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    The Beginning

    Cecil is the commander of the Red Wings. The Red Wings are the most powerful force currently on the planet. By the orders of the King of Baron, they have stolen the Water Crystal from the innocent people of Mysidia with brute force. As they continue back to Baron, they were attacked several monsters. They were disposed of quickly but these creatures have been increasing in numbers recently. The King of Baron has also been acting strange recently. What is happening to this once peaceful world?

    Baron and Baron Castle

    Valuable Items: Tent x2, 300GP

    After Cecil's mission in Mysidia, he disagrees with his King's decision to steal these crystals from innocent people. The King, outraged, orders him and his friend Kain to deliver a package to the Village of Mist. He also strips Cecil the command of the Red Wings. A few guards force the both of them out of his room and block them from talking to the King. From here, you go south one room and you will notice three treasure chests to your right. Hit the switch near the door and the door will open. Pick up the chests and head to the far left stairs. After Cecil has long chats with Rosa and Cid head to his room in the north. Once you wake up, you will leave for the Village of Mist with Kain. You may want to go to Baron Town to pick up items from the pots throughout the town.

    Cave of Mist

    Valuable Items: Tent

    Now, the Mist Cave is a bit northwest from the town across a bridge. You can go straight west to a circular forest and get a chocobo to make it easier and uneventful. This is a fairly straightforward dungeon. Once inside, go right, to a ladder and follow the path. Make sure you pick up any treasure chests laying around for free stuff. Whenever you hear someone talking, just ignore it and keep moving. Finally when you at the end, a voice asks you to continue or not. If you answer yes, this will begin a fight. If you say no, you will move one step back and not fight, yet.

    Boss: D. Mist
    HP: 400

    A fairly easy boss to fight. You just keep pounding it with attacks until a message appears about mist forming, then you cease any action against it. But if you do attack it while in mist form, it will retaliate with Coldmist, which hits both of your party members. Wait until it reforms then continue the onslaught. Have Kain use Jump on it to end this fight quickly. If by any chance you get low, do not hesitate to use any Cure1 Potions. Once it dies, move on out of the cave.

    Note: You can un-equip all of Kain's junk that he has on. You may sell it if you wish.

    Trouble in the Village of Mist

    You can save outside the town before you move on at this point. Only moving a couple steps in the town, the package suddenly opens and causes havoc on the town (congratulations, you have just destroyed a town). Then Cecil and Kain hear the cries of a young girl. She is crying because her mother died when Cecil and Kain killed the Mist Dragon. Cecil and Kain senses that the town is endanger and decide to leave immediately with the girl. The girl refuses to go and summons Titan to attack you. This destroys the town also leaving Cecil and the girl unconscious. After Cecil regains consciousness, he sees the girl is injured so he decides to take her someone to rest. But Kain has disappeared without a trace. Also the path back to Baron is blocked so the only way to move is forward.

    Desert Oasis Village Kaipo

    Valuable Items: Ether1

    Move northeast from what's left of the Village of Mist and you will reach Kaipo. Upon entering the town, Cecil will immediately head for the inn. The innkeeper allows you to sleep for free this time because of the injured girl. While you are sleeping, a few soldiers from Baron order you to hand them the girl. You refuse to and the fight begins.

    Boss: Officer, Soldiers x3
    HP: 120 (Officer) 30 (Soldiers)

    The Officer in this battle does not attack and the soldiers do not attack until ordered to. Have Cecil only attack the three Soldiers and leave the Officer alone. Once the Soldiers are dead, the Officer will cowardly retreat to the hole it came from.

    The girl is surprised that Cecil protected her after what has happened in the past. She tells Cecil her name is Rydia and joins with you. After you leave the inn, head for the house on the top right corner where you will see Rosa. If you talk to her, you will notice something is wrong. The man near her will tell you she has a fever and needs Sandruby to cure the illness. This Sandruby can only be obtained from the Antlion.

    Water Pass: South

    Valuable Items: Tent, 120GP, Iron Ring, Ether1 x3, Leather Hat, Ice Rod, Darkness Sword

    The cave is northeast from the village Kaipo. First head north and pick up the two chests. Then you head back to the entrance and go west while picking up the chest containing a Tent on the way. Later you will see an old man blocking the way. He is a sage named Tellah. Talk to him and he will join your party. Head east, open the chest with 120GP, continue east, go down into the water, then up and get the chest with an Iron Ring. Now head all the way back and proceed to the next floor. You head north and then down the ladder in the water. Pick up the treasure chest to the left and head south. Once up the ladder head left to pick up an Ether1 then continue on to the door. You will reach a save point where you can save your progress. Leave the room and go east, open the chest with an Ice Rod and move towards the next room. The next room will have two paths, west and east. Head east first to pick up two chests and return back to continue on west to the next room. You will find a Leather Hat if you follow a hidden path left to the entrance. You can happily give that to Rydia and transfer the used Cap to Tellah. Slide on to the next staircase for another floor. First head north. Get the two treasures to the left then walk east across the bridge. Go south and you will discover two chests. One will contain a Darkness Sword for Cecil. Finally head to the stairs to end this ordeal, almost. It will lead you outside where you can rest with a tent and save.

    Down Through the Waterfall

    Valuable Items: Darkness Helmet, Darkness Gauntlet, Ether1, Darkness Armour

    Ahead is the next part of the dungeon. First walk down the waterfall. Now head south until you see two chests containing a Darkness Helmet and Gauntlet. Get them and continue on north over the long bridge to the door. Go west to two more treasure filled boxes with an Ether and Darkness Armour. Go up and into the water to see the monster Tellah was talking about.

    Boss: Octomamm
    HP: 1400

    It may look big and tough but he really isn't. Cecil should constantly be attacking. Rydia should use Chocb summon instead of Lit1 as it deals more damage for only 2MP more. Tellah should use Lit1 and maybe Cure2 if necessary but most likely not. He should die fairly quickly with little difficulty.

    Note: If you have any important things on Tellah, un-equip them now.

    Damcyan is Destroyed

    Valuable Items: Tent

    When you almost reached the castle, all of sudden the Red Wings come and bomb the castle. When you're inside, you can see the destruction the Red Wings have caused. Pick the treasure chest along the way up the castle. When on the last floor, you see Anna lying there. Once you approach to her another person will appear. Tellah recognizes him as the Bard who ran away with his daughter Anna. He attacks him but eventually stopped by Anna. With her last words, she tells her father that the Bard was Edward, the prince of Damcyan. He was only disguised as a Bard. She also protected Edward during the Red Wings attack. Anna then dies. Edward explains that Golbez is using the Red Wings to steal all the crystals. With this information, Tellah promises to avenge Anna's death by killing Golbez and tells Cecil that this does not concern him. So he leaves the party and goes to find Golbez. Meanwhile, Cecil asks Edward for his help to look for the Sandruby. Edward accepts his offer and also joins the party.

    Antlion's Lair

    Valuable Items: Tent x2, Charm Harp, Ether1

    After leaving Damcyan, you will receive a new vehicle to use, the Hovercraft. You can navigate through shallow water, which is indicated by little rocks in the water. Another plus is you do not encounter any monsters while on this vehicle. The Antlion Lair is east from Damcyan. Use the newly acquired Hovercraft to get there. First things first, gather the treasure chests to left of the entrance. There are also two more chests a bit south. Due east are two more chests to get and head for the stairs after everything is collected. Next will be a long corridor south, pick up the Life Potion at the end. Then head for the room just left to the chest. Inside is another treasure chest but this time it contains something valuable. It's a Charm Harp for Edward. Leave the room and head west then north. Before you go to the stairs, there is a treasure chest just west of here and above the stairs. Now head for the stairs. This will eventually lead you to three more treasure chests containing a Tent, Ether1, and Life Potion. You will also get a nice and comfortable save point to use at your own leisure. Now walk back to the previous floor. Head south through three ladders to the staircase. Keep walking south until you reach the center of the room. Edward will attempt to get the Sandruby for you but the Antlion has suddenly become aggressive.

