• XV Has New Dungeon Info

    Square Enix's Japanese blog released their first weekly update about Final Fantasy XV with an interview with Environment Artist Hiromitsu Sasaki. They've also been sharing some information and amusing tweets before the official English translation gets added to the Final Fantasy XV forums.

    Thanks to dualshockers we were able to get a summary of what was said in the interview before the Translation is released:

    • The environment team is abbreviated “ENV.”
    • At the moment the team is working on improving the visual quality, balancing light and shadows and other elements like the smoothness of the ground.
    • The team is working on making the environment beautiful but also dark and scary, so that gamers won’t forget them.
    • They’re also responsible for setting the rules in the dungeon, like walking height and the angle of slopes that can be overcome.
    • In many games battles happen on a flat surface, but Final Fantasy XV‘s engine allows combat on sloped surfaces.
    • The team debated whether pushing more aggressive rules to control the behavior of enemy characters. In the end they decided to give priority to gameplay comfort. This kind of discussion results in improved quality.
    On the English Final Fantasy XV Twitter account they're slowly giving us some information to tide us over before the english translation of the interview is posted:

    But on the Japanese Final Fantasy XV Twitter account they teased us a bit with a new map!

    It's not an actual map for the game or a plan for it but just a seating chart. Even the community manager who shared it was disappointed. So close! You know we're still hyped about that map size.

    We'll have more information for you when the English translation hits but for now, that the new information we have! What are your thoughts?
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    1. Wolf Kanno's Avatar
      Wolf Kanno -
      I'm having flashbacks to Xenoblade Chronicles X's news/hype machine with this. Maybe it's a new trend in Japan because I think Nintendo is doing tidbit info like this for the Twilight Princess HD Remaster.

      Well, I guess it's nice the dungeons will look good and we can now fight on slopes I guess. What about layouts and puzzles though?
    1. Freya's Avatar
      Freya -
      Not sure, my google translate wasn't too reliable for the Japanese article so we may have more info when the english version comes out!
    1. Del Murder's Avatar
      Del Murder -
      It would be cool if having the height advantage makes your attacks more effective.
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