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  1. The Full Plot of FFIV?
  2. Didn't like this game.
  3. Music
  4. Is it just me...
  5. Why won't you die!?
  6. Final Fantasy IV: The After: Return to the Moon
  7. Five Members at a Time in FFIV
  8. FF IV DS Translation Wiki (for all Importers)
  9. You remember the dancer from Troia?
  10. SNES to DS changes
  11. 1UP's FFIV Preview
  12. FFIV edition DS?
  13. FFIV Amano Versus well.. The new guys!
  14. How'd That Quote Go?
  15. Action Replay codes for the GBA version that actually work?
  16. Whodunnit?
  17. FF IV:The After cast of characters(part of the page is still under construction)
  18. U.S. release date?
  19. is it possible
  20. FFIV Fan Art
  21. Anyone else notice this, or am I totally crazy?
  22. FF IV DS will be released in July
  23. Kain, The Fifth Wheel
  24. I'm dead! Hahahahaha! No, I'm not!
  25. Bug?
  26. Brach...FFIV Advance
  27. European release annouced
  28. English voice cast?
  29. FF4VM?
  30. Because Dammit, I Just Don't Have Time These Days!
  31. What if Baigan?
  32. for the FFIV geniuses
  33. FFIV DS: Is it worth it?
  34. What does Cecil see in Rosa?
  35. FF IV(DS) first trailer - One of the greatest trailers in history?!
  36. Laddy Now Has A Purpose In Life
  37. Translation of FF4 Easytype
  38. Im looking for Marion, Sorcerer, Conjurer
  39. I will never look at the Elemental Lords the same way ever again.
  40. So it's on shelves today.
  41. so far so good
  42. First version you completed?
  43. I now officially hate FFIV DS
  44. A question...
  45. Augment Guide!!!
  46. I liked Edward. What is everyone bitching about?
  47. most important aspect of the game...
  48. Revelations (DS)
  49. Are Rydia's generic monster summons in the DS version?
  50. Is there ANY way?
  51. Level 99
  52. FFIV: Power of Cheese
  53. So about that group of chests...
  54. Question about difficulty - DS version.
  55. I'm not Kotaku, but here's a rumour anyway (The After port possibility)
  56. Ribbon Won't Equip
  57. just a funny thing or two and a poll(SOME SPOLIERS)
  58. blatantly stolen from Paul Knox's LJ
  59. You, YES YOU could be the next Red Mage!
  60. Is anybody else addicted to Whyt's number game? (DS)
  61. Voice Actors...?
  62. Sylph Cave [DS Version]
  63. BLASTED INFERNO! (spoils,prob)
  64. FFIV DS
  65. Unstoppable problem
  66. Recommended level for facing Zeromus
  67. GBA vs. DS version
  68. Greatest question EVAR!!!11
  69. DS version help
  70. Let's Play Final Fantasy IV!
  71. Elemental Madness!
  72. Ninja Sutra
  73. Because I am weird.
  74. demon wall
  75. WTH? square You're supposed to be working on XIII
  76. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Rated by ESRB
  77. Four Fiends Song
  78. Li'l Murderder is one F'ed up monster
  79. GRRR!
  80. ultimate weapons
  81. benifits (ds)
  82. Leveling help
  83. the double helix of edge
  84. Regarding the Game's Element System...
  85. Zeromus help (spoliers)
  86. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
  87. Rare drops for rydia...
  88. FF IV [DS] How the hell do you save?
  89. Prayer Unanswered
  90. Ceres - The Dwarf Planet
  91. Character Spotlight: Porom and Palom
  92. Hex Editing Items
  93. Oasis Village
  94. Golbez 'N Goblins
  95. OverClocked ReMix Presents: Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption
  96. FFIV Fanfiction Thread
  97. DS version script so good
  98. Anyone got a nice level up place/strategy/trick?
  99. FFIV(Final Fantasy 4) Translated
  100. Editing Final Fantasy IV's Dialogue?!(By the Way, I need your help >_>)
  101. Dance for me!
  102. Final Fantasy IV on Virtual Console
  103. Just Started FFIV: Advance
  104. villiage of summoners
  105. mine detector and binocualors
  106. Theme of Love Lyrics
  107. Which one???
  108. Another sequel to FFIV?
  109. Why DS version is harder than GBA version?
  110. This game had the greatest ad-campaign ever.
  111. Would You Consider Cecil To Be Antisocial?
  112. FFIV Temporary Character Tournament Finals
  113. The Official Final Fantasy IV FAQ! Spoony Bards included!!!
  114. Reading these threads makes me feel lame! ;_;
  115. Darkness Augment Question
  116. Superboss That Represents FFIV The Best
  117. Cecil and Kain: Caught In A Bad Romance!
  118. Why couldn't Palom and Porom be healed by Esuna?
  119. Who had the best "death?"
  120. Overprotective Father
  121. FFIV DS
  122. FFIV Weapon Armor Collection (SNES)
  123. The Tower of Babil...
  124. What If They Had Made It To Baron?
  125. 9999 Hp Level 52 Before sealed cave ???
