• Unlockables: Collectacards

    Collectacards are among the many objects in the 3DS version of Theatrythm for the completionists out there to collect. The 81 cards consist of playable characters, summons, and monsters are randomly obtained at the end of every completed playable song. The most interesting part about collecting these cards is that for each one you collect, the card levels up! The level range is 1 – 9 and the three main appearances on the cards are at level 1 (regular), 4 (holofoil), and 7 (platinum). Each card also has a view mode where you can zoom in to see the details of the card and access the "Examine" section, there you are able to see the character perform various actions but only after getting the card to level 4. If you have your heart set on collecting the full set use Molulu's Charm and characters with the Treasure Hunter ability or use the passwords (1-3 for each card) listed below. Happy hunting!