• Final Fantasy Explorers released in Europe!

    Earlier this week, Final Fantasy Explorers released in the US, receiving mixed to positive reviews on metacritic. Today, this multiplayer adventure is also available in Europe, so if you want to connect with some friends on another continent, you can do that now! Just make sure they have the same game. It really doesn't work otherwise.

    Final Fantasy Explorers features a Monster Hunter-esque action RPG battle system with 21 jobs available for you to customize your character, alongside cameos from classic FFs including heroes, monsters, and Eidolons. While the game can be enjoyed as a completely single-player experience, the multiplayer aspect - both local and online - is a big drawl

    Are you getting FF Explorers? Or maybe you have it already? Eager to play with your friends overseas? Let us know!
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    1. FFNut's Avatar
      FFNut -
      If I had more money I'd be already exploring with all of the EOFF friends.
    1. Galuf's Avatar
      Galuf -
      if there is no chocobo then its not an FF. FF1 is exempt since chocobo couldnt travel through time till ff8.

      i want this game
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      I have it and i'm having fun! I haven't been able to dedicate too much time to it and I haven't played with anyone else yet but it's a great game to just pick up for a few minutes and get some quests done.

      Galuf, I killed some chocobos already haha. I haven't had one to ride yet but I do have an airship that can take me on quick trips around the island.
    1. maybee's Avatar
      maybee -
      Really pondering to buy this game as it has the job system and nice costumes to buy and collect for your character. Though 1/2 just wonders to just replay Final Fantasy V again instead ? It sounds pretty addicting and fun though. Not to mention Bravery Default 2 is coming out next month as well. Choices, choices. I am gravitating towards buying Bravery first to support the old fashioned battle system and to show to Square that people love it still.
    1. Rin Heartilly's Avatar
      Rin Heartilly -
      I finally got my copy in the mail (sold out everywhere in Aus) and I'm gonna start playing right now ^^
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