• Bosses

    1. Sergeant
    2. Adamantoise
    3. Borghen
    4. Shrieker
    5. Chimera
    6. Lamia Queen
    7. Behemoth
    8. Gottos
    9. Gigan Rhino
    10. Barrel Worm
    11. Fire Gigas
    12. Ice Gigas
    13. Thunder Gigas
    14. White Dragon
    15. General
    16. Green Dragon
    17. Emperor (1st)
    18. Fallen Emperor
    19. Blue Dragon
    20. King Behemoth
    21. Red Dragon
    22. Zombie Borghen
    23. Tiamat
    24. Beelzebub
    25. Astaroth
    26. Emperor (2nd)

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    Favorite Spell (FFII Edition)

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    Not counting Cure, what was your favorite spell in this game? I like Flare and Ultima in the remake because I love their animations, but Toad and Haste

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    Wolf Kanno

    How many people have played the original?

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    Outside of playing the intro to test a recording program on my computer, I have yet to play the original Famicom version but I do hope to eventually play

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    How early do you go to Mysidia?

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    I'm running through this game on GBA while on vacation at the in-laws', and remembering how cool a lot of it is. One of the neat things about it is that

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    Forsaken Lover


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    So I did this years ago with FFVIII but I was a horrible liar and human being and never actually went through with it.

    But I'm back and

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    Wolf Kanno

    The First Cid

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    FFII marked the first Cid to appear in the series proper, so what did the good people of EoFF thought about the first Cid?

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    Wolf Kanno

    Would you like to see an expanded remake of this?

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    I'm talking about turning it into a more modern story based RPG. What do you think? What would you like to see in a modern updated remake of this game?

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    Wolf Kanno

    Wyvern Key Item - Prelude to Summoner Class

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    Something mentioned over at the FF Wiki is the fact the key item for the Wyvern is the only one that is functional in battle. If you use the Wyvern, it

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    Do You Think FFII is Underrated?

    Thread Starter: shion

    Do not enough people appreciate this gem or is it a subpar game?

    I think it was pretty solid, it had some likeable characters, and some touching

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