    Boss: Antlion
    HP: 1000

    The Antlion counters all physical attacks so you can Parry Edward's turn. Cecil should have more than enough HP to withstand the Antlion's puny attacks. Have Rydia pound the Antlion with Chocb and soon it will be no more. Now head back to Kaipo and give Rosa the Sandruby.

    Time to Cure Rosa

    Talk to Rosa and use the Sandruby. Rosa will awaken and talk about the King not being himself lately. He was also the one who recruited Golbez but it seems to be just acting like a puppet of his. She will eventually join party. Later on at night, Edward was outside alone playing his harp and was suddenly ambushed by a monster!

    Boss: Waterhag
    HP: 60

    Even though Edward is fighting alone in this battle, it is very easy fight. Anna will come early in the battle to encourage him. After a couple of hits, the WaterHag should be dead. When the battle is over, Anna tells Edward to share the love that he showed to her with everyone else. Then she disappears into the sea.

    Mt. Hobs

    Valuable Items: Tent, White Arrows

    Mt. Hobs is just northeast of the Antlion's Lair and is only accessible with the Hovercraft at this time. The entrance is still blocked with ice. Rydia is only one that can melt the ice away but she doesn't want to cast Fire ever again because that was how her village was destroyed. But after some encouraging words from Rosa, Rydia bravely casts Fire and opens a way through the mountain. Now walk north and enter the door to the left. There will a save point and three treasure chests, which includes a Tent (how convenient). Now walk back and go to the right door. Take the treasure chest on the right and then head north. You will see a man fighting with several monsters. He quickly takes out a couple of henchmen before their leader decides to do the job himself. Rydia immediately thinks they should help the man with this battle.

    Boss: MomBomb
    HP: 3200

    Cecil should attack as usual so should Edward and Yang. Rydia should cast Chocb and Rosa could attack or heal anyone that gets low. Be careful when MomBomb explodes into 6 individual bombs as this attack can do around 75-85 damage to each character. You should immediately use potions or have Rosa/Rydia to heal your party. Take out each bomb one by one quickly. These bombs can also explode and deal serious damage to a single party member.

    Once the battle is finished you will discover that the man is a Karate Master of Fabul. He was training with his people here when the monsters attacked him. He is the only survivor of the main force and the soldiers at his castle have just begun their training. Fabul is in great danger if they don't hurry.

    Now go through the door and follow the path out of Mt Hobs. Fabul is a long walk away from Mt. Hobs. First head north then southeast until you reach a castle surrounded with water.

    Note: You can un-equip all of Rydia's and Rosa's equipment before entering Fabul.

    Defend Fabul

    Valuable Items: Black Shield, Ether1, Tent x2

    You can buy some new armour at the equipment shop for Cecil. If you have enough money, you may want to get Yang another Claw. Once you're finished getting your equipment, go north to the throne room. Yang will introduce your party to the King of Fabul. The King was tentative at first in trusting Cecil but when everyone else defended him he decided to trust him. He will then ask you if you want to fight for them, say yes if you are ready.

    You will only have three party members to defend Fabul, which are Cecil, Edward and Yang. You will only have items to heal you for these battles. Also healing can only be done in-battle so don't wait to heal if possible.

    Fight #1
    Location: Main entrance to Fabul
    Enemies: General, Fighter x2

    Leave the General alone and go after the two Fighters. Quickly eliminate the Fighters and the General will flee. Once the battle is over, the Red Wings begin to bomb Fabul. Everyone decides to retreat inside the castle for protection.

    Fight #2
    Location: Inside Fabul
    Enemies: Weeper, Imp Cap., WaterHag

    Nothing really dangerous just kill. After you win the battle, enemy soldiers come in and kill some of the troops. They decide to retreat further into the castle.

    Fight #3
    Location: Outside Throne room
    Enemies: General, Fighter x2

    Same thing as Fight #1. More forces break through and you are forced to move into the Throne Room. While in the Throne Room, the soldier opens the locked door leading to the Throne Room! But he is actually an enemy troop disguised as one of Fabul soldiers (how did get that disguise?).

    Fight #4
    Location: Throne room
    Enemies: Gargoyle

    He has a strong attack but you should be able to dispose of him fairly quickly. As soon as this one ends, another guy rushes through!

    Fight #5
    Location: Throne room
    Enemies: Weeper, Imp Cap., WaterHag

    This is the same as Fight #2 so it's no problem you can't handle. They think it is best to make their last stand in the Crystal Room so start to move towards it. Just as they started to go, Edward was shot with an arrow so Cecil and Yang had to help.

    Fight #6
    Location: Throne room
    Enemies: General, Fighter x2

    I wish they would stop sending failures like these guys to fight you. After you SLAUGHTERED them again, the party will proceed to the Crystal Room where they will make their last stand. Instead of some monsters rushing in Kain unexpectedly appeared. Cecil was surprised because he thought he was dead. He asked Kain to fight with them but Kain thought otherwise and wanted to fight against them.

    Fight #7
    Location: Crystal room
    Enemies: Kain

    A fight you cannot win, how disappointing. After Cecil gets his ass kicked, Kain wanted to finish him off. Luckily Rosa and Rydia came in and distracted him. Suddenly Golbez himself comes in. Yang and Edward try to protect the Crystal but he was too strong. Kain walks over and takes the Crystal while Golbez also kidnaps Rosa because she seemed important to Kain. After Kain and Golbez left, Rydia casts Cure on her injured comrades. The party chooses to stay together and rescue Rosa.

    Go back to the Throne Room, head to the door to the right, step on the switch and follow the hidden path. You will find three chests, which include a Black Shield for Cecil. Talk to the man near the throne, he will tell you the King was injured in the battle and he is currently resting in his room. But first you have to rest in the inn and it's free.

    The party discusses that they need to get an airship. Baron is the only place in the world that has airships so they need to go there. Since Baron lacks an ocean fleet, they will sneak into Baron by boat. After your party wakes up, you are in the King's room. He tells you must not let them take all the crystals or the world will be doomed. He also gives Cecil a Black Sword. He will provide you with a boat on the dock east of Fabul. Before you leave, the two towers in the north part of Fabul have some treasure waiting for you to take.

    Notes: You may un-equip Yang's and Edward's stuff now.

    Violent Waters Ahead

    Before you embark to Baron, Yang's Mother says goodbye to Yang and wishes the party well. Suddenly, mid-way through the trip, there was a tidal wave in the sea. It was Leviatan, the King of the Sea! While moving closer and closer to it, Rydia was knocked off the ship! Yang rushes into the water to try and save her! Edward was then knocked down to the ground. Leviatan eventually sucked the ship into the sea.

    Mystical Town Mysidia

    Cecil found himself alone on a shore with Yang, Rydia and Edward gone. Go into the town, which you should already be familiar with. It's Mysidia! It's the town where you stole the Crystal from the beginning of the game. And the people of Mysidia have not forgotten one little bit. Just head to the last house north and you will see a Black Mage, a man and a White Mage standing inside. The man who is the Elder of the town is still bitter from the events of the past. Cecil tells him his friends were lost at sea by Leviatan and he needs to somehow get into Baron. The Elder responds by saying this was caused because he is a Dark Knight and he needs to fight evil with good instead. Cecil will have to go to Mt. Ordeals to become a sacred knight called a Paladin. Since his this journey will be tough for a Dark Knight, the Elder will have two mages go with Cecil. Palom and Porom are strong mages that will definitely be an asset to you.

