• Walkthrough

    1. Bowser's Keep and Mario's Pad
    2. Mushroom Way
    3. Mushroom Kingdom 1
    4. Bandit's Way
    5. Mushroom Kingdom 2
    6. Kero Sewers
    7. Midas River
    8. Tadpole Pond
    9. Rose Way
    10. Rose Town
    11. Forest Maze
    12. Pipe Vault
    13. Yo'ster Isle
    14. Moleville
    15. Coal Mines
    16. Booster Pass
    17. Booster Tower
    18. Booster Hill
    19. Marrymore

    Bowser's Keep and Mario's Pad

    • Enemies: Terrapin, Bowser (Boss)

    Once you begin the game in Bowser's Keep, simply continue through the door into the next room. In this room, you will find a bunch of Terrapins. While you should probably TRY to avoid them, as you don't get much for beating them, they could help you to learn the battle system in SMRPG. As you try to exit the room, you will enter a battle with 4 Terrapins. This battle is simple; simply use regular attacks and don't worry about their weak attacks. When the battle finishes, continue through the door and outside. Simply run across the bridges to the other side. When you reach the far edge, by the door, the second bridge will collapse, leaving only the door in front of you to go through. Continue to the end of this next room, and you will see two Chandeliers. Once you jump up on one of them, you will be raised in the air, and your first boss fight will ensue!

    • Boss #1: Bowser

    This fight is deathly easy. Simply use a few timed jump attacks on the Kinklink, which is the chain to the Chandelier. Ignore Bowser altogether. After a few rounds, the Kinklink will snap, and the battle will end.

    After the cutscene, you will be at Mario's Pad. When you gain control of yourself, jump down from the wall, and exit the house. Speak to Toad, and use the save point. Exit your pad and head back to Bowser's Keep.

    Back at Bowser's Keep, Mario will be turned away, and the bridge to the Keep will break. Return to Mario's Pad. Go inside Mario's house and speak to Toad. Once both of you are done, exit Mario's house and walk toward the exit. When Toad asks you if you know how to use items, choose your answer, and listen to the midget talk some more. If you need more info about Timed Hits, ask for a demonstration. Now, Toad will give you 3 more Mushrooms, and you are free to leave. Make sure to save!

    Mushroom Way

    • Enemies: Goomba, Sky Troopa, Spikey, Hammer Bros (Boss)

    The enemies in this area are deathly easy. However, if you find yourself in trouble, don't be afraid to use the nifty mushrooms that Toad gave you. Anyway, head down the path before you, initiating battles with everything you see so you can gain levels. Hit the chest 5 times to get 5 coins. Close to the end of the area, you'll find Toad, cornered by a Goomba. Attack it. Once you beat the Goomba, Toad will give you a Honey Syrup. Now continue into the next area.

    Clear the bottom area of enemies, and then head to the spinning flower in the middle. Jump on the Goomba, and defeat him. Now, get on the flower, and press 'B' when Mario is facing straight to the right. Now that you're on the plateau, jump up to the Sky Troopa grasping onto Toad to initiate another battle. Once you defeat it, you'll receive a Flower Tab. You can either use this to increase your max FP, or sell it at the next shop for a lot of coins. Anyway, head out of the area, making sure to use the Mushroom in the chest by the exit.

    This next area is simply a circle, with a Lakitu dropping down Spikeys. They are the toughest normal enemy in this area, but they're still not that hard. Make sure you are Level 3 and have learned Fire Orb before continuing to the right, and finding the Hammer Bros. Continuously walk up to them, ignoring Toad's warnings, and you will enter your second boss battle.

    • Boss #2: Hammer Bros
    • HP: 50 Each
    • EXP: 6
    • Coins: 20
    • Items: Flower Jar

    This boss is simple, if you have Fire Orb. Simply concentrate on one Bro at a time, using Timed Regular Attacks and Fire Orb or Jump. If you run out of FP, simply use the Honey Syrup that Toad gave you. After a few rounds, the battle will end.

