• Pumpkin Judges! Your Outfit: Final Fantasy III Edition

    Pumpkin Judges! Your Outfit: Final Fantasy III Edition

    So everyone remembers Final Fantasy III right? The ultra popular and overall favourite Final Fantasy of the community. Okay, so it's not so memorable, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have any redeeming features! FFIII introduced the job system we all know and love and I, Pumpkin, shall knock you all down. I mean... shall judge the cute and stylish outfits of the DS version of these old school Final Fantasy game.

    Much like my Bravely Default outfit reviews, I will do a countdown from my overall least favourite to my overall favourite. Each job will also have a winner chosen for best looking of that job. Yes, it's mostly Refia but shh.


    The slow, heavy-hitting axe and hammer users. I do not like the Viking outfit. It's too much going on for me. The hats are too big and the fur lining is just... way too much. It looks uncomfortable and way too big and busy. Not for me.

    Luneth wins this outfit because he manages to look the least dwarfed by it. He looks more like he's wearing the outfit instead of the outfit wearing him.


    Not a huge fan of this look. It's too much again, they look buried under all of those clothes. I don't like the hats very much and I don't like the red accents with the purple in this case. The boots are pretty cute on their own though.

    Ingus wins this for managing to own those clothes. He doesn't look buried in them but instead looks pretty well put together. Good for you, Ingus!


    Warriors hit things with a sword. They do seem dressed for such an event. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of the colours or the style.

    The winner of this one is Ingus. I think the look suits him pretty well, maybe because it's close to his freelancer style of outfit.

    Black Belt

    Eh, overall I'm not a huge fan. It's just kind of plain and boring. I don't really get excited about it at all. Everyone looks fine I guess. About the same.

    Winner goes to Refia because I like her headband.

    Onion Knight

    Onion Knight is basically the freelancer of the original, but in the remake it is a hidden job class that is mucho bueno in the later levels. I appreciate the onionyness and the knightyness of the outfits, but they are a bit plain and goofy looking.

    Luneth for winner because he's wearing purple and we could use some more purple in our lives sometimes.


    The default job, it doesn't really follow a theme so much as they're all just wearing whatever they feel like. Overall I like all of their outfits, but none really make me excited.

    Luneth wins this one because of his snappy belt-vest thing and the fact that he once again seems to like purple.


    Knight is like a Warrior except not. There's a lot going on with these outfits with the armour and the hats and the whole big dealio. The shoulder guards, the belts. They really went all out. I like it fine but it is a bit much going on for me.

    Ingus wins this. Again, the Knight look just suits him and I think it fits his personality rather well also. He looks very Knightly.

    Dark Knight

    Dark Knights are like Knights, but darker. Yeah. So anyway, I overall like this except for the ponytail. Doesn't seem to fit the best for me. But I do like the rounded helmets and the subtle changes like the pant colours.

    Refia wins for me for her cute braid in her serious Dark Knight garb.


    Dragoons jump on things. I both like and dislike this one. It's a bit much going on and everything is so... pointy and I seem to prefer rounder shapes. But it's still actually pretty cute and I enjoy the colours and the little eyes sticking out of their giant helmets.

    Ingus wins this one again. They all look pretty similar, but I like his red cape with the outfit the most.

    White Mage

    White Mages heal people with White Magic. I really like Arc and Refia but I really don't like Ingus and Luneth in this one. So I guess it averages out to about middle of the road. I have seen much nicer White Mage garbs though, I have to say.

    Refia took this one for the hood. I like the White Mage hood. She's gotta protect her head from the rain and... hail and stuff.


    I like this outfit, I think it's pretty cute. They look like they're about to school some enemies. It's low-key but still manages to stand out. Pretty strong showing from everyone except Refia, I feel.

    Arc wins this because of his little tie/ascot thing. This actually looks somewhat similar to his freelancer clothes, so maybe it just fits his style.


    Thieves steal things from enemies because why does a goblin need that money anyway? Let's get real now. I like this outfit. Cute shoes, comfy wear, bandannas. Not too much, not too little. Just right.

