• Summons

    In Final Fantasy Dissida, there are 40 unique summons with differing abilities or effects. Some of these summons can be collected twice. The can be gained in an AUTO form, which will deploy automatically in a battle depending on conditions, often at a certain percentage of HP or during a bravery break. The default summon type is not AUTO however, it is summoned by pressing the right trigger and circle.

    Name Attack Name(s) Attack Effect(s) Location(s)
    Ifrit Hellfire Summoner's Bravery increased by 50%. AUTO: Destiny Odyssey I-3
    Destiny Odyssey I-2
    Shiva Diamond Dust Prevents opponent's Bravery from rising for 13 seconds. AUTO: Destiny Odyssey II-3
    Destiny Odyssey II-2
    Rumah Judgement Bolt Opponent cannot summon for 33 seconds. AUTO: Shade Impulse 3-3
    Shade Impulse 4-1
    Carbuncle Ruby Light Opponent's Bravery becomes same as Summoner's AUTO: Destiny Odyssey IV-3
    Destiny Odyssey IV-2
    Magic Pot Mimic Summoner's Bravery becomes same as Opponent's AUTO: Destiny Odyssey VII-3
    Destiny Odyssey VII-2
    Demon Wall Wall of Protection Summoner's Bravery cannot decrease from Bravery damage for 33 seconds AUTO: Shade Impulse VI-3
    Shade Impulse VI-2
    Magus Sisters Delta Attack Decreases opponent's Bravery and base Bravery by 50% for 50 seconds AUTO: Destiny Odyssey X-3
    Destiny Odyssey X-2
    Odin Zantetsuken 50% chance of Bravery Breaking opponent. AUTO: Shade Impulse 1-3
    Shade Impulse 1-2
    Phoenix Flames of Rebirth For 33 seconds, if the player is Bravery Broken, they will automatically return to base Bravery and opponent will not receive stage Bravery. AUTO: Destiny Odyssey III-3
    Destiny Odyssey III-2
    Alexander Judgement Player's Bravery cannot change for 25 seconds. AUTO: Destiny Odyssey IX-3
    Destiny Odyssey IX-2
    Leviathan Tsunami Decreases opponent's Bravery by 20 Bravery per second for 33 seconds. AUTO: Destiny Odyssey V-3
    Destiny Odyssey V-2
    Bahamut Aura Increments summoner's Bravery by 40 Bravery per second for 50 seconds. AUTO: Destiny Odyssey VIII-3
    Destiny Odyssey VIII-2
    Chocobo Chocobo Kick Both players' Bravery values are randomized. Distant Glory 1
    Moogle Random Attack Randomly chooses another summon's attack. Inward Chaos-1
    Mandragora Photosynthesis Duration: 50 seconds. If the summoner's Bravery is lower than their base Bravery, it will increase until it reaches base Bravery. Destiny Odyssey I (Level Bonus)
    Bomb Self-Destruct After 10 seconds have past from Summoning both players lose Bravery equal to the summoner's Bravery. Destiny Odyssey IV (Level Bonus)
    Asura Queen's Aegis
    • The opponent's summon cannot be used for 75 seconds.
    • The opponent's summon is forced to summon.
    • The opponent's summon is rendered unusable for the rest of the fight.
    Destiny Glory 2 (Level Bonus)
    Titan Gaia's Wrath Duration: 50 seconds. Whenever the summoner receives HP damage, their Bravery triples. Destiny Glory 1-3
    Atomos 199 Gs Duations: 50 seconds. Whenever the summoner receives HP damage, they gain Bravery equal to their opponent's Bravery prior to the attack. Destiny Glory 1-2
    Iron Giant Reaper Duration: 50 seconds. whenever the opponent receives HP damage, their Bravery halves. Destiny Glory 2-3
    Cactuar 1000 Needles Decreases opponent's Bravery by 1000, cannot cause Bravery break.
    Destiny Glory IX (Level Bonus)
    Tonberry Karma After 26 seconds have passed, opponent loses Bravery equal to the amount of HP the summoner has lost. Destiny Glory V (Level Bonus)
    Malboro Bad Breath Decreases opponent's Bravery every second for 50 seconds depending on the distance the opponent is from the Summoner. Destiny Glory II (Level Bonus)
    Ultros Octopus Ink Duration: 75 seconds. Opponent cannot see either player's Bravery. Destiny Glory III (Level Bonus)
    Typhon Snort Randomly replaces a digit from the opponent's Bravery with a zero. Destiny Glory VII (Level Bonus)
    Deathgaze Level 5 Death Opponent is Bravery Broken if their Bravery is a multiple of 5. Destiny Glory VI (Level Bonus)
    Behemoth Piercing Cry Summoner's Bravery doubles, then decreases by 60 bravery per second for 50 seconds Destiny Glory X (Level Bonus)
    PuPu Accelerator Summoner's Bravery halves, then increasesby 60 per second for 50 seconds Destiny Glory VIII (Level Bonus)
    Lich Earth Arcana After 20 seconds, opponent's Bravery is 0. Shade Impulse 1 (Level Bonus)
    Marilith Fire Arcana After 20 seconds, opponent's Bravery cannot change for another 30 seconds. Shade Impulse 2 (Level Bonus)
    Kraken Water Arcana After 20 seconds, fighter's bravery are swapped. Shade Impulse 3 (Level Bonus)
    Tiamet Wind Arcana After 20 seconds, summoner's Bravery triples. Shade Impulse 4-2
    Scarmigilione Curse When opponent calls a summon, their Bravery falls to 0 Shade Impulse 1-2
    Cagnazzo Deluge When opponent calls a summon, their Bravery cannot change for 30 seconds Shade Impulse 2-2
    Barbariccia Maelstrom When opponent calls a summon, fighter's bravery are swapped. Shade Impulse 3-3
    Rubicante Inferno When opponent calls a summon, the Rubicante's Summoner's Bravery triples Shade Impulse 3-2
    Gilgamesh Excalibur Summoner's Bravery triples. Shade Impulse 2-2
    Ultima Weapon Flare Star After 50 seconds, opponent is Bravery broken Inward Chaos (Level Bonus)
    Omega Wave Cannon Opponent's Bravery halves every second for 13 seconds Inward Chaos-2
    Shinryu Chaotic Deluge Several Attacks Can only be used by Chaos