    You will get a Hammer for beating the Hammer Bros. Make sure to equip it! Now, go out the exit in front of you and head to Mushroom Kingdom.

    Mushroom Kingdom

    • Enemies: None

    Once you reach Mushroom Kingdom, head straight up the road and into the castle.Follow Toad through the door, and through another to reach the Chancellor. After a conversation, you will get a Map. This doesn't do much, though. Before leaving the Castle, go downstairs by taking the right door in the very first Castle room. Now go downstairs, and jump into the three floating chests. Now, head back out of the castle.

    As you begin to walk down the steps, it will begin to rain. Head over to the marshmallow-looking child and speak with him. He will explain his problem to you. Let him join your team. Now, before you do anything else, make sure to visit the Item Shop, and purchase a Shirt, Pants, Antidote Pin, and Jump Shoes. Equip the Shirt and Jump Shoes on Mario, and the Pants and Antidote Pin on Mallow. Now, head out of the exit that you didn't come into Mushroom Kingdom through, and watch the quick cutscene. Now, head out and go to Bandit's Way.

    Bandit's Way

    • Enemies: Spikey, K-9, Frogog, Sky Troopa, Goomba, Croco (Boss)

    After Croco runs away, go down and right until you reach a save point. Save here. Take the path into the next area. In this area, jump onto the red spinning flower, and jump onto the higher ledge. Now, jump on each block to reach the other side. This area is a great place to level up, as the monsters here continually regenerate from side to side. Once you finish the block bridge, jump on the red spinning flower, and then toward the blue flower to the right to find a KeroKero Cola. Now, continue on.

    Simply follow Croco through this area; it's not that hard to navigate. Once you reach the last ntersection, take the right path and beat the K-9 beneath the chest, and then hit the chest to get a recovery Mushroom. Now go on to the next area. In this area, jump onto the floating block, and jump at an angle, hitting every chest in the area until you get the Super Star. AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS STAR, JUMP DOWN! Hit every K-9 that you can, and you should gain atleast one level. Once your star runs out, continue to the next area. In this area, you must look for Croco. However, you have to sneak up on him from behind. If you do this 3 times, you will start a Boss Battle with him!

    • Boss #3: Croco
    • HP: 320
    • EXP: 8
    • Coins: 20
    • Items: Flower Tab

    Unless you have Super Jump, this fight can be tricky. Croco can use special Mushrooms on himself to cure his HP, so be warned that he can be healed. There really is not a strategy for this fight; simply use Flower Attacks and heal when necessary, but by using Mushrooms, not Mallow's Flower Moves, as you need to save the FP for Mario's Fire Orb, and possibly Super Jump. After about 10 or 15 rounds, Croco should perish.

    Jump on the trampoline, and save before heading back out where you came. Head back to Mushroom Kingdom.

    Mushroom Kingdom 2

    • Enemies: Enemies: Shyster, Mack (Boss)

    Before heading to the castle, go down and defeat the Shyster chasing that man. Once you do, give him the wallet. Now, you can defeat the Shyster hitting the house, and also head up to the big house, and defeat all three in there. You will get a Flower Tab for doing the latter.

    Now, go to the Castle, and quickly attack the Shyster chasing Toad. When you defeat this one, Toad will run into the left room. Follow him there, and defeat all the Shysters up to the top. In this safe room, you can save, and also heal yourself by talking to Toadstool's Grandmother. Now, head back downstairs and now take the right door inside the lobby. Fight the two Shysters scaring the mushroom guard and then enter the upper room. Talk to the frightened Vault Guard, and get a Wake-Up Pin. Now return to the main hall and go through the upper door, trying to avoid the unlimited line of Shysters. Keep on going, and you'll reach the throneroom. You'll enter a battle against Mack and his 4 Shysters for the Star!

    • Boss #4: Mack
    • HP: 480
    • EXP: 8
    • Coins: 20
    • Items: None

    This battle is against Mack, with 4 Shysters in front of him. However, ignore his minions, and concentrate all of your attacks on Mack. Use Super Jump if you have if, but always keep Mario and Mallow in good health. After awhile Mack will jump up, and leave just you and his Shysters. After beating the Shysters, Mack will return with a new set. Continue the same strategy, and Mack will fall quickly.

