• FFXV Panel at PAX East

    Looking forward to Final Fantasy XV?

    Want more information on it before you get hands on time with the demo?

    Well, you're in luck! Square Enix has announced that there will be a panel titled "Behind the game design of FFXV" which will take place at PAX East on March 7th.

    Square Enix are also due to discuss Final Fantasy Type-0 HD as well as the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Expansion, Heavensward. The panel's description reads: “Also, Yoshida has a habit of announcing things he shouldn't, so you won’t want to miss this.” Please be excited!

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    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      Oooooo I wanna know what's going to be said. Plus I bet Yoshi-P will announce Heavensward's release date.
    1. fat_moogle's Avatar
      fat_moogle -
      Yeah it'll be interesting to see what they discuss. Will it just be behind the scenes stuff? Or will they release some surprise information? Who knows. But one things for sure, I'm liking this steady news ^^
    1. Vyk's Avatar
      Vyk -
      I guess I've been taking it for granted lately that they've been releasing information like a normal studio. But even that isn't accurate. I follow a lot of indie and Kickstarted games, so I'm more used to getting information. And they're actually more similar to those studios now. And upon reflection, I am quite liking it as well. You'll never hear BioWare make an announcement or give new info on the next Mass Effect every couple of weeks like this. EA, Activision, even Ubisoft would all likely snub their noses at the idea. Something like that would probably make it more apparent that they're letting suits meddle in creative freedoms and planning on having microtransactions and disc-locked content, and make such ill-will that big budget games would start to flop for a little while. So also I guess Kudos to Square for keeping their mobile mindset in the mobile market, where it should stay
    1. Tyson's Avatar
      Tyson -
      It should also be noted that we're getting another Active Time Report on Feb 20th that is supposed to contain a walkthrough of the demo.

      So I can't imagine we'll see much new at PAX, unless it's stuff from later in the game that isn't contained in the demo.

      I wonder if we'll still get these ATR's after the demo hits? On the one hand it's really exciting seeing new stuff and be updated so often. On the other, I don't want them spoiling the whole game :S
    1. FFFFsephychibi's Avatar
      FFFFsephychibi -
      Holy trout I am so going to this.

      I might try to convince them to take me back to Japan with them, and finish the game XD;!!!!
    1. FFFFsephychibi's Avatar
      FFFFsephychibi -

      Yoko shimomura is going to be at Anime Boston http://www.animeboston.com/guests/guest_info/218
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