• Final Fantasy Record Keeper comes to the West

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper was a Mobile game limited to Japan, until now! Square Enix announced this morning that Record Keeper will be heading to western shores. Don't groan just yet at it being a mobile game. This free 2D game will take you through important moments of the Final Fantasy series in a surprisingly fun battle system reminiscent of the classic ATB battles of the past.

    As we discussed when the Japanese version came out, the story is an interesting one. You play as Deci, the prized Apprentice of Dr. Mog. They are historians working for the Ministries of History who have preserved moments in time in paintings in an effort to maintain world order.

    With Dr. Mog's magic, Deci is able to jump into the pictures and relive important moments in the history of Final Fantasy by entering those "memories". By clearing various dungeons, you'll be able to encounter past protagonists. So you'll be able to use your favorites to fight alongside one another. The further you get through each world, the more characters you'll unlock, allowing you to build your own dream team.

    Reception in Japan for this series was surprisingly great. It's popularity is part of the reason it's coming to western shores. If you pre-register on the official site for Final Fantasy Record Keeper you can get early characters, such as Tidus from Final Fantasy X, that aren't normally available until you complete quests in the game. Take a look at the announcement trailer for a better idea of how it works.

    The game will be available on iOS stores and Google Play. Will you be getting it?
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    1. fat_moogle's Avatar
      fat_moogle -
      Is this the spelling game?
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      lol no it's a battle game where you go through important moments in the series to preserve them.

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    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
      Is... that not just all the bravest?
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      They use the same sprites as all the bravest but it's different and better and less stupid transactiony
    1. Ergroilnin's Avatar
      Ergroilnin -
      Gonna be my first iPhone game.
    1. Masamunemaster's Avatar
      Masamunemaster -
      Do they have a release date yet? I will delete every game and app on my phone just to download this!!!!
    1. Omni-Odin's Avatar
      Omni-Odin -
      Cool. I'll definitely be getting this
    1. Masamunemaster's Avatar
      Masamunemaster -
      Also, I've never been able to play ATB. It will download but never start.
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