    After getting the Star, go see the Chancellor, hiding in the corner. After learning your next quest, exit the castle. Head to the Item Shop, and Mallow will get a Cricket Pie for his Grandpa. Head to the Inn and save your game, and then head back out of Mushroom Kingdom. Continue on to the Kero Sewers.

    Kero Sewers

    • Enemies: The Big Boo, Shadow, Goby, Rat Funk, Hobgoblin, Belome (Boss)

    When you enter the area, jump down the Pipe. Save your game, and jump in the water and swim to the right. Continue to the end of the pool, and then jump down the pipe. In the next room, drop down to the lower ledge on the right and go down that pipe. Now, drop down to the ground to the right, then go up the stairs and hit the chest to fight Pandorite. Simply have Mario use Timed Attacks and Flower Attacks, and let Mallow heal. You'll get a Flower Jar and a Trueform Pin, which you should equip on Mario. Stnad on the top step and jump up to the higher ledge. Go all the way left and hit the chest to get a Flower, then go up the steps and go right. Go right and up the stairs, and left and up those stairs. Now, go right and down the pipe.

    Hit the chest by the pipe to get the Super Star, and go down to the platform with the Rat Funks and defeat them. Up the stairs, there is a Boo that you should beat. Go left and down the pipe to the next room. Go left along the path where there are Rat Funks pacing. You can either fight them, or jump over them. Go down the pipe, then in that room, jump onto the ledge to the right where a Rat Funk is standing. Defeat it, then jump down to the lower ledge and go down that pipe. Go up the steps, and push the Green ! switch to drain the water. Drop back down and enter the pipe, and drop down to the floor and go all the way down until you reach a pipe in the floor that you could not access before. Inject yourself in it, and then hit the chest to heal yourself. Save your game, and go right and down the pipe to reach the final room in the Kero Sewers. Go up to the rabid dog to fight Belome.

    • Boss #5: Belome
    • HP: 500
    • EXP: 15
    • Coins: 40
    • Items: None

    With Super Jump, this fight is simple. Have Mario use that move, and Mallow should used timed Thunderbolt attacks. When Belome eats Mallow, he will try to turn Mario into a scarecrow, but with the Trueform Pin equipped on Mario, nothing should happen! Have Mario continue to use Super Jumps, and after awhile, when Mallow comes back, Belome should fall.

    Midas River

    • Enemies: None

    Okay, if you need an explanation on how to play this game, answer 'Yes' to Toad. Now for the actual rapids. When the path splits, take the left path. When you come to the first small rock beyond the Frog Coin, fall into it. You'll get a Flower in this grotto.

    In the second part, you will have to jump barrels. There are two paths to go on, and you can switch paths by letting your barrel run into another one. It is random which path will give you more coins, so there's no way I can tell you. Make sure to jump when a Cheep Cheep jumps at you, otherwise you'll lose coins.

    After you finish, the man will give you Frog Coins, depending on how many coins you got in the Midas River. He'll also give you the NokNok Shell, so equip that on Mario. Save your game, and exit the area. Continue on to Tadpole Pond.

    Tadpole Pond

    • Enemies: None

    Walk straight ahead towards the pond, and stand on the gray stone. When Frogfucius asks you to jump, press 'B'. When Grandpa returns to his island, jump towards each tadpole to follow him. After this deathly long cutscene, talk to Frogfucius again. He will give you the Froggie Stick, which is Mallow's first weapon. Equip it, and now you have two choices: either continue onward, or you can head to Melody Bay, which is located to the right of the entrace. For info on this mini-game, visit that section of the site. You can save your game here, also. Now exit Tadpole Pond when you're finished.

