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    by Published on 10-31-2012 07:45 PM
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    The final box art for the next addition to the popular Tomb Raider series has been released after a long and patient wait from fans.

    The cover shows the younger Lara Croft in a gritty setting, holding her wounded arm. This takes a drastic manoeuvre away from the artwork of the earlier games of the series which show the popular heroine in less dangerous situations, sporting a more seductive appearance.

    The series is being completely revamped after Square-Enix took over Eidos Interactive in April 2009.

    The game itself is also taking a new direction, being based around the early years of Lara’s life, in which she is not the strong and independent heroine that her fans are used to. The new turn has caused some controversy, and has received a mixed reception from the fans and critics alike.

    The trailer released in 2011 shows the game in very dark, dangerous and at times frightening settings. It reveals that Lara will be taking quite a beating and be unable to protect herself. This is a far cry from the iconic Lara Croft ...
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