• Top Five Weirdest Things I Found Google Image Searching "Final Fantasy Christmas"

    Ah, Christmas. Mistletoe, chocolate, family, gifts, and weird Final Fantasy holiday pictures.

    That last point is a traditional part of the festivities, is it not?


    Well, it's time to make it one.

    I punched "Final Fantasy Christmas" into the Google Image Search box and here's what came up.

    1.) Sephy Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight~~

    Looks like Sephiroth is paying a little Christmas visit to our good friend Cloud. But he's not in a Santa suit and doesn't even have presents! Cloud's sure going to be disappointed when he wakes up {source}


    Alrighty then. {source}

    3.) Lightning is not amused

    Either she hates posing for the traditional Christmas photo or she hates being a present for some neckbeard who asked for her as their "waifu". I can't really tell. Either way, she's upset. {source}

    4. #JustFratBoyThings

    We're all bros here. Hanging out. Doing bro stuff while the women are in the kitchen. Heh. Yeah. That's how it's done. {source}

    And, finally, I leave you with this:

    5. Reindeers Are Better Than People

    Cloud, don't you think that's true? {source}


    For more holiday fun, check out Ghost of Cloud's Past by Colonel Angus!
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    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      The fourth one is just adorable.
    1. DrAssenov's Avatar
      DrAssenov -
      LOL! I like the gaming one!
    1. Shaibana's Avatar
      Shaibana -
      omg, so cute
      tho i find the first one pretty disturbing
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