• Clan: Discounts

    1. Pubs
    2. Shops
    3. -- Basic
    4. -- Additional
    5. -- Special Items
    Your clans actions throughout the game have consequences over all of Ivalice, some positive and some negative. One of the positives is that you can get discounts at the various trading locations around the world.

    To be able to start a quest, you must first buy the rights to said quest. To do this, you must visit a Pub in one of the five towns and talk to the bartender, who'll give you information about each quest that's available. The price varies for each quest, but you can get discounts on them by freeing the various areas around Ivalice. However, if the town you're buying the quest rights at has not been freed, no discounts are active.

    The other location you can gain discounts in are the shops in each town. There are two different types of discount, Basic and Additional, as well as Special Items you can unlock as your clan grows in strength.

    Basic Discounts

    As your clan rises in level, it gathers more prestige (or maybe that should be notoriety) throughout Ivalice. As such, the shops throughout the land will offer a basic discount on all items they sell.

    Additional Discounts

    Each of the five towns are linked to a specific species, and the shops within offer discounts of 10% on all weapons that can be used by that town's respective species, e.g. Sprohm, the Bangaa town, adds a 10% discount to Spears, while none of the other towns do. This additional discount stacks atop the basic discount, so you can get up to 60% off a weapon!

    Note that neither basic nor additional discounts affect the price of Scarabs or Fortune Rings.

    Special Items

    Also immune to having their prices lowered are the special items that are added to shops inventories. To unlock them, you must have a certain number of areas currently freed, and the respective item will then be added. If the number of areas freed drops below that number, the item will be removed from stock, and the correct number of areas freed needs to be restored. These items are only sold in one town per item.