  126. Final Fantasy IV DS Fandub
  127. FFiv GBA algorithms\RNG
  128. So I downloaded FF IV: The After Years today
  129. Just finished FFIV and...
  130. Better Dead or Alive
  131. Best Party member
  132. FFIV Hard Type
  133. Time to do this... for real!
  134. Fuck you, Mythril Gear
  135. Favorite Moment in FF4?
  136. Pointless edits for US Version?
  137. Final Fantasy IV + The After Years Go To PSP
  138. Level Lust (DS version only, duh)
  139. Dark Knight Vs. Paladin
  140. The Power of Cheese
  141. teh sprites
  142. Dwarf Fortress - Giotto's Fortress
  143. Zemus
  144. Playing FF4...Again
  145. So what was actually happening to Kain? (spoilers)
  146. Regarding The After Years Characters...
  147. At least one nice thing about the Collection...
  148. IV PSP worth it?
  149. >> No language option/settings? (FF4 PSP)
  150. Interlude (PSP Complete Collection)
  151. I'm thinking of a word, it starts with S, ends with X, and has an E in the middle.
  152. FF4 Final Boss help & tips? (spoilers)
  153. Tellah you silly man.
  154. Entrance to moon's core, ffiv
  155. Buying Sirens on the gba version.
  156. Is There Something Wrong With My Disc?
  157. Final Fantasy IV Help & Advice
  158. Where the hell is Yang's mother?
  159. FFIV Theme of Love Fan Lyrics
  160. FF4:CC The After Years Final Dungeon, oh gawd, what have I gotten myself into...?
  161. The Lunarians: Great Plot Twist, or Ultimate Cheese?
  162. Can you get more then 5 pink tails?
  163. Where would you live?
  164. This Game has the Best Boss Themes in the Series
  165. Final Fantasy IV's Impact on the franchise
  166. ACHOOOOOOO!!!
  167. Adamant Armor
  168. FF IV:TAY walkthrough?
  169. question about FF 4:TAY
  170. Favorite Dungeons
  171. My gripes with the complete collection...
  172. Rank the FF4 Characters!
  173. Cid's Beard
  174. As much as I liked the DS remake... why?
  175. So... does anyone else think that Cecil has a weakness for the ladies?
  176. Ah, the power of cheese
  177. DS Version: Augment this, jerks.
  178. The Eblan Five (The After Years)
  179. Which version of FFIV is the best?
  180. Final Fantasy IV and Death
  181. Golbez
  182. Calcabrina the Dancing Doll
  183. A modest proposal for the rebuilding of Damcyan
  184. Is TAY worth purchasing?
  185. Its place in history
  186. Fabul castle, Baron city, and Kaipo rendered in 3D
  187. Cecil vs. Kain
  188. FFIV Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  189. The Hand of Golbez
  190. I Need Reassurance
  191. Regarding the Magma Rock...
  192. FFIV Shmup Edition!
  193. Rydia
  194. Convince me to play this iteration!
  195. I have a question
  196. The Party Switching Idea for FFIV SNES...
  197. Kain and Rydia Overrated?
  198. stealing the dark matter.
  199. Losing characters...
  200. getting a lap dance
  201. Recently Played FFIV Again
  202. Article: Livestreaming FFIV with Sephex! -UPDATE
  203. Most Underrated Characters
  204. Why does Rosa expect Rydia to be able to easily handle Black Magic?
  205. Final Fantasy IV to be ported iOS and Andriod
  206. Hang a Demon Wall painting on your wall!
  207. Piety
  208. FFIV Music Appreciation Thread
  209. Do you think FFIV is overrated or underrated?
  210. Fusoya is the Worst
  211. Ingame map of Baron & Ancient Waterways
  212. Favorite Boss
  213. my journey through the ds version
  214. Secrets You've Learned About Final Fantasy IV
  215. Babil tower island in minecraft
  216. i've never been killed by the demon wall
  217. Augments
  218. so i got an FFIV cartridge.
  219. So, is there anything else I forgot?
  220. Finally got the whole thing...
  221. "Throw" Element?
  222. Favourite Moment? (spoilers ahoy)
  223. Brachioraidos
  224. Final Fantasy IV is Given a 3D Makeover for Mobile!
  225. So I'm playing FFIV for the first time....
  227. FFIV: Preparations
  228. Dark Wave and other removed commands (FF2us)
  229. Final Fantasy IV DS Lovers Thread - Haters gonna hate
  230. "I made this!" (as well)
  231. FFIV: The After Years to get a DS-style 3DS Remake
  232. Good ol' Edge
  233. Final 5
  234. Favourite NPCs
  235. Live Streaming FF IV
  236. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years iOS Code Giveaway
  237. Let's Play Final Fantasy IV
  238. The After Years appreciation thread!
  239. Hitting its strive
  240. Can't save!
  241. FFIV Help
  242. What if Rosa had loved Kain instead?
  243. The After Years: Does it get better? (Mostly a rant about Yang's chapter)
  244. Just What Is Zeromus Supposed To Be?
  246. The Plight the Fat Chocobo
  247. Why is this FF so popular?
  248. "PSX load time is unplayable" Sorry folks, that's a bunch of crap.
  249. Opinion of Original Translation
  250. After 12 years of playing this game...