    The Quest Through Mt. Ordeals

    Valuable Items: Ether1 x2

    Head east of Mysidia for Mt. Ordeals. The entrance is blocked by some kind of fire. Palom easily cools it down with an Ice spell. Meanwhile, you will see Rosa is being held prisoner somewhere with Kain and Golbez. Golbez already knows what Cecil is trying to do so he sends Milon to stop him. He is one of the four fiends of the elements.

    Now head up the path and pick up the two treasure chests. The next floor has no treasures in it but you will meet Tellah. He is at Mt. Ordeals to search for the legendary spell Meteo. And since Cecil is here to become a Paladin, Tellah will join your party. Keep moving on north. Go west, up the stairs and take the Ether1. Walk back and go north and then west, pick up another Ether1 on the way there. Head north, you will notice that there is a save point across the bridge east (I wonder what's next). Use a Tent (if you were hurt) and save. Now take the north path and you will meet Milon, the Fiend of Earth.

    Boss: Milon, Revenants x4
    HP: 2500 (Milon) 120 (Revenant)

    Palom and Porom should be your main offense in this battle. Have them use Twin, it will take out the Revenants with one shot. Tellah should heal if anyone gets low, as his attack magic is almost useless here. And as always, have Cecil slash him up good. Milon may cast Lit1 a few times but it shouldn't be a problem. Once this battle is over, Milon is not quite gone yet.

    Note: Change everyone's row right away and get ready for another battle.

    Boss: Milon Z
    HP: 3000

    He will cheaply attack you from behind but this time, he will show his true powers. Even with your mages in the back row, he can do serious damage (around 60-80) so pay attention to your health. Use Palom's Fire2 instead of Twin this time. Porom can be the primary healer or cast Cure2 on Milon (since he is undead). Tellah can cast Blink on your Mages or heal if necessary. As per usual, have Cecil attack, attack and attack.

    After Milon falls into oblivion, move into the little building to the left. Here, Cecil will become a Paladin. But before he can fully become one, he must overcome his dark side by himself.

    Boss: D. Knight
    HP: ****

    Just don't attack him. That is all. Goodbye.

    After that tough (or easy) fight, Cecil will truly become a Paladin. Tellah also remembers his forgotten spells even the legendary Meteo. Cecil is still confused by the voice in there calling him son but he has to move on. You now must return to Mysidia. There is a Chocobo Forest just south of Mt. Ordeals. Talk to the Elder again but this time he will be quite surprised. He is sorry for having Palom and Porom spying on them but now he thinks it wasn't really necessary. He also tells Cecil about the Legend of Mysidia that is also engraved on the sword Cecil received at Mt. Ordeals. Cecil could actually be the one with the Sacred Light, who the Mysidians are supposed to believe in. The Elder will confine himself to the Tower of Wishes for Cecil.

    The Road Back to Baron

    Valuable Items: Thunder Claw, 2000GP, 1000GP

    Cecil and Tellah were about to leave when Palom and Porom wanted to come with him. The Elder at first disagrees with the idea but in the end, he allows them to accompany Cecil. The Serpent Road is the building on the right side of the town above the inn. Before you leave Mysidia, Cecil with his newly found powers, can equip all the Paladin equipment in the armour shop. Once you are ready, you can head for the Serpent Road.

    When you reach Baron all the people can talk about is the King acting strangely recently and a Karate man is in the inn. But the only Karate man you know is...Yang! Head to the inn and look for Yang. To Cecil's surprise, Yang does not remember you. He also sends both of his Guards to attack you.

    Boss: Guard x2
    HP: 200

    They're not too tough. Since Palom or Porom seems to get their turn before Tellah, have them use Twin. These Guards are fairly weak but they can cast Size on you, which will reduce your attack and defense tremendously and also disable all magic use except Size. Heal as soon as possible as you will have another fight after this one.

    Boss: Yang
    HP: 3000

    He doesn't do much except Kick you but that can do well over 100 damage to each party member. Porom should heal after every hit while Palom and Tellah should blast him with their best spells.

    After you beaten Yang up, he will regain his memory and join the party. Now they get to sleep in the inn for free because no one liked the Guards. The party tries to think of a plan to sneak into Baron and rescue Cid. Cecil notices that Yang has the Key of Baron. Now the party can easily sneak into Baron through the Old Water-Way. The Key of Baron can also open all the locked houses in Baron. Go to the weapon shop and buy Yang a Headband, Karate Suit and a Silver Ring. There are also two treasure chests behind the counters. Get them by walking through a hidden passage on the bottom right corner of the room. They contain 2000GP and a Thunder Claw for Yang. Now go to the stone wall building to the left of the weapon shop. Inside is a small room with stairs going down. But there is another secret passage to the right wall containing 1000GP. Continue on down the stairs and head for Baron Castle.

    Old Water-Way

    Valuable Items: Ether1, Ancient Sword

    Walk south and get the three treasure chests. Then follow the path north and you will eventually reach a set of stairs. On the next floor go south through a hidden wall and get the treasure chest. Now go back and take the east path, through a hidden wall until you see a treasure chest in the middle of the water. Take the chest, which contains a Life Potion and walk south through another hidden wall. Walk west, through several hidden walls to reach a treasure chest containing a Life Potion. Head all the way back east and walk over a long narrow path of water to access the next floor. Be careful, this floor contains the same Guards that you fought in Baron so get through this floor quickly. Also take the Ether1 near the end of this path. Now proceed to the door on the left. There is an Ancient Sword in a hidden passage to the right of the save point. It is slightly weaker than the Paladin Sword though so keep it as a momento. Now save and walk to the east path for Baron Castle.

    The Return to Baron Castle

    Valuable Items: Ether1 x4, Tent x3

    Walk left then down through the mist for the open doorway. You can go to Cecil's room to rest up your wounds for free. Now go to the Throne Room of the King. But before you make it there, you will meet up with Baigan. Cecil thinks Baigan is not under the control of Golbez so he asks him to join the party. But Palom and Porom believe he is actually a monster. Baigan attempts to act innocent but he knew it was already too late.

    Boss: Baigan, Right Arm, Left Arm
    HP: 2700 (Baigan), 350 (Arm)

    It seems like Baigan does not cast Wall when Twin is used on him. Any other attack magic will cause to cast Wall, which makes this battle more difficult. You should have Cecil and Yang concentrate on attacking Baigan. Palom and Porom will constantly be using Twin. Tellah should become your main healer but use NO attack spells on Baigan. Baigan should be dead fairly quickly. Once he is killed, you can go back to Cecil's room and heal up again.

    Note: Remember to take off all of Palom and Poroms's equipment after this battle.

    There are a bunch of treasure chests to the right. Go take those and head for the stairs to the right. Continue going to the next staircase to the right. Open the door and follow the long bridge path. Steal the six treasure chests and move on south. Now walk to the tower in the north. There will stairs going down to the left and up to the right. Be sure to go both ways and check all chests and pots. There is also this mysterious force that blocks your path when going further into the basement. Do not bother with that since this is for later in the game. Now head for the Throne Room and you will find King Baron. But you will find out he is not King Baron but actually Kainazzo, the Fiend of Water.

    Boss: Kainazzo
    HP: 4000

    This battle shouldn't be too hard. Cecil and Yang should attack him. You can equip Yang with a Thunder Claw to increase the damage, not like it will matter. Palom and Tellah should hit it with Lit2 and Lit3.

