• Location, Location, Location: Costa del Sol - Eorzea

    As the holiday season dies down, and that warm fuzzy feeling of excitement withers away, we're left with the cold and harsh reality of January. Temperatures are at their lowest, and many of us are facing storms, snow, and floods. Unless of course you're from the Southern Hemisphere, in that case you're lucky enough to be having barbecue dinners and beachfront breakfasts. For those of us who aren't so lucky, there is always those few moments a day for a little bit of daydreaming of a quick getaway somewhere hot and fabulous....

    That place is Costa del Sol, a tropical paradise set along the Lominsan coast of Eorzea.

    For the Adventurer...
    Costa del Sol boasts ship wrecks and hidden caves and coves filled with treasures if you can brave them. Scale the mountains to find Garlok's Lair, just be careful you don't wake him from his slumber. If you'd rather receive some coin on your travels, then speak to the Costa Levemete and he'll be sure to set you a challenge or two for some pretty nice prizes.

    For the Foodie...
    For those among us who are traveling to find new foods, visit Costa del Sol during the Moonfire Faire and discover the best battered fish in Eorzea! It's rather obvious though, seeing as Costa del Sol is surrounded by fresh seafood! If you're after a bite though you may have to wait a while as the Faire comes towards the end of the summer season...

    For the Relaxer...
    If it's just a relaxing holiday you're after, then it's a relaxing holiday you'll get. The weather here rarely changes, it's a suntrap. Whether you prefer lying out on the beach, floating on the soft waves, or sitting up under the shelter of trees, then Costa has it all! Did I mention the Miqo'te masseurs who will absolutely make you purr to your hearts content?

    For the Blogger...
    It is of course absolutely true that most of Eorzea is brimming with photographic areas, but Costa del Sol may take the cake. It has it's idyllic beach, vast hill regions, and views to die for. Let your lens soak it all up and watch the hits come pouring into your blog.

    Whatever you're looking for to start off your New Year, give Costa del Sol a visit. Soak up the sun, curl up in the sand with a good book, sip on a Bloodshore cocktail, work out those muscles with a relaxing massage... Or go kill a Garlok and hunt for hidden treasure. Just make it a holiday to remember.

    Book now, call 012-HOL-I-DAY
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    1. Galuf's Avatar
      Galuf -
      Seems pretty nice. When does it snow?
    1. Midgar Mist's Avatar
      Midgar Mist -
      I thought you meant FF7 Costa Del Sol for a moment
      I would definitely hang out there
    1. Night Fury's Avatar
      Night Fury -
      omg i'm on the frontsite for the first time in over a year!

      Slight bugbear though Eorzea's Costa has nothing to do with the FF7 compilation, it should be categorised under FFXIV!
    1. Formalhaut's Avatar
      Formalhaut -
      A great travel article, Fury. Loved it!
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      Excellent article, I hope you write some more!
    1. CactuarKing's Avatar
      CactuarKing -
      Nicely written and great pictures.
    1. Elpizo's Avatar
      Elpizo -
      You forgot to mention the cute courtesans employed by Master Gegeruju for those looking for a different kind of adventure.
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