• Alexandria confirmed as new FFIX stage for Dissidia Arcade.

    Square-Enix teased the location this week as reported by Siliconera. This will be the third stage from FFIX over the course of the Dissidia series. The Crystal World represented the game in the original and Duodecim introduced the Prima Vista instead of gaining a new character.

    Alexandria also fits in with the new stage theme that Dissidia Arcade introduced with all the stages shown so far being the opening area of each Final Fantasy. Cornelia Field and Midgard have already been confirmed and it appears Cocoon and Narshe Snowfield have been hinted at with past trailers.

    Now it's been hinted in trailers that Midgard may have meteorfall as a stage effect, so perhaps Alexandria may have the Alexander Summon make a cameo on this particular stage as well. What are your thoughts?
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    1. Depression Moon's Avatar
      Depression Moon -
      Looking at that picture makes me want to play this game alone.
    1. Laddy's Avatar
      Laddy -
      I want to see the aardvark people, hippo people, fish people, and four-armed scalawags patrolling the street mid-combat. That's sell it for me. I love the energy, diversity, and such from Alexabdria in FFIX.
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