    Rose Way

    • Enemies: Starslap, Shy Guy, Snapdragon, Crook, Arachne

    At the beginning of this area, jump onto the floating block, and ride it to its first stop. Get off. Jump into the chest, and jump on the next block. At its first stop, get off and take the Flower. Jump onto the next platform. Get off at this block's first stop, also, and enter the next area, where you will found two blocks swining back and forth, each with a Shy Guy on it. Jump onto the first platform and defeat the Shy Guy. Ride the platform unil you come close to the other block. Defeat this one, and ride that block to the chest, where you'll get a Frog Coin. Exit this area.

    Jump on the yellow block, and ride it to its next stop, where you should get off and enter the next area. Follow this path until you reach the main area. Get on the block there until you get to the next block. Keep on going until you reach another exit. In this room, there are five chests that you can jump into, but you'll have to fight a Shy Guy to obtain all the things inside them. Exit this area at the end, and then after the cutscene, take the path up and out and go to Rose Town.

    Rose Town

    • Enemies: None

    Upon entering this town, ignore the freezing people, and head to the upper left corner, to the one man that can move. Talk to him, then jump on his head. Now you can get up to his house. Hit the two chests to get 2 Flowers, then head upstairs and hit the green ! switch. Now exit the house, and let the guy thank you. Now go back inside the house, and talk to the same guy, but you don't need to remember the directions he gives you; we will discuss them at the proper time. Now go to the Item Shop in the upper-right corner of town and buy the Thick Shirt for Mario and the Thick Pants for Mallow. Buy plenty of Honey Syrups, Pick Me Ups, and Mushrooms, possibly, unless you already have a lot.

    Now to the Inn, close to the entrance. Jump when the boy asks you to, but otherwise continue through the cutscene. When you awaken upstairs, save then go downstairs. When they are finished, leave the town and go to the Forest Maze.

    Forest Maze

    • Enemies: Wiggler, Guerilla, Amanita, Buzzer, Octolot, Rat Funk, Bowyer (Boss)

    Okay, this is the longest area you've been in so far, and it can get quite confusing. From the entrance, walk straight ahead and into the next room. Jump into the stump, and go through the cave along the obvious path, and then jump back up on the trampoline. Go up and right and go into the next room. Go to the very last stump, at the end, and go down it. Head left and you'll see a sleeping Wiggler. Jump on it, and then go through the new path. Go to the stump with the Wiggler crawling into it and go down that one. Ignore the Wiggler, and go through the cave to the next trampoline and jump on it. Head up and right and save at the Save Point. Take the path to the next room.

    You'll find yourself in an area with four paths, and each path takes you to an area that looks exactly the same, a la The Lost Woods from Zelda. You will see Geno, but ignore him, and take the path that the man in the house told you to back at Rose Town. Now, the directions that he gave you were left, left, straight, right. Take these directions, but know that these are in Mario's viewpoint, not the camera above him. When you reach the hidden area, hit all the chests. Leave this room and take the path going up and you'll see Geno. Follow him in whatever direction he goes in. When you don't see him, take the path to the right, then up. You'll find Geno to the left. Go through this path, and you'll reach your next boss after a fairly long cutscene.

    • Boss #6: Bowyer
    • HP: 720
    • EXP: 20
    • Coins: 50
    • Items: Flower Box

    This battle isn't hard, just complicated. Bowyer will use an arrow to block out a certain button, which you can't use until he shoots an arrow at a different one. When he blocks out Y, use A. When be blocks out A, use Y. Simply use the normal strategy: use Flower Attacks on him until he is defeated. You should never have too much trouble.

    After the battle, you will learn the entire point of the game, pretty much. After the cutscene, exit the Forest Maze and go back to Rose Town. In Rose Town, go back to the Inn, and you'll get a Finger Shot. Equip that on Geno, and stay the night. Save your game, and leave Rose Town. You now should head to the Pipe Vault, which is south of Rose Town.