    Right when Kainazzo dies Cid zooms right in and wants a piece of the phony King. To his surprise, the King is gone with Cecil and the rest of the gang there. After everyone introduces themselves to Cid, they leave to his new airship. Just as they enter the next room, the doors are locked and the walls begin to push in towards them. Seeing as there is no other option, Palom and Porom casts Stone on themselves to stop the walls from moving any closer. Desperately, Tellah attempts to revive them but it's no use. Meanwhile, Golbez contemplates on how they will get the remaining Crystal. Kain suggests that they should have Cecil get it in exchange for Rosa. Golbez agrees and Kain goes to give the message to Cecil. Back at Baron, Cid opens the secret entrance to his own airship. Once you embark, Kain comes in his own airship to give Cecil the message.

    Toroian Castle

    Valuable Items: Ether1 x3, Tents x2, Ruby Rings x2

    Move the airship northwest from Baron and land right beside the town. Go to the castle and head north to where the eight Clerics are. They mention that the Dark Elf has stolen the Earth Crystal. He hides away in a cave northeast from Toroia that has a magnetic field within the whole cave. This field renders all metallic weapons and armour useless. Leave the Clerics and take the left path of the castle. When you enter the next room, you will find Edward lying in a bed. He is too injured to fight so he gives you the TwinHarp. Now take the staircase east of the castle. Once you reach the room, you will see three staircases going down. The first one will lead to a dead end, as you do not have the permission yet to pass. The second one will contain an Ether1 in the pot on the bottom right. Lastly the third stairs will contain two Tents, two Cure2 Potions, two Ether1 and two Ruby Rings. Leave the castle and head north of Toroia by foot to a Chocobo Forest. Talk to a Black Chocobo (it's quick though) and ride it to the Dark Elf's domain. You can only land Black Chocobo in forests and after you landed it once, it will automatically return to the forest when you use it again.

    Treasure in the Mist

    Valuable Items: Tiara, Ruby Ring, Change Rod

    Return back to the Village of Mist. Head to the house just north. Go through the fireplace and then east to pick up the Tiara, Ruby Ring and Cloth. Continue walking east to uncover another hidden passage and find a Change Rod.

    Trip to Silvera

    Valuable Items: Silver Staff, Silver Knife, 5000GP

    You can use your airship and go to Silvera before you go to Toroia. Go to an island that has a town just south of Fabul. You can get a full complement of Silver equipment for Cid. You can also get it for Cecil but it could be very costly and the Paladin equipment gives him a boost in the Will department as well. There are also lots of goodies around the town for you to collect. There is a Silver Staff in a patch of grass on the right side. A Silver Knife can be found north of the town and also 5000GP just to the left of the knife (KA-CHING!!!).

    The Search for the Dark Elf in Cave Magnes

    Valuable Items: Ether1 x2, Charm Claw, Ether2

    Since you cannot use metallic equipment in the cave, you have to find alternatives for this dungeon. Here's a list that I compiled of what you should have equipped.

    First, go east and pick up the Cure2 Potion. Follow the next path south to the next floor. Go west around the hole and pick up the Ether1. Walk north and go through the door to the right. Take the two treasure chests, go back out and head west to the stairs. The room beside the entrance here will lead you to a save point. Use if needed and then cross the bridge road to the door south. You will find three chests with potions you can take and move out. Take the west path to the next room. Just above you will be a chest with a Charm Claw, which you may give to Yang. Now take the stairs to the next floor. Walk along the path until it splits north and east. East is another save point and north is where the Dark Elf is. Before you go and bust the Dark Elf, walk around the Dark Elf's room and take the chest with an Ether2. Now enter the Dark Elf's room. Talk to the Dark Elf and the battle will begin.

    Boss: Dark Elf
    HP: 3000

    Cecil will decimate the Dark Elf with his Legend Sword. Have Yang and Cid chip away at him as well. Tellah can heal the party whenever they get low. You can also have Tellah cast Weak on him to make it an even shorter battle.

    Return of the Earth Crystal

    Valuable Items: Ether1 x2, Ether2 x2, Elixir x2, Great Bow, 2000GP

    Now head back to Toroian Castle and go straight to the Cleric's room. They are grateful for what you've done but suddenly Kain calls out for to come to the airship. He will then take you where Rosa is located but of course not all the way there. Before you leave Toroian Castle, go back to the room where you previously did not have permission to enter. You will gain access to a room full of treasure! Get your grubby little hands to work while you pick the junk. The chests consist of Cure2, Heal, Ether1, Ether2, Elixir, 1000GP, Great Bow, Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Lit Arrows, 1000GP more, Elixir, Ether2, Ether1, Heal and a Cure2 Potion.

    Note: After you showed the Clerics the Crystal you will not be able to travel with your airship until after the Tower of Zot.

    Onward to the Tower of Zot

    Valuable Items: Fire Armour, Fire Sword, Poison Claw, Earth Hammer, Wizard Robe

    Note: This will be the only time you will be in here. Make sure you get every treasure chest before you leave.

    When you board the airship, you will follow Kain and arrive at the complex where Rosa is located. Now take the left path and pick up the Fire Armour. Move on east to the door leading to the next floor. Walk south, west, south, then open the treasure chest north. You will have to fight a FlameDog. Kill it and earn a Fire Sword for your work. On the next floor, there are no treasures so just choose the path you desire and advance to the next area. Continue walking until you see a path going north. Go up that way and you will see three different doors. The far left room contains a Poison Claw and a Fire Shield. Proceed to the middle room and pick up a Earth Hammer just for Mr. Cid. The remaining room has a Wizard Robe, which should be given to Tellah. Now you can finally head to the next floor. After battling all the way through this dungeon, you find a much needed save point in the room just south. When you are ready, head towards the center room. You will encounter a welcoming crew named the Magus Sisters that wishes to dispose of you.

    Boss: Sandy, Cindy, Mindy
    HP: 2500 (Sandy), 4300 (Cindy), 2200 (Mindy)

    Alright, so you are not confused, Sandy is the tall one, Cindy is the fat one, and Mindy is the short one (these guys really remind me of the three stooges). Kill Cindy first with physical attacks since she will usually have a Wall on. Have Tellah cast Fire/Ice/Lit 3 on the other two but DON'T kill them before killing Cindy or she will just revive them. Once Cindy is dead, this battle should be a breeze. You can now head to the next door and meet Golbez and Kain together.

    Note: Un-equip all of Tellah's stuff. He won't need it anymore.

    Golbez will persuade Cecil into giving him the Crystal first and then deceives Cecil. Tellah awaited for this moment for so long immediately goes after Golbez.

    Boss: Golbez
    HP: 10000

    Tellah will fight alone in this match. He will cast a series of high level spells but they barely phase Golbez. But with every last ounce of strength, he casts Meteo. It hurts Golbez enough that he must retreat.

    The spell also destroys his control over Kain but unfortunately it cripples Tellah. He dies but with his last words tells Cecil to avenge Anna and his death. But the show must move on, talk to Kain, he will apologize for his recent actions. He soon remembers Rosa is in the next room. Everyone rushes in and saves her before the ball falls. Kain apologizes once again for his actions to Rosa and Cecil. Kain and Rosa now join the party. Before you move, give Rosa some equipment to wear. Once you try to leave, Valvalis, the Fiend of Air stops you.

