• Chaos Characters: Bios

    Garland Garland
    A knight sworn to face the Warrior of Light. He wields a powerful, adaptive weapon. In the original game, he was a famed knight of Cornelia when he suddenly went rogue, kidnapping the princess of Cornelia and taking her to the ruins of the Chaos Shrine. Just before dying, he was transported 2000 years into the past, where he robbed the future of its strengths as he survived in solitude. Chained by time and growing ever-more hateful, one can only imagine what sort of eternity he dreams of...
    The Emperor The Emperor
    A ruthless, single-minded man with an insatiable lust for power. In the original game, he led the military empire of Palamecia, bringing country after country under his heel. With his incredible sorcery, he was even able to command demons and the Cyclone. He will do anything for power- including selling his own soul. His pride is almost fearsome in its intensity.
    The Cloud of Darkness The Cloud of Darkness
    An existence that wishes for all to return to nothingness. She has transcended the abstract and is the embodiment of fear. In the original game she had been defeated by a flood of light 1000 years previous. However, a flood of darkness created by Master Xande allowed her to return. Seeing the imbalances of light and darkness in the world, she decided to destroy all existence. The two tentacles at her right and left have different special abilities. It is rumored their personalities are different as well..
    Golbez Golbez
    A figure clad in armor of deepest night who walks the path of darkness. In the original game, he commanded the four elemental archfiends and took control of the Red Wings after Cecil's departure. He resents that evil was able to cloud his soul, despite being of the same pure Lunarian blood as Cecil.
    ExDeath ExDeath
    A magus of supreme darkness, born from a great evil sealed into a tree. In the original game, his soul was sealed away by the sage Ghido and the four Dawn Warriors, but he was still able to use the power of darkness to be reborn. By joining the world's two dimensions into one, he desired to gain the power of the Void.
    Kefka Kefka Palazzo
    A mage who finds no greater joy than destruction. In the original game, he was the right hand of Emperor Gestahl. A proven milirtary strategist, he favored effective, if inhumane, methods that caused countless casualties. His pushy methods left him disliked by anyone unlucky enough to work under him. Infusions of Magitek powers have caused him to lose his grip on sanity. Thirty-five years older, he is known for his high, lingering laugh.
    Sephiroth Sephiroth
    A legendary member of SOLDIER once revered as a hero. In the original gane, after learning that he was the product of genetic experimentation, he decided he was fated to destory the planet and he had more than enough power to do so. During his stint in SOLDIER, he learned well how to slash enemies with an impossibly-long sword. His fighting prowess is perhaps the only thing he values from the time he considered himself human.
    Ultimecia Ultimecia
    A powerful sorceress possessing a deep-seated rage and the ability to control space and time. In the original game, she reigned over the far future. Using time compression magic, she aimed to create a world where th past, present, and future were on, and only she might exist.
    Kuja Kuja
    A sadistic, narcissistic silver haired man of a delicate, epicene beauty. In the original game, he threw the continent into disarray by providing black mages, mass produced soldiers created from Mist, to Alexandria's Queen Brahne. Born for the stage, he has a tendency to get carried away with his own flowery speech. On the other hand, those who get on his bad side are treated with a bitter venom.
    Jecht Jecht
    A former Blitzball star, and Tidus's father. His surly and rough-spoken nature belie a much gentler heart. In the original game, he accidentally came into contact with Sin while training out at sea- an event which doomed him for an eternity. Tidus's signature move, the Jecht Shot, was originally named the "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III." Until Tidus, no one else could successfully perform it.