• Achievements

    • Story Achievements
      • Early Riser - Unlocked once you defeat the groups of Nektons and Meonektons on the beach in New Bodhum (003 AF)
      • Time Traveler - Start Episode 2 in Bresha Ruins (005 AF)
      • Scarlet Medal - Defeat the weakened Atlas with a five star rank in Bresha Ruins (005 AF)
      • Future Espier - Start Episode 3, Part 1 in Yaschas Massif (010 AF)
      • Past Gazer - Start Episode 3, Part 2 in Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF)
      • Threat Facer - Start Episode 4 in Academia (400 AF)
      • Sooth Seeker - Start Episode 5 in The Void Beyond after Academia (4XX AF)
      • Promise Keeper - Start Episode 6 in Academia (500 AF)
      • Epic Finisher - -Complete the game by defeating the final boss
    • Gameplay Achievements
      • Budding Hunter - Defeat 100 Enemies
      • Quick Draw - Start 50 battles with a Premptive Strike
      • Staggering - Stagger 50 Enemies
      • Wild Thing - Use Feral Link abilities 100 times
    • Special Feats
      • Anomolous - View all Paradox Endings (including the secret ending)
      • Beast Tamer - Recruit the monster Don Tonberry
      • Big Game Hunter - Defeat the following monster: Ocu, Immortal, Yomi and Long Gui on the Archlyte Steppe
      • Cerulean Medal - Defeat Proto fal'Cie Adam with a 5 star rank in Augusta Tower (200 AF)
      • Choco-boco-holic - Spend 100000 gil in Chocolina's shop
      • Chronosavior - Defeat the final boss with a 5 star rank
      • Clock Stopper - Get 100 Consecutive Great rankings with the Mog Clock
      • Far Fighter - Defeat Raspatil on Normal Mode in Oerba (400 AF)
      • Fragmented - Collect all Fragments in one category
      • Giant's Fist - Deal 99999 damage in one hit
      • Defragmented - Collect all 160 fragments
      • No Retreat - Win 50 consecutive battles without the Retry option
      • Obsidium Medal - Defeat Pacos Luvulite and PacosAmethyst with a 5 star rank in Academia (500 AF)
      • Saddle Sore - Take more then 10000 steps while riding a Chocobo
      • Serendipitous - Earn 10000 Casino Coins
      • Strategist - Perform 1000 Paradigm Shifts
      • Supreme Being - Reach rank 99 in all roles on one character
      • Trigger Finger - Complete all Cinematic Action prompts during the battles against the following bosses: Paradox Alpha, Atlas, Royal Ripeness, Zenobia and Proto fal'Cie Adam
      • Master of Time - Unlock all Trophies on the Normal Setting (PS3 Only)

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    Hope is the biggest idiot

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    NPC: If you had seeds, you could grow Gyshal Greens to feed the chocobo.
    Hope: You should grown Gyshal Greens to feed the chocobo!

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    Post Game Gran Pulse Content and Farming

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    Who here has beat the game and tried to brave the post game?

    I just finished my 3rd playthrough (since 2009) and I think this is the first

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    13 trilogy coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility

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    Maybe not the remastered box set you were expecting.

    But if you're a fan of the games and you're not a big PC gamer, this is exciting if

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