    Boss: Valvalis
    HP: 6000

    Valvalis from time to time will start spinning. You will have to use Kain's Jump to make it stop. Like usual, Cecil, Cid and Yang should attack her repeatedly. Valvalis also may use Weak and Ray. Quickly heal the effects of these spells. This battle can be a bit tough but not impossible. After she dies, the tower will begin to collapse. Rosa alertly casts Exit and teleports everyone to Cecil's room in Baron Castle.

    Secret Entrance to the Underground

    In Cecil's room, Kain will explain that Golbez hasn't collected all the Crystals just yet. He still has to get the Dark Crystals from the Underground. He only has in his possession the Light Crystals. Once all the Light and Dark Crystals have been gathered, the way to the moon will open. Kain will then give you the Magma Key, which is supposed to open the entrance to the Underground. Unfortunately they do not know where to go but of course I do. Head on your airship just south of Baron to Agart. The weapons and armour shop here are obsolete so there's nothing new to get here. Just head straight to the well in the center of the town. Use the Magna Key and an earthquake will begin to tear apart the mountains above the town. Go outside and you will notice an opening was created. Use the airship and go inside.

    The party begins to fly through the Underground no longer than a few minutes when the meet up with the Red Wings. But the Red Wings seem to be occupied by a couple of tanks. The Enterprise gets bombarded by artillery from the tanks and Red Wings in a crossfire. Cid immediately is forced to land the airship. Cecil was knocked out during the landing but the Enterprise took the most damage of all and is unable to fly. You will end up beside a castle.

    Note: Before you enter the Castle, Cid will leave the party soon so you may strip him down to the bone.

    Castle of Dwarves

    There is an item shop and inn you can go to in the west side of the castle but everything else is blocked. Head north to the Throne Room when you're ready. You will meet King Giott, ruler of the Underground. He explains that two of the four Dark Crystals have already been taken. Fortunately his tanks just scared away the Red Wings who just came for his Crystal. King Giott then asks if they can support him with their airship. Cid tells him the airship needs to be brought back to the Overworld and be wrapped in Mystic Silver. He soon scurries off to fix the airship. After Cid leaves, Yang feels that someone is eavesdropping on them. The King orders a soldier to open the Crystal Room for you to check it out. Some odd looking dolls are inside the room and locked the door as well.

    Boss: Cal x3, Brena x3, Calbrena
    HP: Cal: 1000, Brena: 300, Calbrena: 4624

    Its first form will consist of three Cals and three Brenas. Have Cecil attack one of the Cals, Kain should Jump on another Cal, Yang should Kick and Rosa should Aim at one of the Brenas. If you do not kill all of the little dolls in time, it will transform into one large doll. Now have Kain Jump while Cecil and Yang attacks it. Rosa should constantly keep everyone's HP relatively high since Calbrena hits hard. If you do not kill Calbrena in time, they will disband into Cals and Brenas once again. After the dolls are dead, Golbez will appear in front of you.

    Boss: Golbez, Shadow
    HP: 22,001 (Golbez), 800 (Shadow)

    Your attacks are useless against him. He will cast Hold Gas and then summon a Shadow. It will cast Demolish on everyone except Cecil. But unexpectedly, the Mist Dragon appears and kills the Shadow. It's Rydia! She arrives and saves the day! Attack him a couple more of times and he should die.

    As soon as the battle is over Rydia will explain what has happened to her. When Leviatan swallowed her, he took Rydia to the land where all summoned monsters live. There she lost the capability to use White magic but it strengthened her Black and Summon magic. Rydia will join the party again. All of sudden, Golbez uses one of his hands (literally) to take the Crystal and disappears (I wonder why Cecil didn't just step on it?).

    Cecil apologizes for allowing Golbez to take the Crystal. King Giott is worried but has a plan. The party should go to the Tower of Bab-il and try to retrieve the stolen Crystals. His army of tanks will distract the Tower of Bab-il while they quietly sneak in. He believes Golbez will be too busy trying to get the remaining Crystal to worry about them. Before you leave for the Tower of Bab-il, you should search through this vast castle for treasures.

    Exploration of the Castle

    Valuable Items: Black Belt, Elixir x2, Dwarf Axe, Strength Ring, Ether1, Ether2, Cabin x3

    • Left Side: You will see an inn and item shop here. There are stairs up and to the far left of you. The stairs to the left of you will lead to the Left Tower of the castle. The door below you will lead you outside and eventually to the Right Tower. The stairs go up to a room filled with pots. There is only one pot with an item and that one is on the bottom right corner. Continue on to the next floor. You will see four treasure chests in a cross-shaped room. Take the chest to the left, now maneuver through the walls down and take the Black Belt. Keep going right and move toward the treasure chest and take it. Walk right then up and around the walls and pick up the other chest. Now go all the way back to where the inn was then take the stairs going north. It will lead to a nursery room, a fat chocobo in the middle of the room and the basement exit to the castle. You will use that after you have explored the rest of this place. Take the stair far east and you will enter the right portion of the castle.
    • Right Side: There is a weapon and armour shop here. Do not bother getting any weapons except some stronger arrows for Rosa. Now for the armour, I suggest you get the entire Wizard and Rune equipment you need for Rosa and Rydia. Yang will also need a Rune Ring. Unless you really want to (or have an enormous amount of excess cash), you do not really need the Fire equipment sold here. Now go to the stairs on the top right corner. Take the treasure chest above you and go to the next floor. Once again, the room is filled with pots and again only one carries an item which to the left of you. Now head to the staircase going up. Walk up and take the Strength Ring. Then go left and down to open the treasure chest. Move around the staircase and pick up the treasure below and finally take the remaining one.
    • Basement: There are three Cabins here for you to pick up. You will also find a pot, which restores your HP and MP for FREE!

    Crystals at the Tower of Bab-il

    Valuable Items: Ether1, Bandanna, Blizzard Spear, IceBrand Sword, CatClaw, Archer Bow, Ice Shield, Ice Armour, Ether2

    Note: Do not use any of your Fire equipment in here unless you want to be brutally burned or heal your many of your enemies.

    It's a long walk northwest to the Tower of Bab-il from the Castle of Dwarves. Make your way through the long empty plains and use a Tent when you arrive. Once inside, take the left trail and pick up the treasure chests. Then go to the right trail and take the Ether1. On the next floor, take the Bandanna to your left and go to the first room south. Inside the room, the treasure chest contains an Alert monster. Dispose of it and receive a Blizzard Spear. Leave the room then head to the door just east of you. Kill another Alert in the treasure chest and earn an IceBrand. Now continue to the door in the center of the room. Pick up the chest just left of you and get a CatClaw. Head east along the side and take the chest. Now walk to the door south and gather the treasures there that includes an Archer Bow for Rosa. Return to the previous room and walk all the way around to the outside to reach the next floor. The room just west has a save point. You may heal up, save and proceed on north. Follow the path until you see three rooms. Go south and take the first room and receive an Ice Shield. The second room is empty so don't bother going there. Proceed to the room north and get the Ice Armour. Just so you know, you have to fight an Alert for each chest here as well. Head towards the door west across the narrow path. Go around the cliff and collect 2000GP. The center room is locked and you cannot access it until a bit later so continue on east to the next floor. Whew! Just walk west about twelve steps (that was easy!). To your right is another save point to replenish your party freely. Walk south, pick in the Ether2 then head to the next floor. Walk along the path to meet Dr. Lugae and Rubicant, the Fiend of Fire. Dr. Lugae acts extremely pleased to see Rubicant gone and him the only one in the Tower of Bab-il. He will soon notice your presence and send Balnab to eliminate you.

