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    Final Fantasy II

    Freedom. This is a concept that men have fought about for as long as stronger men found out that it might be a good idea to oppress other people in order to make their own lives easier. It is something that they would gladly die for, and that they want above all other things. The citizens of the Paramekian Empire are not free. The empire itself is ruled by a psychotic, hellbent on conquering the planet, and able to summon evil monsters to crush and wage war on his enemies. Those living in the city of Phin did not want to be a part of this horror, and they fought for their freedom against all odds. Their defeat was quick and painful. Demons and armies alike entered Phin and took it down. Now, four of Phin's youth must flee to Altea. They don't know it yet, but they are soon to embark on an amazing journey, and they are about to bring the world hope. Hope for human life, for the future, and most of all...for freedom.

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    ...did you ever bother checking out Kawazu's other franchise SaGa or some of his other games he's developed?

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