• Pumpkin Judges!!! Your Outfit: Bravely Default Edition

    Pumpkin Judges!!! Your Outfit: Bravely Default Edition

    You know what I like? Outfits. You know what I like slightly less but still enjoy? Bravely Default. So today I am going to walk you through the job classes and judge their style in the meantime. I'll also do it in the form of a countdown, with my least overall favourite job appearing at the bottom, building up to my overall favourite. So join me on this quest to judge the fashionable ninjas and male Valkyries!

    24. Time Mage:

    Time Mages use time magic and stuff. Is your mind as blown as mine is?! Honestly I really don't like these outfits. I am disappointed every time. I'm used to Tactics where Time Mages get whimsical hats and cool purple robes. Not this nonsense. It just isn't for me. They are all weak links in this job.

    I don't even have a favourite for this. Agnes, I guess? Sure, let's go with that.

    23. Salve-Maker:

    Basically the chemist of this game with a really, really annoying boss fight trying to prevent you from getting it. I don't like this outfit. I don't like the colours or the shapeless heaps of clothing that the characters wear. There are a few redeeming qualities. I like the curly shoes on the men and their colourful vials. I like Edea's tights.

    Ultimately I gave this to Agnes for making it look slightly less like a potato sack and for having nice boots.

    22. Dark Knight:

    Similar to the one in X-2, the Dark Knight packs a powerful offensive and likes to slowly kill itself. While I quite like the Dark Knight class, I don't much care for the outfis. I understand why they look the way they do, but it's just a whole lotta black.

    Agnes wins this for me because I like her hair and there aren't many other distinguishing features to go off of.

    21. Templar:

    The Templar is kind of a holy knight with a different skill set. They have a lot of offensive and defensive skills. Overall not super motivated by this job wither, it's just kind of there. I also don't much care for orange normally, so that might have something to do with it. Tiz is the least favourite of this batch.

    Edea looks the best in this with her bow and her crown. Plus it also just kind of fits storywise as well.
    20. Valkyrie:

    The Valkyrie is kind of a dragoon class, which is pretty awesome. However, the outfits are less inspiring to me. The men look like cyber aliens. I suppose that's okay though because Valkyries are usually female anyway.

    I think Edea is made for this job. Personality and looks wise. It all just suits her. I like her little bow.
    19. Spiritmaster:

    Spiritmaster is kind of a white mage/green mage sort of cross over. A lot of buffs and things. The outfit, for me, is a whole lotta nothing going on. It manages to be both too much and too little at the same time. Ringabel is who I would call the weak link, he just looks lost in all of those clothes.

    In the end, I think Tiz works this look the best. He doesn't look too lost or too monotone.

    18. Swordmaster:

    Pretty much the samurai class of this game. While I know many people disagree, I rarely find long dresses inspiring and I don't usually like the colour green. Not a good combo. I do appreciate some of the more subtle beauty it brings though.

    Edea wins this one for throwing in some pink and just working the look really well.

    17. Conjurer:

    Kind of like the summoner class but also more passive. As I just said, long dresses and garbs don't do it for me as much, and neither does green. I do appreciate the softer greens and whites in this one though, as well as Agnes' hair ribbons!

    Edea wins this one for me and brings the group up as a whole. I think her dress is very pretty and I actually really like it!
    16. Knight:

    Knights hit things with swords and use shields and other such. I usually find the job pretty bland as I also find these outfits. None of them really do it for me, but none are actively bad. Tiz is the weak link here.

    Ringabel ultimately wins this one for me because dat heroic cape. A true knight in shining armor. In the outfit at least.

    15. Vampire:

    Or at least, some versions of the Vampire depending on censoring. It's kind of like the blue mage class of Bravely Default. I prefer the male outfits here because it's more what I think of when I think vampires. As a whole it's nothing amazing to look at though unless you look at the uncensored versions.

    Ringabel wins this. He's got the hair and the cape. Top drawer my good fellow. Top drawer.
    14. Performer:

    Performers focus on buffing your party, if you're in to that kind of thing. I quite enjoy the theatricality of this job and I think the guys knocked it out of the park. The ladies are also pretty interesting. Agnes is the weak point here. The look just doesn't suit her.

    Ringabel takes this one away. It fits his hammy personality, pose, and hair. The whole thing is just magical.

    13. Thief:

    Thieves steal things from people. The world is their oyster. I am not a huge fan of the thief outfits here, none are too inspiring, but I find they suit the area you get the job. Ringabel and Edea are the weak ones here. While I quite enjoy Edea's pants, she gets lost in that hood.

    It was close between Tiz and Agnes but I had to give it to Tiz for actually rocking the hood that many people would not be able to rock for me.

    12. White Mage:

    As a Final Fantasy forum, I'm sure we all know what White Mages are for. Healing allies and some such things. Necessary but sometimes boring. Much like I find these outfits. I'm not sure why, but they don't make me that happy. Maybe it's the difference in the males taking more of a traditional, modest approach, while the women have mini skirts and giant hats. Agnes is my least favourite here. I think the gloves maybe.

    Tiz wins this one for me. He looks very white magely and I find it suits him more than any of the others, although the male outfits are very similar.

    11. Freelancer:

    The Freelancer is your default job and as such, the character wear their basic outfits. Much less of a theme going on, so it's hard to judge as a whole. The Freelancer is kind of a jack-of-all trades, master of none job, which probably describes my feelings on the clothes. They're alright. I would say Ringabel and Edea sweep this one away with our winner being Miss Edea.

    The bow, the white pants with the red shirt. It's very flattering on her and I quite like it myself!

    I will say though that Agnes' Vestal outfit is one of my absolute favourite in game and I wish they would have made it her default outfit.