    Boss: Dr. Lugae, Balnab
    HP: 4416 (Dr. Lugae), 3927 (Balnab)

    Make sure Yang is equipped with a Thunder Claw and bash the robot. Kain should Jump on Balnab and Cecil should attack. Rydia should cast Titan. Rosa can Blink your weakest party members or heal them. Once you disable Balnab, Dr. Lugae will control it manually. Basically do the same strategy above except Rosa will probably Cure a little more. If you do not kill it in time, he will "accidentally" Explode on one of your characters causing well over a thousand damage. After this battle, he will show you his true powers.

    Boss: Dr. Lugae
    HP: 6600

    He will immediately cast Poison on the whole party. Yang should have Charm Claw equipped once again. Have Kain Jump and Cecil attack. Rosa should heal ANYBODY even moderately low, especially the front row fighters because his Laser attack as it can do serious amounts of damage. Rydia should cast Titan on Dr. Lugae. This can be a tough battle if things don't go your way. You will receive the Tower Key when he is defeated. Before he dies, he will tell you Rubicant has already taken the Crystals to the upper part of the Tower of Bab-il. He also mentions about the Super Cannon will destroy the Dwarves soon. Hurry and head back to the room, which was previously locked. Use the Tower Key to open the door and go in.

    Note: Yang won't be needing your precious equipment anymore.

    You will fight three Dark Imps who attempt to stop you from getting any further but fail. Instead, they destroy the controls to the Super Cannon so you can't stop the destruction of the Dwarves. Yang believes he can stop it but he has to sacrifice himself. Cecil tries to stop him but he gets pushed out of the room and the rest you should know.

    Now leave the Tower of Bab-il. When you just at the entrance, Golbez destroys the bridge that leads outside. Cid urgently flies to the tower and saves you. Right when the party begins to settle down, the Red Wings begin chasing them with an upgraded ship. Then Cid decides to sacrifice himself to save the others. He also tells you to go to Baron and ask for his engineer's help. After you have surfaced to the Overworld, he will bomb the entrance so the Red Wings cannot chase them.

    Hover on over to the Cave of Eblan

    Valuable Items: Ether1, Elixir x2, Drain Sword, Ether2

    Go back to Baron and talk to Cid's engineers. They will quickly install a hook into the Enterprise so you can carry the Hovercraft. Now onward to the Cave of Eblan with the Hovercraft! Eblan is located southwest of Baron. Use the Hovercraft over the swallow water and head to the cave. First go right and take the Shuriken and the other treasure chest. Head down into the water and follow the path until you see a treasure chest. Take it, and move across the bridge and walk southwest until you reach a staircase. You will arrive in a small town of the remaining Eblan people. There is also weapon and armour shop here. You can get new arrows for Rosa and a Black Robe for Rydia. If you have plenty of excess cash, get another Ice Shield and Armour for Cecil or Kain.

    Now head to the path leading to the Tower of Bab-il. Take the Ether1 then head north until you see a little opening in the wall. Walk through it and take the treasure chest below it. Now head to the next room. Go around the hill then north to pick up a Cure3 Potion then back south back to the previous room. Also take the Shuriken that is behind a hidden wall. Follow the path and take all the treasure chests including the two to your right through a hidden wall. Head north and proceed to the next room. Directly above you is a save point. Inside, there is a treasure chest through another hidden wall to the right, which contains a Drain Sword. Leave the room and take the treasure chest over the ladder just east of here. Now walk north until you see two colourful figures. It's the prince of Eblan Edge and Rubicant. Edge will challenge him to a fight but lose. The party rushes to him and offers their help to fight Rubicant but Edge at first refuses it. Rydia begins to cry and tell him about who has died during the chase to get Golbez. Edge later joins the party. Get the Ether2 just to the left of you then head up to the Tower of Bab-il.

    The Fight up the Tower of Bab-il

    Valuable Items: Ogre Axe, 2000GP, Middle Sword, 82000GP

    Take the chest to the left once you enter. Follow the long narrow path all the way around and take the other treasure chest. Proceed to the next floor where you will travel over another long and narrow path. First take the path to the center and open the chest. You will have to fight four Mad Ogres and you will get an Ogre Axe. Have Rydia summon Mist Dragon, Cecil and Edge attack while Kain Jumps. Equip Edge with a Charm Claw to deal a little more damage. Continue along the path and move on to the next floor. Head east, take the chest and head on up. Go along the path east, take the Middle Sword for Edge then to the next floor. Walk east until you see two doors. The first one is a save point and the second one leads to the next floor. Once you heal and save, move on up. Walk left three steps to the door and gracefully move on. Walk south then all the way west and finally up and take the chest containing 82000GP! Now move to the center and the King and Queen of Eblan will halt you. Edge is happy to see them and so are they but they have plans to take him to the Underworld.

    Boss: K. Eblan, Q. Eblan
    HP: 60,000 (K. Eblan), 60,000 (Q. Eblan)

    Technically, you do not have to do anything except stay alive. After Edge's parents regain consciousness, they tell him they are not human anymore and will die soon.

    Rubicant then appears and tells Edge Dr. Lugae was the one who turned his parents into monsters. Edge doesn't listen and wants revenge. From his anger, he learns the spells Flood and Blitz.

    Boss: Rubicant
    HP: 25,200

    Make sure Cecil and Kain have their Ice elemental weapons equipped as well as Edge. Kain should Jump, Cecil should attack and Edge should use Flood until he runs out of MP. Rydia should cast Shiva or Ice2 and Rosa should heal anyone that gets low. Rubicant casts Glare frequently, which usually deals over 1000 damage. Whenever he attacks, he will strike twice fairly hard.

    After the battle is over, Eblan troops will come to help Edge but Rubicant is already defeated. Edge discovers Golbez is behind all of this chaos so he continues to travel with Cecil. Once you enter the next room, you will walk over a trap floor and fall back down to a lower level in the tower. Take the chest above you then walk south. Next walk north to the next floor. Now walk south then take the treasure chest to the east and move on to the next floor. You will discover a airship and Edge decides to take it and name it Falcon. Now head back to the Castle of Dwarves (well it's the only place to go now).


    Go to the Throne Room and talk to the King. He will give you the Luca Key, which opens the Sealed Cave. But before you do so, you must go to the nursery. You will see Cid resting in a bed. Once you walk to him, he will wake up and not a moment to soon start to argue with Edge. After they have calmed down, the party will explain their situation. The airship they stole cannot fly over the magma to reach the Sealed Cave where the last Crystal resides. Cid will jump out of the bed and help them remodel the airship. Once he is finished with the ship, he will finally rest as he was first supposed to. There are several places you can head to right now. First is the town of Tomra, the Sylph's Cave, the Land of Summoned Monsters and the Sealed Cave. Everything but the Sealed Cave is optional but I suggest you go to all of them because there's a lot of cool stuff that you can get.


    You can buy some new stuff at the respective shops. Buy another Middle Sword for Edge and Mute Arrows for Rosa. Buy three Diamond Rings for Rosa, Rydia and Edge. Get another Tiara for Rydia or Rosa. If you wish to get all the Diamond equipment for Kain and Cecil, go ahead. The Diamond Armour only gives you +2 Def more than Ice and the Helmet only gives +1 Def more than Silver. The Shield also only gives +1 Def than Ice and the Gauntlet also only gives +1 Def improvement from Silver. There is also a house in the top left corner of the town with some free treasure.

    Kokkol, the Smith's

    Valuable Items: Elixer

    There seems to be a great blacksmith here but he has lost his confidence. The blacksmith also seems to be searching for some Adamant ore. Since you do not have any at this time, just take the items from the pots and bookshelf and leave. You can return here later and get something special.

