• Chaos Characters

    Garland Garland
    A stalwart consigned to the endless cycle of battle, he enjoys dueling with stronger foes.
    The Emperor The Emperor
    An arrogant and proud despot who plans to rule over all.
    The Cloud of Darkness The Cloud of Darkness
    An apparition foretold to appear and send the world back to nothing when the balance between light and darkness is severed. Although appearing as a woman, the true nature of this being remains unknown.
    Golbez Golbez
    Once a kind and gentle man, this mage's weakness in his soul lead him to being controlled by an evil being.
    ExDeath ExDeath
    A mage of the dark arts who seeks the powers of the void, but in reality is a tree embodied by the evil wills of man.
    Kefka Kefka Palazzo
    An insane harlequin who lacks self-control as a result of experiments infusing him with Magitek power, and who finds no greater joy that destruction.
    Sephiroth Sephiroth
    A coldhearted former hero who wields an extremely long sword.
    Ultimecia Ultimecia
    An intriguing sorceress hailing from the future, she wields time-manipulating magic with ease.
    Kuja Kuja
    Enacting plots of utter cruelty while maintaining a graceful demeanor have caused many to fear this young man as the Angel of Death.
    Jecht Jecht
    A former superstar, his bold words and confident mannerisms conceal the deep love he holds for his family.