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    by Published on 03-19-2012 09:37 PM
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    This is all about Grandma Potpourri!

    Many of you may not even know about Grandma Potpourri but I assure you, she is THE most important character to ever grace the screen of a Final Fantasy game.

    Why? You may ask. Itís a valid question. A stupid question but a valid one nonetheless. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you just donít know about her. First off, let's analyze where she comes from and what she looks like to understand her as as a character.


    Grandma Potpourri is in Lindblum before things go wickty wack there. She sells pots outside the Weapon and Armor shop. Itís a respectable business, people need some place to store their stuff and thatís where she comes in. She even keeps her pots there when they have the Festival of the Hunt! Youíd think sheíd put them inside at least, but no. No she lets them sit there. Thatís how high of quality her pots are that she offers! She doesnít make much of a living off of them but she has a good time selling them.

    [IMG]http://i742.photobucket.com/albums/xx68/Prettyypenguin/FF%20IX/potpourri1.png ...
    by Published on 03-19-2012 12:13 AM
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    Dance Dance Revolution
    The dancers in Final Fantasy have moves much better than that sweaty kid down at your local arcade. They do share one thing in common though; when they dance, lights flash, things beep and magic happens. The dancers of Final Fantasy started out in Cornelia, with that one dancing girl who knows an unreasonable amount of information on where your quest is taking you. The only type of dancers I can think of who would be privy to that much information areÖ Nevermind, letís look at our performers!
    Bartz shows off his tight pants in the dancer outfit for Dissidia.

    The Warriors of Light
    The Warriors of Light return for our first glimpse of the dancer as a playable class in Final Fantasy. Their special ability, Dance, picks one of four random dances, each with varying effects ranging from confusing enemies to dealing four times normal physical damage. By equipping certain items, the player can raise the chance of using the Sword Dance, which damages the enemy for four times normal damage, making the dancer a powerhouse. By equipping the Dancerís Dagger with a non-dancer character, that characterís attack move will instead change to Dance, meaning you can reduce the weaknesses of the class whilst retaining the benefits.
    Moogles and dancing go hand in hand, but none do it with as much style as Mog.

    Mog the moogle from Final Fantasy VI is a combination of a dancer and a geomancer. His eight dances are all elemental based, and once started, Mog will dance continually until the battle is over, performing one of four different attacks dependant on the dance. Mogís role in Final Fantasy VI is minor, being an optional character except for his one appearance early on, along with the other moogles. His love of dance is evident in his SNES introduction: ďHuman-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing... ...
    by Published on 03-06-2012 08:12 AM
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    Song and dance are powerful tools. They can be used to express oneself, used to protest, used as a social activity and used as a career. And, where Final Fantasy is concerned, can be very versatile and valuable weapons. Today we look at the power of song and dance, tools used by Bards and Dancers to combat foes, enhance their alliesí strength and ultimately have a cracking good time while doing so. Letís take a look at these underrated classes, and some of the characters who embody the power and passion of a performance. Letís start with the humble bard, shall we?

    Sing Me A Song, Piano Man
    Bards are probably best known as the folk who sing tales of heroes and dragons and all sorts of fantastic legends. Thatís true enough, but the bards of Final Fantasy do more than just tell tales; they live them. We have a broad line-up, so letís jump straight into it! The Onion Kids show off their bard outfits. Classy, ain't they?

    The Onion Kids (III)
    The original bards, the Onion Kids of Final Fantasy III receive the bard job from the Water Crystal. In the NES version of the game, the bard class is used purely to provide buffs to the party. However, in the DS remake, the bards can also damage enemies by using their Sing command, which changes depending on the harp equipped. In addition to harps, bards can also equip knives, though this limits the effectiveness of their Sing command.
    Prince Edward of Damcyan. Monarch, Musician and, uhh, Lover.
    Edward Chris von Muir (IV)
    While the origins of the bard class lie with the Onion Kids of Final Fantasy III, this is perhaps the first sight that western audiences received of the bard class. Edward, also known as Gilbert and Gilbart in some lands, is the crown prince of Damcyan. As such, he ...
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