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  1. Chrono Trigger Retranslation Patch Released
  2. Somethings I'm not sure about
  3. KH redone on RPGMaker2000
  4. The blue stick of death
  5. Gummi ship question
  6. Are you ready for New Final Fantasy for wii?
  7. Possibility.
  8. Organization XIV?
  9. Mushroom Kingdom Hearts
  10. Excuse me, Square Enix? Chrono Trigger here... could I, um, get a promotion, please?
  11. Go, Gummi!
  12. Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth in the colisium
  13. Free Square Enix MMO Coming Stateside
  14. Xenogears' plot
  15. One thing I've never been able to figure out...
  16. Anyone else here a kingdom hearts fan?
  17. The Last Remnant site update.
  18. Poor Roxas
  19. Kingdom Hearts for GBA
  20. Secret of Mana - what are the main chars called in the Japanese original?
  21. so the orgXIII members names are their real names with an x?
  22. You can now Pre-order KH Trading Cards. They ship in Mid-November
  23. KH1 - Mushrooms In Atlantica?
  24. Hundred Acre Wood Question, KH1
  25. If Final Fantasys played like Chrono Trigger...
  26. Dragon Warrior I Problem
  27. I could make some reference to dress spheres but i wont
  28. Do you WANT to see of SRK? Spoilers, make sure you've beaten the games
  29. Mushrooms and Goo
  30. Namine
  31. Which member contols which Nobody?
  32. Just wondering...
  33. Dragon Quest IX...
  34. Overweight Kingdom Hearts characters
  35. So, how many of you have played Radical Dreamers?
  36. Kingdom Hearts Rumble
  37. SOO irritating! :-(
  38. Fun With KH2:FM+ and Action Replay
  39. 1up rates every Final Fantasy
  40. Dragon Quest Swords Attacking North America February 26
  41. Fabula Nova Crystallis: Star Ocean
  42. My semi-crappy Chrono Project
  43. NEW KH??
  44. Wasn't KH2FM+ supposed to come to the U.S.?
  45. Paradox Cup --Proud Mode--
  46. Paradox Cup Help (Doing Proud mode)
  47. just some random spoilers
  48. CC and CT Riddles
  49. Rather confusing contradiction
  50. playing CT again...
  51. Radical Dreamers OCRemix project: Thieves of Fate
  52. Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile ROM hack released
  53. KH1 Level up trick?
  54. Should I buy it?
  55. Which Characters
  56. Riku vs. Lexaeus, KH2FM+
  57. Square Enix (my darling Squee), Please [the Bouncer]
  58. Will there be KH III?
  59. Vagrant Story and Front Mission 3
  60. A Question on Riku...
  61. Secret of Mana remake please
  62. Where have all the lich's gone?!
  63. Need Help Wit Masamune
  64. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix?
  65. Mint/Complete/Factory Sealed Chrono Trigger sells for $1,200.
  66. Can someone help me or not?
  67. Fav World?
  68. Kingdom Hearts DS
  69. Rainbow Shell Forging
  70. Pips evolving
  71. Crystal tools Engine
  72. Fighting "Terra"
  73. Growth Levels Gone Bad?!
  74. If we take New Game+ into consideration, are there still miss-able items somewhere?
  75. Aeris with Rinoa
  76. Dragon Quest 8
  77. Favorite Parties and Tech combos!
  78. The World Ends With You (DS)
  79. Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable
  80. would u want him?
  81. Question about Magus
  82. Valkyrie Profile Gets DS Spin-off
  83. Most emo character
  84. can someone please....
  85. Why Save Count? (Or Screw That Vampire From Sesame Street)
  86. The End Of An Era (Or The Pointy End Or The End With The Feathers?)
  87. Want Some Cinema On Your Toast?
  88. having a wierd problem with Chrono Cross
  89. New non-FF, non-DQ Squenix DS game that isn't The World Ends With You
  90. kh3 :D
  91. KH Manga
  92. Drakengard (spoilers likely for thoes who havent played it)
  93. i cry. :(
  94. I Golem As I See 'Em
  95. End of time question
  96. E.V.O. - The Search for a Viable Alternative to Intelligent Design
  97. Musashi: Samurai Legend
  98. Appealing...why?
  99. Chrono Trigger Remake
  100. Super Key, Activate!
  101. Magus-Frog Story
  102. Don't leave me, hangin' on it like a yoyo
  103. Dragon Quest monsters: Joker
  104. Music By Who? (Or Didn't They Spit On Their Audience)
  105. Who would you say are the Chrono Trigger counterparts in Chrono Cross?
  106. Welcome, Dragon Quest IV, V, and VI
  107. Square Enix Tries Survival Horror on DS
  108. Was Sora justified in killing the Organisation members?
  109. Its not fair! :(
  110. Dragon Warrior VII
  111. 100 Acre Wood
  112. Kingdom Hearts with Arabic voices
  113. Waaah~
  114. Do you prefer Dragon Quest's Battle System?
  115. Infinite Undiscovery
  116. Warning: You may develop diabetes.
  117. Grand Dream
  118. Dodgy Item Limits on KH
  119. Financial stuff
  120. Pit Cell?
  121. You may consider this to be trivial but this is really annoying
  122. Should I Bother Being Sucked Into Dragon Quest?
  123. Super Mario RPG Goes to the Virtual Console in Japan in June. Is NA next?
  124. Birth By Sleep Trailer Leaked
  125. Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon(July 8th for Wii)
  126. Star Ocean 4 confirmed for Xbox 360
  127. Organization XIII, an osbtacle?
  128. KH3. OMG <333
  129. Square-Enix Compilation Dungeon Crawler
  130. Kingdom Hearts? meh...
  131. New Game+ Super Boss and New Dungeon
  132. Trying to get my hands on...
  133. Ever get annoyed with..
  134. Square to release classic PS1 titles on PSN
  135. KH3 rhymes with Wii
  136. unable to get chrono clone at begining of game\glitch?
