• Bosses

    1. Sergeant
    2. Adamantoise
    3. Borghen
    4. Shrieker
    5. Chimera
    6. Lamia Queen
    7. Behemoth
    8. Gottos
    9. Gigan Rhino
    10. Barrel Worm
    11. Fire Gigas
    12. Ice Gigas
    13. Thunder Gigas
    14. White Dragon
    15. General
    16. Green Dragon
    17. Emperor (1st)
    18. Fallen Emperor
    19. Blue Dragon
    20. King Behemoth
    21. Red Dragon
    22. Zombie Borghen
    23. Tiamat
    24. Beelzebub
    25. Astaroth
    26. Emperor (2nd)

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    Did you change the characters name or did you rename them for your entertainment? I've always kept the names the same. I stopped using the rename feature

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    Wolf Kanno

    Alright children, can you say Red Rose? I know you can...

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    So FFII introduced an amusing key word system that allowed you to unlock new sections of the plot, expand the story and even net you a cool item or two.

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    Trivia - Final Fantasy II

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    Hey fellas! I want to expand the trivia themes on the chat network's trivia bot for the final fantasy games but i'm terriblelazy with this sort of thing and crowdsourcing

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    Theory Time: Gus speaks Beaver

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    So what is everyone's theory about why Gus, the party's resident Man-Child brute can speak Beaver. The manual mentions he can talk with animals but never

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    Wolf Kanno

    Favorite Spell (FFII Edition)

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    Not counting Cure, what was your favorite spell in this game? I like Flare and Ultima in the remake because I love their animations, but Toad and Haste

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    Wolf Kanno

    How many people have played the original?

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    Outside of playing the intro to test a recording program on my computer, I have yet to play the original Famicom version but I do hope to eventually play

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    How early do you go to Mysidia?

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    I'm running through this game on GBA while on vacation at the in-laws', and remembering how cool a lot of it is. One of the neat things about it is that

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    So I did this years ago with FFVIII but I was a horrible liar and human being and never actually went through with it.

    But I'm back and

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