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    by Published on 12-10-2011 06:42 AM
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    Just something fun to do...

    1. VI is the first FF that allows the player to change who is in the party.

    2. In the early drafts, Terra was suppose to be a guy around the age of 21.

    3. While everyone knows VI has the largest cast, most don't ever mention it also has the largest number of Summons in the main series. 27 in the original version, and 31 in the GBA port.

    4. One of VI's main writers was Kaori Tanaka--or more commonly known as Soraya Saga; she wrote the characters of the Figaro Bros. as well as Relm and a few other members of the cast. She went on to write the plots of Xenogears and part of Xenosaga.

    5. VI is actually the first game to introduce a final boss with an Angel motif, Kefka's god mode having a total of six wings. Also, Heartless Angel (Fallen One in the Woosely script) makes its first appearance in this title.

    6. Terra has more Official Artwork than any other FF character in the series (20+)

    Anyway else have their own silly trivia to add? ...
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