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    Am I "under leveled" in FF2?

    Thread Starter: SephirothVII7

    I am playing the Origins version of FF2 on PS1, and I am thinking I am under leveled. I am at the Dreadnought and All my characters have around 210-250

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    Party Setup Question.

    Thread Starter: SephirothVII7

    I have a question about party setup: I always see people recommending to have a fighter type, a white mage type, and a black mage type. Should I stick

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    Does anyone play the NES version?

    Thread Starter: SephirothVII7

    I love the NES version of FF2 because it keeps the original difficulty, and just feels so nostalgic, even though I just played it for the first time.

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    Wolf Kanno

    Favorite Weapons for each character

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    As the first FF to give the player free reign over what weapon each party member used, which ones did you choose for whom?

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    Sorceress Claire

    Anyone Ever Play Jeff Ludwigs Mod of Balance?

    Thread Starter: Sorceress Claire

    Hack for the GBA version of Final Fantasy 1&2? He made some great changes to the experience growth for weapons and magic in FF2. No matter what level

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