• Final Fantasy XIV World Transfer Application Deadline

    Hey there Final Fantasy XIV fans! Square Enix is desperately trying to make it's players aware that time is running out! No they aren't destroying the realm again, but if you are tired of you current server for whatever reason, you have to do something about it soon. The deadline to apply for a World Transfer is July 15, 2013, (Monday) 7:59 AM PDT!

    Here is the status of the worlds in an email released by Square Enix!

    * As of July 12, 2013, 2:00 a.m. (PDT)

    - Japanese Data Center
    Ridill Relatively Uncrowded
    Masamune World transfer applications not being accepted
    Durandal Crowded
    Aegis World transfer applications not being accepted
    Gungnir Crowded

    - North America/Europe Data Center
    Sargatanas Relatively Crowded
    Balmung Relatively Crowded
    Hyperion Crowded
    Excalibur Crowded
    Ragnarok Relatively Uncrowded
    Read up on the Transfer Process and if you decide its something you want to do, be sure to apply here! Keep on keeping on in Final Fantasy XIV friends!
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    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      What exactly is a world trasfer and I thought the servers and everyone in them are playing in the same world; the servers just distributes the connections so that a single server wouldn't crash due to too many players.
    1. The Summoner of Leviathan's Avatar
      The Summoner of Leviathan -
      This only applies if you have a v1.xx character. Because of the new datacenter, not all servers will be located in Japan anymore. The servers designated European/North American are now located in North America (most sources point to the new SE datacentre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada). The old servers are being kept but some of them now are being shifted to the North American/European datacenter to reduce lag and such. If you do nothing, your character will stay on the same server it was before ARR. However, if you were on say Aegis but live in North America, you might want to transfer servers because Aegis is remaining at the Japanese datacenter. Or if you wanted to transfer to a server where all your friends or fellow forum memebers go to, say Sargatanas. However, if you do not have a character from v1.xx, none of this is really a worry for you. If you do have a character from v1.xx and do not care what server you are on, then do not worry about it.

      As for playing cross-server, this does not occur in the normal game. The only time you can play cross-server is through Duty Finder in Instanced Dungeons/Raids where you are puts into a party with random people from other servers. Outside of that, there is no cross-server playing. Server=World.
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