• FanArt Friday! Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #104

    It's FanArt Friday! Welcome to another edition of Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week, where we show the best of the best from DeviantArt! Last week we had had some really high quality creations on display, and this week we'll see a new set of artists get a chance to show off their skills. But you're not here for the text... let's get on with the art!

    Together We Soar by LindseyBurcar

    Let's kick things off with this Final Fantasy XIV masterpiece. When I first saw this image I thought the background was a photo until I took a closer look and realised that was all real. Wow! Lindsey was inspired by music from The Island while she put electronic pen to digital paper. Here we see Raezualmef's Miqo'te character, Synnata, riding her chocobo companion Phoenix through what I assume is The Shroud of Eorzea. Lindsey, I bow down to you, you're amazing!

    Flowering Cactoid by Otherworld-of-Dalice

    This prickly character is no stranger to the masses - this particular Flowering Cactoid only wants to give love! This adorable little piece was put together by Hungarian artist Otherworld of Dalice and it quickly won the hearts of a few fans I showed it off to earlier this week. The colouring and shading are great, but I think all we really need to say is "Awwwwww", because despite the probably 1,000 needles the wee mob probably has in store for us, we can't help but think this Cactoid is just so freakin' cute!

    A Slice of Heaven by argibi

    Another image that won a few Final Fantasy fans over earlier this week when I was geting some second opinions is this superb vector work by Lauren and Nathan Adams. The duet's efforts paid off with appreciation shown towards the Disney-like style used to draw Tifa, the nods towards 1950's typography and the unique form of FanArt. I for one also adore the very classy logos created for Seventh Heaven and it's beverages. Great work, you two!

    Judge Magistrate by Raydiant

    Raydiant (real name Raymund) actually put this piece together in 2013, however only uploaded it this week. I'm pretty sure I speak for us all when I thank him for finding this piece and showing it off to the world, because damn it's pretty. Pretty awesome! The six judges of Archadia were formidable in appearance and equally tough on the battlefield. I love everything about this image - the style, the layout, the background logo, the colouring... it's all perfect! Great job, Raymund!

    Fen Dreams in Black. by Oakram

    This week's final piece is an old school job in a new school game. Oakram's Lalafell, Fen Ren, is primarily a scholar, but spends a lot of time wishing he was a full time black mage. When his character could look this awesome all the time, I can hardly blame the guy! Sooner or later reading all about magic in a book just makes you want to go out there and come up with the most destructive spell you can muster and blast it into the faces of your enemy. Right? Right!

    Cidney by Inushio (cosplay) and PortyGallery (photograph)

    Time for Cosplay of the Week! Cidney was announced only recently and Inushio has wasted no time at all in getting her costume together, dirty face and all! She's clearly hard at work in this image captured by Porty. Inushio is looking forward to the upcoming demo, and is worried that they might change her costume like they did for Noctis and Gladiolus. Clearly this game is already causing problems for cosplayers around the world! She also tells me that she has more pics ready to upload, so keep an eye on her DA page and Facebook!

    What do you think of all these wonderful pieces? Are you on DeviantArt? Do you have any favourite artists there? Let us know by leaving comments on this article and, of course, click the photos to be taken to the respective DA pages so you can leave comments for them, too! Finally, if you're registered on DeviantArt, be sure to follow the EyesonFF DA Group!
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    1. Rocket Edge's Avatar
      Rocket Edge -
      Wow! The first one is outstanding. I love them all this week.
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      Wow, a Cidney cosplay already? looks good!

      The art is just simply perfect this week!
    1. Ace Protorney's Avatar
      Ace Protorney -
      Wonderful artworks this week. Gotta love that Cidney cosplay!
    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rocket Edge View Post
      Wow! The first one is outstanding. I love them all this week.
      This. The first one blew me away and I haven't even played FFXIV.
    1. DrAssenov's Avatar
      DrAssenov -
      Wonderful showcase! I am going to try out the FFXIV demo on PC soon. I heard great things about it! Can't wait to get immersed in an MMO!
    1. Loony BoB's Avatar
      Loony BoB -
      Quote Originally Posted by DrAssenov View Post
      Wonderful showcase! I am going to try out the FFXIV demo on PC soon. I heard great things about it! Can't wait to get immersed in an MMO!
      Oooooh, you better get on Sargatanas, lady!
    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      All of these are astounding! I put the XIV one in my favorites.
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      The Red Choc one is phenomenal. I also j'adore the Flowering Cactoid.
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