• Tabata talks Type-0

    Final Fantasy Type-0 has been a big talking point lately, especially with Operation Suzaku attempting to petition for its release in the West. With that in mind, Gamespot Asia has interviewed Hajime Tabata, scenario director and the man behind titles like Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Type-0.

    A screenshot of a battle from Type-0.

    Despite having commercial success, Tabata notes a number of things he would have liked to improve in Type-0 with more time: "I would have added ad-hoc capabilities and a co-op mode where players could help each other at any time," he said.

    "I would have also been more thorough with the storytelling and making it easier to comprehend. Lastly, I would have also liked to adjust the levelling curve and balance of the magic."

    He also hinted at wanting a sequel set in the far-future. "At the end of Type-0, the loop structure of the world ended, so there is a direction of history the world took after that. Iím interested in that portion; not so much the events after, but probably in the far flung future of the timeline."

    Rubrum's Magic Academy, the school Type-0's protagonists attend.

    He also discussed the potential for the game to be released in the West, saying their decision would be affected by "market reasons."

    "We feel strongly about bringing this title to the fans in North America and Europe, so if an opportunity arises that can become a conclusive factor, we are prepared to go into consideration right away," Tabata said.

    We'll be following the news on whether Type-0 will hit our shores or not, so stay tuned for that. Also, for the full interview with Tabata, click the link below.

    [Source: Gamespot Asia]
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