    Pipe Vault

    • Enemies: Sparky, Goomba, Spikey, Piranha Plant, Frogog

    This is the easiest area of the game, by far. It's actually completely optional, but if you're smart, you'll go through it so you can see Mario's long lost bud, Yoshi! Go down the pipe to enter the Vault. Jump from platform to platform, and make sure not to hit any of the fireballs, because you'll have to fight them, and they're just annoying. Continue to the next area, and wait at the bottom of the steps. As soon as the Thwomp lands, jump up the stairs and reach the top. If you don't make it in time, you'll have to do it again. Jump over the Piranha Plant, and then go down the 2nd pipe. Go down the 2nd pipe in this room, and run straight to get a bunch of coins, but press down at the last second to go under the wall to get the Frog Coin. Jump on the trampoline to return to the room with the pipes. Go down the second-to-last pipe to get to the Whack-a-Goomba mini-game. Visit that section of the site for tips on how to play. However, to continue the game, go down the last pipe.

    Jump from platform to platform, and jump over the tan colored pipe, but go down the green pipe. Fight all the piranha plants in this room, but dodge the other kind, because they will make you lose your coins. Go down the green pipe. Jump on the yellow platform, and hit the chest above it to get coins. Continue onward, and jump across the ledges. In the gap, do not try to hit the chest, because you will probably end up losing your coins. Go down the last green pipe to get to Yo'ster Isle.

    Yo'ster Isle

    • Enemies: None

    Save your game and enter the next area. Talk to Yoshi on the other side of the area, and jump on his back. Talk to the pink dragon by the entrance to get some Yoshi cookies. If you want to play the Yoshi's Races mini-game, speak with the dragon with shades, and go to the mini-game section to learn how to play. You can now leave this place by exiting in the only place you haven't been. Continue to the next area of the World Map to get to Moleville.


    • Enemies: None

    First visit the Item Shop and buy the following: Mega Shirt, Punch Glove, Mega Pants, Cymbals, Mega Cape. Equip these to their respective characters. You can sell your Mushrooms and Honey Syrups, and buy the better Mid Mushrooms and Maple Syrups. Now save your game at the Inn. If you head north, you'll encounter a cutscene. When it finishes, head to the mines. The entrance is fairly obvious. :)

    Coal Mines

    • Enemies: Magmite, Cluster, Sparky, Enigma, Bob-omb, Micro Bomb, Croco (Boss), Punchinello (Boss)

    After the initial custcene, agree to help, and jump on their shoulders and go into the mines. Go right and into the next room, and go down into the lower area, and continue onward to the next area. Jump on the trampoline in this room, and when you awaken from your unconsciousness, head up and right, and into the next area. Go through this room until you find the hole that Croco blows up. Chase after him. You must continue to chase him until you touch him, and start a battle.

    • Boss #7: Croco
    • HP: 750
    • EXP: 10
    • Coins: 50
    • Items: Flower Box

    This won't be a walk in the park. Mario should use Super Jumps, and Geno should use timed regular attacks, and have Mallow heal or restore FP. When Croco steals all of your items, everything will become harder. Now have Mallow attack or use his Heal Rain. After awhile, he will fall.

    You'll get your coins back and a bomb. Go back to the trampoline room and go left, to the next room. Keep on going, and go up and left and go until you get to the next room. Avoid the enemies and keep going until you find Pa Mole. Talk to him. Now keep on going and go through the bottom road to the bottom path in the next area. Run to the other end and try to go through the door. Get the Frog Coin, and jump up the crates and enter the pathway on the upper ledge. Get the Super Star in the chest, and run at all the Bob-ombs that you can. Continue on the path, and then climb up the crates when you reach them. Head into the next room, run up the tracks and try to jump the 4 Bob-ombs. If you still have the Star, you can just run through them. Hit the chest for the Mushroom, and make sure to save. Jump onto the high stack of crates, and hit the chest in midair to get the Flower in the chest. Now, you can continue into the next room, where you will find Punchinello. Touch Punchinello from behind to begin the battle.

    • Boss #8: Punchinello
    • HP: 1200
    • EXP: 0
    • Coins: 0
    • Items: None

    This boss is easy, as most of them have been up to this point. Use the regular strategy of Mario and Geno alternating between Timed Regular and Flower Attacks, and have Mallow heal. When the bombs come, just ignore them, and let them hit you. You can always heal if it becomes an issue. With no trouble at all, the fight should soon end.

