• FFIV Trailer hints at FFV on iOS

    A trailer for the iOS port of Final Fantasy IV has been released in celebration of the game's debut on the Apple store. While mostly showing off the 3D graphics, the trailer does house one hint right at the end.

    So it sounds like some love will finally be shown toward Final Fantasy V and maybe even Final Fantasy VI as well. The first four instalments in the series have been ported and remade and released quite a number of times, but it seems like a few more games might be in for the same treatment.

    Square Enix has been focusing on the mobile market of late, with games such as Final Fantasy Theathrhythm, Demon's Score, Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, and of course Final Fantasy IV all coming to mobile platforms - among others! The list is ever expanding, and we'll be looking forward to seeing some of our favourites hitting the mobile platforms soon.

    Now if only there was some love for Android... Check out the whole FFIV trailer below.

    [Source: Kotaku]
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    1. Yar's Avatar
      Yar -
      This is probably not a 3D remake. Everything thus far on the iOS is either a port of something already available or original content for the iOS.

      And while I would love me some 3D FFV, I'd really like some new content please Squenix!!
    1. Jowy's Avatar
      Jowy -
      I'd play the GBA version of FFV again, which is what I assume it would be. It was the best incarnation so far.
    1. Yar's Avatar
      Yar -
      ^ The wise man speaks truth.
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