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    Well hello there gentle viewers. So far I have shown you a scorching hot beach nestled along a divine coast in a mythical world better than those you dream about, and a mysterious forest alive with winter magic that lies slap bang in the centre of spiritual Spira. For our next bout of wanderlust, I want you to imagine if I were able to combine the best elements of the two to create something that is even more inspiring and inviting...? Something hot for those of us who don't like to be wrapped up in layers and like to flaunt our bikini bodies, but still a place with adventure all around... Something that is more than a beach, with canopies of foliage and fauna... Well, I know of such a location. Allow me to introduce you to the wonders of the Deep Jungle.

    The Deep Jungle is an entire world built up around a hearty jungle - inside which lies a secret world of wildlife, nature, and danger. Just when you think you're safe and sound and can relax, you never can tell what may be lurking in that long grass or hiding in the leaves... Prepare to be kept on your toes and thrilled at all times. This location is perfect for those of us who love animals. Here, you will find a family of Gorillas and you can watch them from the safety of the research base. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a trip only for adventurers, those seeing a romantic trip will have their breath taken right from their lungs.... Come and visit where the trees pile high above the clouds and come and let your lusting eyes see a brand new horizon.

    Is that the beating of a jungle drum? Or your own heart leaping from your chest in anticipation?

    For the Adventurer...

    What's not to love about Deep Jungle? You can explore for days, climbing through the gargantuan canopy of tropical fauna. Pin your hammock into trunks, and live from your backpack - a new location to sleep each night. Run your hands over the thick moss that caresses the trees and allows you safe passage through them, find hidden ruins beneath cascading waterfalls. Take an elephant ride into the very heart of the jungle to learn the secrets, but be sure not to tell anyone what you find, these secrets are for your eyes only... Strip down and stick on a loincloth and swing from tree to tree - discover your inner animal!

    For the Newly-Weds...
    It's not all about hunting and hiking. Stay in the beautiful newly-refurbished treehouse, set up near the beach and watch the sun rise upon the most breathtaking views. Dine on tropical fruits and fish in the glow of the sun as it sinks back down to set, setting fire to the oceans with an amber and violet glow. The skies stay clear all night, so you can star gaze with your beau and count each constellation star-by-star while the music of the jungle plays out in the background. A truly ambient, and unforgettable setting.

    For the Animal Lover...
    If you love animals, there is probably no better place to visit than the Deep Jungle. Feast your eyes on the monkeys, gorillas, snakes, and elephants. If you climb the highest trees, you will even be able to watch the colourful neon birds that rest their, nesting and taking flight at sunrise. Rumour has it, that in the Deep Jungle, there lives a man named Tarzan who runs free with the gorillas as if they were his own family...

    If you're tempted by Deep Jungle, be warned. Danger is no stranger here, and the weather is beyond humid. With all things considered, the location is one of a kind, and would make for the most memorable holiday. Don't be put off, and instead think of the world that is just dying to be seen, just remember to respect nature, and keep a comfortable distance at all times.

    Book now, call 012-HOL-I-DAY
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    1. Pheesh's Avatar
      Pheesh -
      I always loved Tarzan's secret place in this world, it's so pretty.
    1. CactuarKing's Avatar
      CactuarKing -
      Another well written article.
    1. Pumpkin's Avatar
      Pumpkin -
      This is the point I stopped playing Kingdom Hearts xD
    1. Pheesh's Avatar
      Pheesh -
      Quote Originally Posted by Pumpkin View Post
      This is the point I stopped playing Kingdom Hearts xD
    1. Shauna's Avatar
      Shauna -
      Missing out, Pumpkin!

      Excellent article. I love deep jungle. Except those damn hippos.
    1. Galuf's Avatar
      Galuf -
      Worry not pumkin, i am alike. got stuck here when i was 8, never played since.

      i would go there to see the Hippos
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