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    Voice acting has been an aspect of video games for a long time. It wasn’t always technically possible, and it certainly wasn’t always implemented well, but the advent of voice acting was supposed to herald a turning point for storytelling in video games. Voice actors were tasked with bringing characters to life, furthering immersion and creating tales to rival other media. But, for the humble RPG, it might just have had the opposite effect.

    The RPG is characterised as having a strong focus on storytelling and creating an immersive world. Perhaps two of the most acclaimed RPGs ever made were Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X, these games excelled at both storytelling and world building. Final Fantasy VII a Squaresoft Playstation and PC masterpiece – is a game predating the widespread use of voice acting, but whose characters have later been given a voice. In 2001, Final Fantasy X arrived and re-established what a mainstream RPG should be, and was the first completely voiced game in the series. We can compare these games in a case study for why voice acting has actually dulled the RPG genre and undermined its constructivist appeal.

    One aspect of RPGs that ...
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