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    I was one of the few lucky US gamers that got introduced to RPGs in the early days of video games. When I first obtained my Nintendo Entertainment System, one of the first games I got was Dragon Warrior. I also remember an ancient version of Dungeons&Dragons for the PC. When I say ancient, I'm talking about my first family's PC without a Windows OS. ...
    by Published on 09-13-2012 02:30 AM
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    I'm already missing our time together
    Like our show back at the Golden Saucer
    Told myself that I was not crazy
    Resembled Zack in your company
    Mako poisioning makes it hard to remember

    Your trip to the Lifestream makes me feel sadness
    Grinding for Great Gospel now does end, now it does end
    So when I mistook you for the slum drunk
    In Sector 5 surrounded by junk
    But I was impressed by your bed of flowers

    But you didn't have to kill her off
    Flew right down and stuck the Masamune right through her stomach
    And now you're sending out Jenova Life
    But she's treating me like a puppet and that ain't right
    Now the first disc ends so low
    Gamer friends trying to cheat her back and then change the code
    I guess she just won't come back though
    Now she's the flower girl I used to know

    Now she's the flower girl I used to know

    Now and then I think of all the times we shared with her
    But you had me believing your guilt would be over and gone
    But she would not want it that way
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