• FanArt Friday! Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #101

    It's FanArt New Years Eve! Welcome to another edition of Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week, where we show the best of the best from DeviantArt! Last week we had our 100th Showcase of the Week, and this week we'll see a new set of artists get a chance to show off their incredible talent. But you're not here for the text... let's get on with the art!

    Merry Christmas by chaosringen

    Let's start off this week's showcase with something that I've been admiring all week - a marvelously merry Miqo'te and Moogle masterpiece! This FFXIV artwork has really impressed fans of Final Fantasy artwork over at DeviantArt and I for one think it's never too late to spread a little Christmas joy! The softness and warmth in this image would fit perfectly on the front of a Christmas card. This is the first Final Fantasy artwork chaosringen has done for some time, but hopefully there's more where that came from, because it's utterly beautiful!

    Lifa, Final Fantasy IX fanart by Der-Reiko

    Speaking of beautiful... wow. This puts the scenery outside my window to shame! This stunning landscape featuring Final Fantasy's most famous tree (well, maybe second after a certain FFV villian) had me slack-jawed when I first laid eyes on it and I still enjoy looking at it five days later. Feel free to just sit there and soak in this image for a while, because I know I kind of lose myself as I wander my eyes around it. Landscape images as good as this can be strangely immersing like that, they really do take you to another world.

    Head Mechanic Cid by Ravenide

    In the Final Fantasy series, Cid is also pretty great at taking you to another world, or at least from one landscape to another. That's exactly what the newest Cid is doing. Did I say Cid? Sorry! Cidney! Or Cindy! Okay, I still don't know the official name, I'm getting mixed messages from different sources. All I know is that Ravenide is clearly very, very good at linework and just as good with colouring. Also, FFXV's female take on of one of our favourite Final Fantasy staples is the kind of girl I wouldn't want to mess with. Do you see the size of that wrench!? Back away! Back away!

    048 World Map (Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII) by C780162

    If you like Final Fantasy VII, you should check out Lap's DeviantArt gallery. In fact, you should definitely add him to your DA watch list. Remember Final Fantasy VII: Moments? Well, while we were all kicking through the project in secret, Lap seemed to have the exact same idea - only he is doing it all on his own! That's right - this is one of the latest images in a series of speedpaints of FFVII's story. Don't let the "speedpaint" bit fool you - they are amazing. Seriously. Check them out. Look at the above for an example, or check out my other favourites. Worth it. Trust me.

    Rejected by FrameDodge

    Back to FFXIV after all that! In December, the Eternal Bond system was released and couples have started getting marri- sorry Square, I mean "eternally bonded" to each other left right and center! There are even people asking for marriage via the in-game party finder. It's pretty crazy. Of course, proposals don't always work out well... and FrameDodge has captured the aftermath of one such unfortunate endeavour. Hopefully this poor Hyur will not have too heavy a hangover. As the artist advises: "Don't worry Aeva, you're much more suited to a life of brothels and piracy."

    Lulu by Sara Martellosio (cosplay) and Bluneve (photography and editing)

    Time for Cosplay of the Week! In this expertly taken image, we see Lulu sitting pretty beside a beautiful lake. I really like everything about this image - the cosplay itself is fantastic from the hairdressing to the infamous dress'o'belts. It looks like it'd be a bit awkward to get around in that thing so well done to Sara! But the striking 45 degree angle and the lighting are really impressive, you can see that Bluneve really takes pride in her work. And if you think that's good, you should be sure to check out the Italian's Facebook page where you can find more shots of Lulu as well as Rikku, Yuna, Seymour, Sephiroth, Squall, Rinoa and more!

    What do you think of all these wonderful pieces? Are you on DeviantArt? Do you have any favourite artists there? Let us know by leaving comments on this article and, of course, click the photos to be taken to the respective DA pages so you can leave comments for them, too! Finally, if you're registered on DeviantArt, be sure to follow the EyesonFF DA Group!
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    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      I like the Christmas one the best.
    1. Ace Protorney's Avatar
      Ace Protorney -
    1. noxious.sunshine's Avatar
      noxious.sunshine -
      Them first 2 are incredible!
    1. DrAssenov's Avatar
      DrAssenov -
      Amazing fan art selection! Thank you for sharing!
    1. masterkyoko's Avatar
      masterkyoko -
      These are amazing!
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      That Iifa Tree art!
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      I kind of want to make that lifa tree picture my background!
    1. Lynn-Strife's Avatar
      Lynn-Strife -
      I love all selection! Just great!
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