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    Depression Moon

    GBA Changes

    Thread Starter: Depression Moon

    I was wondering in the GBA version did they change the leveling of characters in this game? I could've sworn on previous playthroughs Rosa learned Wall/Reflect

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    Wolf Kanno

    If you had the option to choose...

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    Would you have left Cecil as a Dark Knight or let him become a Paladin?

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    Forsaken Lover

    Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within (Romhack)

    Thread Starter: Forsaken Lover


    So I'm about 5 hours in....

    (SPOILER)You start off

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    Wolf Kanno

    What did you like the most about this game?

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    Simple question, what is is about this game that you liked. Even if you rank it in your bottom FFs, was there anything you really did enjoy about it?

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    IV tonight, you'll be mine

    Thread Starter: fat_moogle

    So tonight is the night that I'll start playing Final Fantasy IV. I used to have Origins (I&II) and Anthology (IV&V) but I only ever played a

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    Fusoya question

    Thread Starter: Sabin-101

    Sorry if this has been asked before lol. What do you guys think what happened to him once he teleports Golbez out of the crystal palace? Does anyone think

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    Snes virtual console issue

    Thread Starter: Jarvio

    Playing on the snes version (through the wii virtual console, titled FFII).

    Outside Mt Ordeals I was grinding. At one point, when I was about

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    Thread Starter: Jarvio

    Did I encounter yet another glitch??

    When I was in battle, an enemy used the drain/psych attack on me. I am sure it took off some hp. But

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