    Ingus wins this one. Most of the outfits are pretty similar but I like his little pendant on the plain, white shirt.


    Monks punch things really hard with their fists and stuff. Overall I enjoy this outfit. Some of them look pretty 80's. Or out of a budget kung fu movie. Maybe an 80's kung fu movie. I also like the colours they're wearing.

    The winner is Refia for those cool leggings and sweat band. Really I think the headband looks nice on her. I also feel like this could be an aerobics video.


    Summoners summon monsters to beat up other monsters. It's a win-win! The outfits are pretty cute. I do like the big, poofy pants, and the summoners horn looks less awkward than it does with the Evoker, although I overall prefer the Evoker ensemble.

    The winner for this outfit is Refia because I like her dress, it looks very pretty on her, and makes her look like a very graceful and elegant summoner.

    Black Mage

    Black Mages attack things with Black Magic. Aren't you glad I'm here to explain these job classes to you? Of course I like this outfit because dem hats. Really everyone's doing good here, black robes, absurd hat... it doesn't get more Black Mage than this.

    Luneth takes this one because his weird vest made out of belts manages to work really well with this outfit, I find.

    Red Mage

    One of the most stylin jobs Final Fantasy has to offer. They actually stuck a feather in their pointy, stylish caps, and we are happily going to deal with that. Red Mage attire is good attire when you want to be noticed. You're not blending in to the crowd in those clothes.

    Arc is our winner for looking like such a debonair young gentleman and stepping out of his comfort zone with this bright red ensemble.


    I gotta say, I'm a big fan of the Devout job. The cite hood with the ears and the pink colours. I really like pink! It's not my favourite, but I always get excited to see it!

    Refia wins for me because her hood is up and her dress is also very cute. Eeveryone looks cute though so there are no losers here!


    Very cute. I like the colouring and the texture to their lacey looking shirts. The pants are very cute. The horn hat headband is a bit awkward but still manages to look quite nice. Strong showing from everyone.

    Arc wins this. Cute pants, cute shirt, and overall just seems to suit him. He does look about five years old, though.


    ranger looks pretty great to be honest. I really like their hats and their little vests. Not to mention that Rangers are a lot like Archers and I love me some archer class~

    Arc wins this one because he looks so precious in his little hat and vest. So cute!


    One of my favourite outfits, I think the Ninja looks pretty sleek. The colours manage to pop without being too much and the outfits look well-put together. There are bows, which is a big plus for Pumpkin. Everyone looks good in this job.

    This was a hard one. I almost went with Arc because of his front-bow and cute helmet, but instead I gave it to Refia for her pretty dress and cute ponytail.


    Love this outfit. Many pretty colours, giant sleeves, cute headbands and, best of all, giant bows right in the front under their heads! It's adorable and I love it.

    The winner is Refia. Or should I say, the Bardette ;DDDD? No? Okay . Anyways, I think it looks nice on her and her hair goes well with the ensemble.


    I love this outfit! It looks like comfy winter PJ's and just makes them all look so sweet. I don't like the weird hair thing on the hood though, that takes points off. But the pig poof ball on their hoods and the jackets and the colours and everything are excellent.

    Luneth wins this. His purple shirt goes well with the blue and his weird hair thing doesn't bother me as much as the others.


    And of course my absolute favourite outfit is the Magus. The upgraded Black Mage outfit has everything. Stylish and quirky hat, big blue Vivi poofy pants, nice, svelt black shirts. And of course cute boots. Everyone looks great and I wish I could dress like this for Halloween.

    Refia wins this one because I like her shirt/dresss that she has over her big, poofy blue pants. Really though everyone is a winner with this job!

    So these were some of my favourite and least favourite outfits from Final Fantasy III. What are some of your favourites?

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    1. VeloZer0's Avatar
      VeloZer0 -
      Because I can't see something like this and not add it up:

      Refia: 9
      Ingus: 5
      Luneth: 5
      Arc: 4

      Though Refia won most of the jobs I think look stupid in the first place. :P
    1. Psychotic's Avatar
      Psychotic -
      Geomancer > All.
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