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    by Published on 09-18-2012 09:22 AM
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    Have you ever played a Final Fantasy game and thought that it would make a pretty great book? Well dream no longer folks, because the first three Final Fantasy games look like they're set for novelization.

    I wonder if the Invisible Lady will be featured...

    This is a perfect opportunity for Square Enix's writing team to flex their creative muscles. FFI has long been the subject of entertaining Let's Plays, mostly due to its lack of characterisation and paperthin plot. With a novelization, Square Enix can stand to build upon the first gem in their crown and give us a somewhat familiar tale to enjoy. Let's not forget how good FFII and FFIII were either, though!

    Square Enix has a habit of relegating these kinds of things to Japan-only, but here's hoping they make an appearance for Western audiences soon. In the mean time, better start asking your translator friends for some help!

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