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    by Published on 11-17-2003 12:17 AM
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    Since so many of my friends all use LiveJournal, I've decided to add a community in LJ for EoFF news updates. From now on, any news update in EoFF will be posted into this community by one of the news reporters. Feel free to add eoff_news to your LiveJournal's Friend's List!

    If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to browse LiveJournal or post a comment on an entry in the EoFF News Community itself.

    userinfoeoff_news ...
    by Published on 11-14-2003 08:25 PM
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    The Contacts Page has been updated recently and there may be more additions over the next week. For all of you people out there who have helped us out in the past, you might want to note that sitestaff@eyesonff.com is no longer going to be checked. Anything that you might have sent there in the past should now be sent to one of those people on the contacts page - I'm sure you'll find the appropriate person.

    I'd just like to thank everyone who has emailed us regarding any suggestions they've had for the site or any problems they've noticed within the site. We're proud to have more content than any other FF website we've found online, and we do all of it for you readers and browsers (who else?)! Please, sign the guestbook! It's awesome to read over those things once in a while, seeing as it's the only feedback the Site Staff really get. ...
    by Published on 11-07-2003 02:23 PM
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    The FF1 section has had a large revamp, many thanks to Dr Unne who donated a huge amount of pages and images. The new pages, which go over the previous pages which Dr Unne had donated (he's a generous chap), include the following changes:

  • Improved images
  • Improved Walkthrough section
  • Improved Enemies section
  • Revised information in all charts
  • A new WonderSwan Colour section with the following pages: Overview, Review, Characters and Graphics

    Also, we've now added a Kingdom Hearts 'Secrets' section, by eternalshiva

    Check back soon for more updates.

    Have something you'd like to submit? Want to help out? Register for the forums and check out the Site Staff Forum. ...
by Published on 11-05-2003 02:56 PM
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Roogle, Spatvark and myself have decided that the problem with the lack of updates is clearly not our fault, and rather the fault of all you people not having access to post news items up yourselves. Of course, as tempting as it might be, we're holding back on giving EVERYONE an account with our news system and have instead decided to invite you all to apply for the job. Depending on the results, we'll get 1-3 people to help Roogle, Spatvark and myself update the frontsite with anything that we find to be worthwhile.


EDIT: Applications have been closed and our three News Reporter positions have been filled. Thanks to everyone who applied! The new positions have been taken by Strider (aka El Mariachi), Rainecloud (aka Jayren Marque) and Kalinda. ...
by Published on 09-30-2003 02:42 PM
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Final Fantasy XII now has a website up, and although it's in Japanese and has little content, one of our forum members known as Calliope has managed to generously translate some of the material from the website for us.

Here is her translation of the greeting:

The announcement meeting for the production work on the newest composition in the Final Fantasy series will be held September 19th, 2003.

On that day, the newest videos will be made public, including the official title logo and characters.

Additionally, key note speeches and the like will be scheduled according to guests.

Similarly, the next time we will be preparing invitations especially for our general customers.

We have scheduled to let you know the way of subscribing to the current site as well as our customer magazine. (There will be a guide from October)

In no time, the 12th in this series will be revealed.

Please count on us, we hope to meet your expectations.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on all further information we manage ...
by Published on 07-01-2003 12:11 PM
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The following content has been added to the site:

- Final Fantasy VIII Limit Breaks, by Spatvark.
- Final Fantasy II Boss Guide, by bennator0
- Final Fantasy VII Weapons (page update), by bennator0
- Final Fantasy VIII Magic (page update), by Spatvark.
- Final Fantasy VIII Magic & Item Refining, by Spatvark.
- Final Fantasy VIII Omega Weapon Strategy, by Kuja Highwind.

Check back soon for more updates.

Have something you'd like to submit? Want to help out? Register for the forums and check out the Site Staff Forum.

Also, I'd like to apologise for the lack of information on Square, Square Enix and their games. Our main man Roogle is off on a well-deserved month-long holiday, but he'll be back to give you all the info you desire in good time! ...
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