  137. Final Fantasy Adventure or Sword of Mana?
  138. Subliminal message...?
  139. CONFIRMED: Chrono Trigger port for DS?
  140. Which of these Square Enix rpg's do you want ported to DS/PSP?
  141. Lavos underrated
  142. Final Fantasy XIII Petition!
  143. Cid
  144. RUMOR!!!: RE:CoM English Voice Actor Casting Call
  145. First English screenshots of Star Ocean: First Departure
  146. axil woot woot
  147. CT: defeated black tyrano got rainbow shell, what next?
  148. Mischief Makers
  149. Square Enix Brings Snoopy to DS
  151. Parasite Eve pseudo-sequel coming to PSP
  152. So, WTH was the BIG announcement?
  153. Your favorite Chrono Trigger time period
  154. Questions
  155. Secret of Mana DS
  156. Organization XIII feelings?
  157. Life Imitating Art (Pt II)?
  158. The Dark Kingdom Hearts
  159. Whew!
  160. First Thoughts
  161. Secret of Mana on the Virtual Console in Japan next month
  162. Da flip?
  163. Spekkio
  164. Favorite Main character in a non-FF/DQ game?
  165. BBS, 358, Coded Theme Songs
  166. How to get the card key?
  167. Yes indeed!
  168. Chrono Trigger OVA
  169. Dragon Quest IV
  170. Cant save Luccas mom!
  171. PS2 version of Chain of Memories confirmed for US release
  172. someone is in trouble, you have to find this person fast!
  173. Confirmation...
  174. What Happened To Seifer?
  175. We now have 1 1/2 seconds of 358/2 Days footage!
  176. Sequels and Innovations
  177. Star Ocean 4 confirmed for PS3
  178. Heartless, Nobodies, Unbirths?
  179. Kingdom Hearts: Another Story
  180. VP2 Ending
  181. Stuck in 600 w/o that Time Traveling Ship AD :(
  182. Cor Blimey!
  183. Cross Query
  184. The Darkness within us all...
  185. For everyone's fix....New trailers
  186. Radical Dreamers!
  187. In Game Brothel
  188. Unstoppable problem
  189. So these hackers gave Magus his own game.
  190. Xion Theory
  191. Terra, Xemnas, and Xehanort... *Major Spoilers*
  192. Mercen-X-Puzzles Back-n-Action
  193. The Greatest Mystery of Kingdome Hearts...
  194. Looking for: A Few Good Men
  195. KH for RPGXP
  196. Blood of Bahamut
  197. Favorite Gear
  198. Square-Enix building a new development studio in...
  199. I need to get a PSP...
  200. Valkyrie Profile
  201. Final Fantasy Adventure vs. Sword of Mana
  202. Last Remnant 360 game
  203. Hey, you, Seiken Densetsu! UH!
  204. KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days Announced for North America
  205. General Chrono Trigger DS Thread.
  206. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories
  207. Mispronounced Squaresoft/enix Names
  208. Dragon Quest X
  209. If you pick Magus, you are a loser
  210. KHIII The greatest Kingdom Hearts
  211. 2009 games
  212. Tech Rocks
  213. Nobodies may seem to have feelings, but this is a ruse
  214. If Riku didnt need Roxas to bring back Sora...
  215. What the hell his up with Sora's clothes!?
  216. Who is ur fave organisation 13 character and why?
  217. the Better one
  218. kWING Review
  219. after all that.....
  220. The Kingdom Hearts Drinking Game
  221. Gummi Ship contest
  222. New VP Game
  223. Final Fantasy Legend II (a.k.a SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu in JP) DS Remake Planned
  224. Dragon Quest V
  225. Possibly my dumbest topic yet...
  226. dream worlds
  227. heartless form
  228. secret ending
  229. Better or Worse?
  230. DQ vs FF
  231. Final Fantasy Adventure: what could have been
  232. xion
  233. The World Ends With You - Wii Sequel?
  234. Square Enix hits Final Fantasy replica dealers for $600,000 in damages.
  235. >> Fav Chrono Girl..
  236. Why, Square? Why?!
  237. Phantom & Ghost
  238. Dragon Quest IX Website
  239. Xenogears: Ice Weap Help!!!
  240. Xenogears bestiary
  241. i was just wondering
  242. Square Enix to start its own rewards program.
  243. Dragon Quest III
  244. Chrono trigger GOOD/BAD???
  245. Nostalgia
  246. Game Trivia (SquareSoft Games)
  247. Sephiroth Problem
  248. Vagrant Story question.
  249. Xenogears Favorite Moment
  250. KHII difficulty setting question