    After you get the star, enter the next area. Go to Dyna and Mite at the Mine Cart to begin the Mini-Game. As always, you can consult that section to find out how to play. After you appear in Moleville, walk outside the house and watch the cutscene. Before you leave Moleville, save at the Inn.

    Booster Pass

    • Enemies: Spikester, Lakitu, Carroboscis, Artichoker

    In the first area, you can fight Lakitu and all the Spikesters he drops. This is a great way to earn easy EXP. In the far right corner of this area, take the Flower on the ground. Go out the exit at the highest ledge, on the right side of the area. In this area, you can press a hidden switch to seal up the hole with the Spikesters in it by going directly left, or you could fight them for EXP. Go onto the higher ledge and exit the area.

    Booster Tower

    • Enemies: Snifit, Spookum, Jester, Orb User, Remo Con, Rob-Omb, Blaster, Fireball, Chomp

    After the first cutscene, go up to the door and press A. Walk away as if you're leaving the tower, and another cutscene will ensue. When it finishes, switch Bowser in place of Mallow (duh!). Enter the tower and go up the steps. You can memorize the order of these paintings if you want, but it's not necessary, as I will tell you the order anyway later on. Enter the next room, and jump up the steps, trying to avoid the Spookums. If you're atleast Level 8 or 9, you probably shouldn't need the EXP. Continue on, and after the cutscene introducing Booster, follow where the train to the right, and then up and into that darkened area where the tracks go to obtain a nifty Flower Tab! Continue tot he next area and go up the first set of steps. You can either fight or avoid the Rob-ombs, depending on your level at this point in time. Take the first door, and you'll be in a room with a floating chest, out of reach. Stand on the edge, on the golden square, and leap off the ledge. Hopefully, you'll start a chain reaction that will land you the Masher, Mario's best weapon so far. If you fail, try it again until you get this weapon, as you will cherish it for a good portion of the game.

    Go back up to where you were, but this time, take the lower passage. Press the ! switch in the next room, and continue onward. This area is, perhaps, the best area in the game. Going behind the curtain will morph Mario into 8-bit Original Mario! Cherish this moment for as long as you can, because when you have to leave the area, he will change back! In the next room, go up and to the right, avoiding the Snifit's bullets. You can fight him if you want. Enter the next room. Go up the Rob-omb infested steps, and continue on once again. Save your game, and keep on going. Now, in this room, you must arrange the pictures of Booster in the order that you saw them down in the lobby. Go up to them in the order, 1 first, and 6 being the last:

    4 5 3 6 2 1

    You get the Elder Key for doing this, and now you can enter the locked door on the left. Jump up to the ledge, and you'll obtain Bowser's Chomp. Equip it, and leave the room. Go out through the originally-intended exit, and go up the steps and step on the seesaw. After you are launched into the next room, jump onto the ledge in the center of this area, and then onto the yellow cubed ledge on the right. Jump onto the checker-patterned platform, and then onto the ledge on the left. Go up the steps and continue. This next room is deathly annoying. There are coins and Frog Coins, as well as a key, but the room is booby-trapped, and if you activate a trap, you'll have to fight some blue fire creatures that ALWAYS get the first turn of the battle. But you still want all the neato stuff, so collect everything, and once you get the key, you can unlock the door in the north of the room. You get the Zoom Shoes in here, and you should equip them on someone other than Mario; it doesn't really matter who. Now go through the other door in the trap area, and journey up the steps where you'll find Chained Chomps. Go to the top, and enter the next room and you'll see Booster. You can go into the small room with that weird looking yellow door to avoid his bombs. After they explode, continue out of the room. Go up all these steps, and continue onward. Jump from ledge to ledge in this room, and hit the chest to recover your HP/MP. Now save, and go into the next room.