    The Land of Summoned Monsters

    Valuable Items: Ether1 x2, Cabin, Poison Axe, Ninja Sword, Defense Sword, 5000GP, Samurai Arrows, Samurai Bow, Ether2, Elixir

    I suggest you level Rosa until she learns Float for this dungeon. Once that is done, head to the cave on a small island west of the Dwarf Castle. Upon entry, cast Float so you will not take damage from the trap tiles. Now head north and take the treasure. Walk west through a hidden wall, take the Ether1 and head back south. Take the treasure chest and then head west to the next floor.

    Note: The Float spell will lose its effect whenever you change floors.

    Now walk southeast and take the chest. Head northwest, take the Cabin and move on to the next floor. Move south until you see three treasure chests. Walk through the hidden wall and take the stash. Continue on through the hidden wall and you will eventually reach the top right side of the map. There will a treasure chest containing five Warriors (VERY strong monsters) and will give you a Defense Sword when defeated. Now head to the middle of the map to a teleporter. On the first floor of the town around the south side, there is an odd single square that will lead to a bunch of treasure chests. The north side will have a treasure chest behind a teleporter. Enter the teleporter and come back to take the chest containing a Rat Tail. On the second floor, there is a save point in the top left house. In the shops, you can get a Long Sword for Edge, some Charm Arrows for Rosa and a whip/rod for Rydia. If you can afford it, get all the armour for the respective characters in the shop as well. Now head to the house with a chocobo in front of it. You will eventually see Asura and Leviatan standing there, talk to Asura first. Rydia asks for her help but the party has to beat Asura first.

    Boss: Ashura
    HP: 23,000

    This fight is easier IF Rosa has learned Wall. Asura only attacks if you attack her otherwise, she will just cast spells. Immediately cast Wall on Asura so her spells won't heal her. If multiple characters get low on HP, don't attack for a while until you are healed. This battle shouldn't be too hard but it may drag on and get a little annoying. Once she is defeated, Rydia will be able to summon Asura whenever she wants. Next, talk to Leviatan and prepare for another fight (you can heal in the inn before you fight).

    Boss: Leviatan
    HP: 35,000

    As usual, Cecil should attack while Kain Jumps. Edge should cast Blitz until he runs out of MP then attack. Rydia should cast Titan, Virus or Asura for mass healing. Rosa should be occupied healing as well but may cast Bersk on Cecil. He often casts Ice2 on one of your characters so equip some Fire Armour just in case. When you have defeated Leviatan, he will allow Rydia to summon him for his help.

    Familiar Man Found in the Sylph's Cave

    Valuable Items: Charm Arrows, Elven Bow, Cabin, 6000GP, Ether1, Mute Knife, Elixir x4, CatClaw, Poison Claw, Charm Rod, Ether1, FullMoon, Avenger Sword, Medusa Arrows

    Once you enter, cast Float to protect the party from the trap tiles. Now walk east and take both the treasure chests that you can reach then continue on to the next floor. Follow the path south and to the next room. Head east, you will see a save point, use it if you need to and follow the path through the hidden wall and take the chest containing an Elven Bow. Go back and head west, open the two treasure chests and move on to the stairs. Continue along the path and take the first staircase you see. Take the five treasure chests in this room and return back to the previous floor. Head north and take the treasure chest through the hidden walls containing a Mute Knife. Now the next floor has an Elixir and a building. Enter the building and you will see Sylphs and Yang lying in a bed. You cannot do anything here at this time so just take the two chests and then leave through the teleporter. Get healed and return to the cave and collect the rest of the treasures. Now enter again and head south to the stairs. This time, instead of going down, head up and take the stairs. Go north and take the three chests that include a Charm Rod. Now follow the hidden path east and to the next floor. Walk south, take the four treasure chests in the middle and the five treasure chests at the bottom of the room. Next go down the hole in the ground. Walk across the narrow path and go in the teleporter. You will see a room with six treasure chests. All of the chests have monsters in them so be sure to heal after each battle. The top left chest contains an Elixir, bottom left a FullMoon, top middle an Elixir, bottom middle an Avenger Sword, top right an Elixir and FINALLY the bottom right Medusa Arrows. You can thankfully exit this evil place and head to the Sealed Cave.

    Chase for the Crystal in the Sealed Cave

    Valuable Items: Long Sword, Ether1 x3, Light Sword, Elixir, Long Sword, Ninja Hat, Ether2

    Use the Luca Key to open the door and enter. Now go south down the rope and head to the door. Unfortunately all doors in here aren't normal doors, their trap doors that can you. Whenever you fight one, quickly have Rosa cast Wall on the character the door targets (but it the door seems to be quick enough to always kill one person).

    Note: If you do not have Wall yet, just attack with your strongest stuff to get rid of the nuisance quickly.

    Inside the room is a Long Sword and Ether1. Leave, then take the chest to the left and continue walking to the next room. You will see two rooms and two chests. Ignore the doors and take the two chests instead (the rooms contain NOTHING so unless you want experience, don't bother). First climb down the rope and take the treasure chest. Go back up, take the chest and keep on moving. You will see six magical doors ahead.

    • Door 1: Contains nothing.
    • Door 2: Light Sword.
    • Door 3: Ninja Star, Elixir, 5000GP.
    • Door 4: Very empty.
    • Door 5: A soothing save point.
    • Door 6: Long Sword, Ninja Hat.

    Once you are done, continue south to yet another old and rusted trap door. Take the treasure chest and onward to the next floor. You will see two more treasure chests and a trap door, which leads to an empty room. In the next room, go east and pick the chest and you may ignore the trap door because it once again leads to an empty room. Climb down the tremendously long rope and head east to a...surprise...trap door. Defeat it and take the two chests inside. Continue on west to the next floor. You will reach another save point and use it if needed then move to the next room. You will see two ropes, instead of using them, move along the path around them and to the next floor. Before you can reach the door a monster appears before you.

    Boss: Evilwall
    HP: 19,000

    In this battle, you must move quickly or the will instantly kill the whole party when it gets close enough. Have Kain Jump, Cecil and Edge attack while Rydia casts either Virus, Titan or Leviatan. Rosa can Bersk Cecil and Edge while healing if necessary. She can also cast Slow on the EvilWall and Haste the party if you want.

    Note: Yes, take off all of Kain's belongings before you re-enter the first room.

    Once you defeated him, kill the trap door and take the Crystal. But before you can leave, Golbez calls for Kain. Kain, says he is alright but suddenly steals the Crystal from Cecil and takes it to Golbez. Now you have none and also lost Kain. Just head back to the Dwarf Castle and tell Giott the good bad news.

    The Big Whale?

    Cecil tells King Giott the bad news but the king recalls a certain legend that may help you, the Mysidia Legend. Cecil thinks they should head to Mysidia immediately but there is no possible way to get back up now. Naturally, Cid comes to the rescue. He will attach a drill to the Falcon so they can dig their way back up. Once again he is exhausted from the work and desperately needs rest. Now board the airship and head for Mysidia. Upon entering the town, the Elder has been waiting for you. They will all enter the Tower of Wishes and wish for the legend to come true. From out of the sea, the Big Whale will appear onto the shore. Also, the Elder mentions while he was wishing, someone called to Cecil to head to the moon. But, before you do, there is some special stuff you can get.

    Grotto Adamant

    Go back to Eblan and take the Enterprise and Hovercraft. Head to the cave near Silvera and give the Rat Tail to the little man. In return, he will give you some Adamant. Now return the blacksmith in the Underground and give him the Adamant. He will forge you the legendary Excalibur from your Legend Sword.

    King of Baron?

    Return to the Castle of Baron and enter the right tower. Remember that room that was blocked by some magical force? Now you can enter freely and get Odin but first you have to defeat him.