    I would real life wear this dress. You know, if I was thinner and looked like a realistic version of Agnes.

    10. Red Mage:

    Red Mages can use both black and white magic but can master neither. The outfits look pretty good, although I am a bit disappointed at the lack of hats. Agnes or Tiz are the weak links in this one. Agnes for being bland and Tiz for overdoing it with the slowers.

    Edea wins this one. I think this is actually a very pretty look for her and I like the rose in her hair. It looks good.

    9. Summoner:

    Summoners summon beasts to kill off your enemies. You also need to survive the summons yourself before you can use them, so that's pretty fun times. This one has me pretty torn. I love the ladies outfits, they are some of my favourite outfits in the game, and I'm not too keen on the guys outfits aside from the touches of purple colour. So it ended up somewhere in the middle.

    Agnes win. The hair, the shape of the outfit, and the colours, all make me super excited for the summoner job. More than the actual job.

    8. Ranger:

    Rangers are the archers of this game which means I love them and I want us to be together forever. Sadly the outfits don't evoke those same feelings. A few of them are pretty cute though. Ringabel weakest, not for being bad, but just for being bland to me.

    Agnes winner. It's cute, it's an archer, and it's pink. What more do you want from me?
    7. Merchant:

    Merchants spend money and make money, not necessarily in that order. I like the outfits for being so out there and just going for it, but it's less excitement and more just amusement. Tiz is my least favourite. The red doesn't suit him well here and the hat is much too tall. I like the pearls on the female characters as well.

    Ultimately, I think Ringabel pulls this off the best. Right size hat, good colours, suits him well.

    6. Ninja:

    I don't think I need to explain what a super stylin ninja is. The women win this one hands down for me, those outfits are great. Shapes, colours, hair, flowers. It's a good thing ninjas are supposed to look very stylish in order to win fashion contest, right? Right?! Tiz is my least favourite because I really, really dislike his outfit and he's bringing the whole group down.

    Agnes is the winner for that dress and that hair. Yup yup.
    5. Spell Fencer:

    Spell Fencers use swords and magic TOGETHER. Kind of like what Vivi/Steiner had going on. (VivixSteiner OTP <3). I am liking the lady outfits much more. Ringabel is my least favourite. The blue robes aren't doing it for me.

    I was torn here by which I think looked the best and my love of pink, but I do think this just suits Agnes better, so she wins this round. Barely.

    4. Monk:

    The Monk is your typical barehanded fighter, although they can use weapons as well. They pack quite a punch and have a lot of strong support skills. As a whole I think it's strong. The only one I think the outfit doesn't suit is Ringabel for some reason.

    While I do like Agnes' look a lot, Edea steals this one for me with the cute, light coloured dress, the awesome footwear, and the hair with the bow on one side. One of my favourite's in game.

    3. Pirate:

    They attack things hard in the face with axes. And are pirates. I actually like everyone's outfit here. I like the ladies hats and eyepatches with the hearts and their dresses. I like the piratey jackets of their male counterparts. You can certainly tell they're pirates. Ringabel is the weakest here for me just for liking it slightly less than the others.

    Giving this one to Tiz because he looks adorably nonthreatening. Like a kid playing dress up. Very cute.
    2. Black Mage:

    The Black Mage kills things with fire and other such harmful spells. Maybe it's because I'm biased towards the job, but I adore the Black Mage outfits in this game. Not one miss for me. Easily explains why it made it to number 2 on this list!

    My overall inner is Agnes. An adorable dress with a great hat that works well with her hair. It also works well near the beginning of the story after you first get the job and Agnes is being called a cruel witch.


    1. Arcanist:

    Arcanist is kind of black mage mixed with arcanist status effect inflicting, and is well worth the wait and putting up with the horribly annoying villain for this absolutely adorable job class. There are no weak links here, everyone is massively cute. I especially like the overdone pigtail hair and the ginormous hats.

    This was really, really hard to decide, but I went with Ringabel with Agnes a close second. Just the giant hat and suit makes me every time.

    This list was obviously very subjective and in no way meant to be a final and true opinion on this. Whatever floats your boat I say. So what were your favourite outfits in the game and which did you not much care for?
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    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      While I'll agree time mages were terrible in this game, my least favorite by far was the Arcanist. Especially on the guys. Yes, let's give our dark magic specialist pajamas, that looks menacing
    1. BreakfastGrilledCheese's Avatar
      BreakfastGrilledCheese -
      This was a fun read, and I loved experiencing the outfits side by side again. Edea's default costume and Agne's Vestal outfits were definitely my favorite through the whole game.
    1. Colonel Angus's Avatar
      Colonel Angus -
      Not the strongest set of FF costumes. Some are interesting, though & they're all mostly original, which is good.
    1. Skyblade's Avatar
      Skyblade -
      While I disagree with a lot of your choices, it was a good read.

      But, since you mentioned the Vestal Garb...

      You do know that each character has at least one unique costume that they can equip that changes the way they look, right? There is at least one costume for each character from getting shops in Norende up to level 11, and a couple others through unique quests.

      Agnès gets the Knight's Tunic.
      Attachment 66229
      Tiz gets the Onion Shirt.
      Attachment 66230
      Edea gets Edea's Garb.
      Attachment 66232
      Ringabel gets the Melodist's Shirt.
      Attachment 66231

      (SPOILER)Agnès can permanently equip the Vestal Garb after you complete the false ending.
      Attachment 66233
      Edea can get the Bravo Bikini after defeating De Rosa for the second time.
      Attachment 66234
      Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a picture with just the Western version of that outfit?!

      Anyway, I'd love your opinion on the extras too.
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      I just had to throw in Agnes' vestal garb even though I was trying to focus exclusively on the job classes. But I love Agnes' Knight garb and Edea's garb as well!
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