have more info for you when available but for now, Check out the trailer!

    Thoughts? ...
    by Published on 06-01-2016 02:36 PM
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    Square Enix had an Active Time Report today. At the end of it we got a thank you message that showed off the beloved series favorite, the Chocobo. If you haven't seen anything about the chocobo's yet in Final Fantasy XV, check out the following video to get a better idea how they will appear in the newest final fantasy entry.

    Final Fantasy XV will be available September 30th, 2016 for Xbox One and Playstation 4. ...
    by Published on 05-31-2016 08:35 PM
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    Another Active Time Report was today with oodles of new information regarding Final Fantasy XV. We got more info about the Theatrical Movie Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive, a hint at the next episode of the anime companion, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV, and some details about Final Fantasy XV itself! Thanks to Siliconera for the translating info presented in this report!

    • There won’t be any climbing actions in Final Fantasy XV.
    • There will be as skill tree, and a system to learn abilities.
    • The second episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will release sometime around the time of E3 2016.
    • There won’t be a gallery mode, but it’s being considered for a post-release addition.
    • While we haven’t seen him in recent trailers, the hooded character shown in trailers is still in the game.
    • Some mentioned that the graphics looked worse in the Platinum Demo compared to Episode Duscae. Tabata says to please wait until E3 about that.
    • The car stereo will have Final Fantasy music, but there won’t be a way to play your favorite (that are not from
    by Published on 05-16-2016 08:14 PM
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    Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is officially coming to the west this summer on iOS and Android devices! Pre-registration is currently live! They will be having milestones to reach via pre-registrations that will unlock more abilities and items for you ingame when released.

    Still not sure? Here's the official summary from Square Enix about Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius!


    Adventurers will follow two knights of the kingdom of Grandshelt, and a young girl who suddenly appears before them, as they begin their quest to pursue a highly sought after crystal. Players will make their way through various types of dungeons to search for items, collect gil, uncover hidden paths, and venture new routes.


    • Traditional, turn-based gameplay with streamlined battle mechanics and intuitive touch controls, making it easy to pick up and play for newcomers as well as long-time fans.
    • Players will be able to move their characters through fields
    by Published on 04-27-2016 02:19 AM
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    At PAX East, Naoki Yoshida had a live Q&A about new details for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He explains about new quests, developments, and his personal thoughts. During the hour long event, Yoshida asnwered questions asked by fans previously and live. Check out the recap info, thanks to Siliconera.

    • An app is currently in development for the game. This app will allow players to enter the Linkshell outside of the game, letting them speak to their guild or friends from their mobile devices. This same app will also let players access their retainer and the marketboard. Yoshida stated that it will hopefully be available before the next expansion releases.
    • Players awaiting the next line of quests for Hildebrand will find some new detective activities to undertake in Patch 3.3.
    • After having Odin make a guest appearance in Phantasy Star Online 2, Yoshida stated that it may be possible
    by Published on 04-25-2016 03:20 PM
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    Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive
    is Square Enix fully CGI movie that is set in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Officially the release date is July 9th, months before the game's release date. It will be in theaters in Japan on this date and ticket sales went live April 23rd. With the official release date now out, we are starting to get more trailers! Check out the newest one!

    There's no word if the movie will be in theaters on the western front or a release date officially for us either. We know it will be out before the September 30th release date of Final Fantasy XV.

    Final Fantasy XV will be available on Xbox One and Playstation 4. ...
    by Published on 04-24-2016 11:45 PM
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    This week there was an Active Time Report for Final Fantasy XV. No new information was given but they did recap and expand on a few things we didn't fully know! Check it out!

    • No new details were shared in this live stream about the game itself, as the aim was to have a little recap and talk about other things on the side.
    • It won’t be necessary to watch the Final Fantasy XV anime or Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV to enjoy the game.
    • Square Enix says that pre-orders in Japan are going better than expected.
    • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV will premier in Japanese theaters starting July 9, 2016. Ticket sales start on April 23.
    • The Final Fantasy XV app Justice Monsters V will launch on Android next week. The iOS version will launch in June and the Windows 10 version sometime this summer.
    • Over 90,000 people have already registered for Justice Monsters V.
    • Square Enix will producer 10,000 more copies for Final Fantasy XV’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition worldwide, and they mentioned that they’ll
    by Published on 04-23-2016 03:00 AM
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    Square Enix announced that they will be shutting down the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII services on April 26th, 2016. The Outerworld service allowed players to show off their customized Lightning, as well as location and character snapshots, Battle Scores, and send items for sale.

    Services affected:
    NEWS & UPDATES (upon launching the game)
    Submissions to Outerworld Services
    Outerworld NPCs
    Posts to Social Network Services
    Obtaining Outerworld rewards
    *Rewards already obtained will not be affected.

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Did you use the Outerworld services? ...
    by Published on 04-20-2016 01:39 AM
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    Square Enix announced a new Smartphone game called Samurai Rising this week. It's an action RPG that seems incredibly similar to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

    While the game itself is not officially a Final Fantasy title, you can see that it has heavy influences on it. Not only are the characters looking like a White Mage, Dragoon, Black Mage and Fighter, but the monsters themselves look to be Final Fantasy-esque themselves. You can see a Bomb, a Marlboro, and a Coeurl among other monster familiar monsters. Even the website's art looks similar to what we know of Final Fantasy before.

    If you're interested in pre-registering than you can do so here at their website.

    This action RPG will be coming to Japan only this summer but Square Enix showed off a gameplay trailer today. There's no word if we'll get to play it over here in the west but if it's successful, we may be graced with this fun looking game. ...
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