    Note: You must complete the quest in the Land of Summoned Monsters before you can get Odin.

    Boss: Odin
    HP: 20,500

    Attack hard and quickly. You will only get about two turns or so until Odin unleashes and extremely powerful attack that will annihilate your party. It may help if you lower the battle speed to its lowest speed possible to give yourself some extra time to react. Now have Edge use Blitz and Rydia use Leviatan/Bolt3 whichever does more damage. Cecil and Rosa should attack as well. With some luck, you should be able to defeat him and Rydia will be rewarded with the Call Spell Odin.

    Smack Yang off the Face of the Planet

    Valuable Items: Spoon Dart

    Go to Fabul and talk to Yang's mother in the left tower. She will give you a Frying Pan. Now go back to the Sylph's Cave and use it on Yang. It will wake him up. Yang wants to help the party again but instead the Sylph's prevent him from doing so and they offer their help to you. Rydia will obtain the ability to summon the Sylphs. At last return to Fabul and talk to Yang's mother again. She will give a Spoon Dart for taking up your time.

    Journey to the Moon

    Valuable Items: Elixer

    Once you have all the supplies you need, board the Big Whale. The ship contains a place to rest, a fat chocobo and a crystal in the center. Pressing that will enable you to travel to the moon. Once you have reached the moon, head for the cave opening just left of the tall structure. First walk east and open the treasure chest. Two Procyotes and two Juclyotes will appear (fairly strong monster I might add). Take them out and earn an Elixir. Continue on north and then east to a pair of treasure chests. Take them and walk out the exit leading back to the surface. Follow the path to the next cave east. Walk through the simple maze to reach the tall structure you saw earlier. First go west and east to some recovery spots to heal up. Now walk up the middle and meet FuSoYa, the guardian of the Lunarians' slumber. He explains that the Lunarians are people from a planet between Mars and Jupiter. Millennia ago, their planet was about to be destroyed when the inhabitants escaped on ships to the planet Earth. The Lunarians realized that this planet was still in the process of evolution so they created another moon to sleep. However one person named Zemus refused to sleep and wanted to make Earth his home. By now, he has all the Crystals in possession to activate the Giant of Bab-il to kill all life on Earth. FuSoYa also mentions his brother KluYa created the Big Whale to teach the people of Earth how to build airships and the Serpent Road. KluYa then fell in love with an Earth woman and gave birth to two children, one, which was Cecil. KluYa was the one who gave Cecil the power to become a Paladin at Mt. Ordeals. Now you can head back to Earth to the Tower of Bab-il or go on a little sidequest.

    Cave of Bahumat

    Valuable Items: Samurai Gauntlet, Samurai Shield, Samurai Armour, Samurai Helmet

    This area has some VERY tough monsters at this time and you can always do this later. The positive thing you can get some cool equipment here as well as Bahamut. First walk south and take the Samurai Gauntlet. Next take the right path, walk through the wall and take the Samurai Shield. Now proceed to the next floor. Follow the path and take the treasure chest containing a Samurai Armour. Next take the Samurai Helmet and head for the narrow path. This is no normal narrow pathway because it contains a Behemoth. Behemoths slowly attack on their own but if you attack them, they will retaliate. Most spells do not work well against them and definitely do NOT use Meteo on them. He will automatically retaliate with Storm on the whole party, which lowers them to critical health. Casting Blink on your party will help immensely. Once defeated continue on to the next floor. Follow another narrow path and of course, you will fight another Behemoth. Defeat him and continue walking along the path. Right before you reach the open area, you will encounter another Behemoth. After you have defeated him, you will meet Bahamut. Make sure you are well rested for this battle because you will need it.

    Boss: Bahamut
    HP: 36,000

    Quickly use FuSoYa and Rosa to cast Wall on all your characters, if you cannot, just cast it on as many as you can. This will reflect the deadly MegaFlare he will cast on you when the countdown timer reaches 0. As usual, Cecil and Edge should attack and Rydia should cast Leviatan or a level 3 black spell. Make sure that everyone has his or her Wall up when Bahamut is about to cast MegaFlare for the second time and on. When he is finally defeated, Rydia will be able to summon him.

    Since there is nothing else to do here, you can return to Earth. When the party finally returns, it seems like it was too late. The Giant of Bab-il has already been released. Then suddenly the Dwarves and Yang have come to help Cecil. Cid, the Elder, Palom, Porom and Edward have come to help as well. FuSoYa thinks they can disable it from the inside by entering its mouth. They board Cid's airship and go inside.

    The Interior of the Giant of Bab-il

    Valuable Items: Shuriken, Ether1, Elixir

    Note: This will be your only time here, so make sure you get everything.

    It is a very simple beginning of the dungeon. Just follow the path through its mouth to the neck then to the chest. Now take the Shuriken to your left. Continue along the path, take the Cure2 and the Ether1. When you reach the part where it splits into three directions, the right path contains Samurai Arrows, the left path has a Cabin and the center leads to the stomach. Again you will have a three paths to choose from. The left and right contain Life Potions and the center leads to the next floor. Keep walking until you reach a treasure chest. Open it and a Last Arm will appear. Defeat it and earn an Elixir. There will be a save point west and a path to the north. Whenever you're ready, head north towards the lung. In the center, you will meet some old friends, the Four Fiends. This time instead of fighting one by one, you will have to fight them all.

    Boss: Milon Z
    HP: 104,000

    Hit him with a pair of Fire3 spells and be done with. He has some strong physical attacks but he shouldn't be much trouble.

    Boss: Rubicant
    HP: 104,000

    Blast him with some Ice3 or other ice elemental attacks and it's over. Beware that he casts a series of fire elemental attacks, which can do around 400-700 damage.

    Boss: Kainazzo
    HP: 104,000

    Some Lit3 and other lightning elemental attacks should be enough. At times, he can string together a couple hits in a row, which can kill any character easily.

    Boss: Valvalis
    HP: 104,000

    Cecil's Excalibur does several thousand points of damage to her. You can also cast some high level Call and Lit3 spells as well. Valvalis occasionally casts Storm, which leaves the party in danger, so be ready to heal at any time. After you have defeated the Four Fiends once again, rest up and head for the core.

    Note: FuSoYa will sadly leave soon so you can remove all of his equipment.

    The party will encounter the CPU core in this room, of course you will have to destroy it.

    Boss: CPU, Attacker, Defender
    HP: 20,000 (CPU), 2,000 (Attacker), 2,000 (Defender)

    First destroy the Defender and leave the Attacker alone. Pound the CPU with physical attacks until it is destroyed. You can Fast your two fighters or just heal whenever you are low. Then destroy the Attacker once the CPU is gone.

    Golbez rushes in angrily at the party for ruining his plan. FuSoYa walks towards him and casts a spell to break Zemus' control over him. After regaining consciousness, Golbez mentions his father is also KluYa, which means he is Cecil's brother. Then FuSoYa and Golbez join forces to get Zemus themselves. Suddenly, the Giant of Bab-il begins to collapse. Kain appears and leads the party out of the collapsing machine. When they returned to the Big Whale, Kain apologizes for his actions and is ready to accept the consequences. Rosa stops them from doing so saying Kain could not control himself and neither could Golbez. After that is settled, everyone decides to go to the Moon to help their comrades. Cecil immediately tells Rosa and Rydia to stay behind because it's too dangerous. Once they have arrived at the Moon, Rosa and Rydia were still on the ship. They tell Cecil that they don't care how dangerous it is going to be so they get to come along (I wonder how hard the game would be if they didn't come).