• FanArt Friday! Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week #106

    It's FanArt Friday! Welcome to another edition of Final Fantasy Fan Art Showcase of the Week, where we show the best of the best from DeviantArt! Last week we were blessed with some vibrant visuals, and this week we'll see a new set of artists get a chance to show off their skills. But you're not here for the text... let's get on with the art!

    FFXIV - Rest by R-ena

    Here's a beautiful bard and charming chocobo to start off this week's showcase. There's something about this artwork that puts me at ease and leaves me feeling quite relaxed, so I find the 'Rest' name rather fitting. Both character and companion clearly have a lot of love and care for each other, and I hope that all of you guys out there enjoying your chocobos in Eorzea don't forget to give them that same TLC - or at least a few Krakka roots!

    Final Fantasy IX: Salamander / Amarant by karniz

    Time for something a little more kickass, and Salamander is here to provide it. This excellent work was drawn traditionally in pencil first before karniz switched to digital art for the colouring. The end result is a very, very cool look! It reminds me a bit of the Borderlands style, and that can only be a good thing. Love it! Feel free to check out more of Donna's works at her site, which features some pretty wicked FFXIV and WoW works.

    Black Mage cemetery by Arlmuffin

    From one excellent use of style to another, Arlmuffin has expertly crafted this place of deep thought and fragility for our dear friend Vivi. If this words said by characterse around this small cemetery don't tug at your heartstrings, you might want to go see a doctor because it's possible that you're dead inside. I have a lot of love for this artwork which was created for the FFIX Tribute Album collab between Game Art HQ and OverClocked Remix.

    Llednar Twem by Skence

    Skence reckons that all the best characters in Final Fantasy Tactics are the ones you're unable to play as. Do you agree? Be sure to let us know! Of course, this isn't the first amazing art piece that you've seen by Skence if you're keeping up with this showcase - just a few weeks ago Skence was headlining with another FFT piece!

    Final Fantasy XII Phon Coast by gankutsouthecount

    Now for something unique in my browsing of DeviantArt! It's Final Fantasy XII's Phon Coast and a selection of Ivalice wildlife filling it! From Archaeosaurs to Thalassinon, and of course Cactoids to Mandragora, the variety of creatures you can stumble across is really on show here, and in such beautiful art form, too! You can see Basch, Balthier and Fran have got their work cut out for them. Good hunting, guys! This art was created by gankutsouthecount for a Teaming with Life project.

    Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay by meng-ai (cosplay) and UniPX Photography (photography)

    It's pretty rare that I see a Yuffie cosplay I'm impressed by, yet I've found it here! Meng has clearly put a lot of effort into getting just the right look, and I feel the photographer has really taken it to another level too - everything from costume to makeup, pose to lighting is just really, really well done! Check out another excellent shot of Meng as Yuffie riding a rockin' bike here, and her site here.

    What do you think of all these wonderful pieces? Are you on DeviantArt? Do you have any favourite artists there? Let us know by leaving comments on this article and, of course, click the photos to be taken to the respective DA pages so you can leave comments for them, too! Finally, if you're registered on DeviantArt, be sure to follow the EyesonFF DA Group!
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    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      I like the XIV, Vivi, and Yuffie cosplay one.
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      The XIV one and Vivi are excellent
    1. Rocket Edge's Avatar
      Rocket Edge -
      The XII one is pretty unique. I like the Amarant's piece's style.
    1. Ace Protorney's Avatar
      Ace Protorney -
      Everything looks really great. Nice job to all the artists and cosplayer this week.
    1. Dat Matt's Avatar
      Dat Matt -
      Hold on "Llednar Twem"

      "Mewt Randell".

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