    Here, go down to the door, and after that cutscene, go and hide behind the curtains. Booster and his Snifits will now try to find the Mario Doll by looking behind the curtains. This is a stupid game, because it is woefully easy. Jump go behind any curtain that the Snifits don't open. Eventually, Booster will open the curtain you are behind, and when that happens, jump up to save yourself. Equip your new Amulet on Bowser, and give the Zoom Shoes to Geno. I hope you wouldn't be caught by the Snifits in this game once, but if you get caught 3 times, you'll enter a fight with Booster and his Snifits.

    • Boss #9: Booster and Snifits (x3)
    • HP: Booster (800), Snifits (200 each)
    • EXP: 2
    • Coins: 145
    • Items: Mushroom

    You first fight his 3 Snifits. Fight them one at a time by having Mario, Bowser, and Geno using timed regular attacks until they're all gone. Then, Booster will start to fight you! Have Mario do a bunch of timed Super Jumps. Booster has some very strong attacks, so be ready to use a lot of Pick Me Ups when he starts to use Spritz Bombs, and the attack where he launches a skateboard at you.

    Once you beat Booster and his Snifits, or maybe not fight them at all, you can now go through the locked door by supplying the password (it should be your file name). Now, you'll enter ANOTHER boss fight, this time against Knife Guy and Grate Guy!

    • Boss #10: Grate Guy and Knife Guy
    • HP: Grate Guy (900), Knife Guy (700)
    • EXP: 30
    • Coins: 25
    • Items: Flower Jar

    There are many different strategies that I have heard for this fight, but the best one that I have found is to focus on destroying one at a time. Have Mario and Bowser use timed regular attacks, and use Geno for two purposes: healing the rest of the party, and when the party is at full health, using Flower Attacks. When Knife Guy jumps on Grate Guy, don't do anything different. Keep on attacking and you'll destroy one, and at that point it's a cakewalk. Just attack the other one until it dies.

    Booster Hill

    • Enemies: Spikester, Lakitu, Carroboscis, Artichoker

    Consult the Mini-Game section on how to play Booster Hill.


    • Enemies: Chef Torte, Apprentice, Bundt, and Raspberry (Boss)

    When you arrive in Marrymore, go to the cool Item Shop/Inn, and buythe following:

    • Happy Shirt
    • (If you use Bowser) Happy Shell
    • (If you use Geno) Happy Cape, Hand Gun
    • If you use Mallow) Happy Pants, Whomp Glove

    Also buy some Mid Mushrooms and Maple Syrups if you're low on them at the time. Save your game, and now head to the chapel. Talk to the people standing around, and then talk to Raz and Raini. Now go to the right side of the chapel, behind a crate. Walk into the Chapel to enter it! You can stand on the cake here to watch the Chefs go crazy, but eventually you'll need to head up the stairs and into the Chapel Lobby. When the Snifit asks you to help him break down the door, you must run along with him and hit the door at the same time. This can be annoying. Once you're in the small room, save, and go to the shut door and press A. Now you must perform the same trick with Bowser, and that can actually be even more annoying. When you do manage to break down the door, you'll have to get to the Snifits, who have all of Toadstool's things.Speak to each of the to obtain an item. When you have spoken to all three, run up to Booster and jump on his head to get her crown! Now,Speak to Booster, and you'll receive one of three cutscenes. One of them is absolutely hilarious!

    Now, Chef Torte and his apprentice come and pick a fight with you over their nice cake!

    • Boss #11: Torte/Apprentice/Bundt/Raspberry
    • HP: Torte (100), Bundt (900), Raspberry (600)
    • EXP: 30
    • Coins: 25
    • Items: Flower Jar

    You can attack whoever you want for the first part of this battle, and after a few rounds, it'll just be you and the cake. Every time that you attack Bundt, the top of the cake, a candle will disappear, but every time that Bundt attacks you, one will be relit. However, continue to fight Bundt, and eventually he will disappear. Raspberry is simple at this point, just use Super Jump and Bowser's Chomp weapon, and it will be destroyed.

    Now, you are almost done with the first half of this game. When the cutscene finishes, leave the Chapel, and exit Marrymore and go all the way back to Mushroom Kingdom.