• Mistwalker Studios teasing fans with a new title.

    Earlier this year, Sakaguchi said on Twitter that his studio was focusing on a new project in addition to the work they are doing for Terra Battle. More recently, Sakaguchi teased two pictures of concept art for the new game they are developing but said it would be awhile before he can really talk about it. His only comment was that he wanted the artwork to look like a sketchbook come to life but still in 3D (most likely cel shaded style) but no other details were given.

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    1. Ayen's Avatar
      Ayen -
      Sketchbook come to life intrigues me.

      The artwork is pretty.
    1. Fynn's Avatar
      Fynn -
      I've talked about this to others, but that artwork looks like Yoshida's work on Bravely Default, and it's not, which bothers be so much because how?
    1. Vyk's Avatar
      Vyk -
      First thing I thought was Bravely Default as well. If it's not that guy perhaps someone got inspired. Though I've thought Bravely Default seemed familiar as well. Perhaps I've seen his work in something else our there are others. I'm thinking it was an old Atlus game? I dunno. Mist Walker has yet to really grab me so here's hoping
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