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    The Warrior of Light Warrior of Light
    A legendary warrior blessed by the light. Bearing sword and shild, he is skilled in all aspects of combat. In the original game, the Warrior set out to rescue Princess Sarah of Cornelia, and ended up saving the world. His origins, his destination, his goals and motivations are unknown- even to him.
    Firion Firion
    A young warrior skilled in many types of weaponry. He is hot-blooded, with a strong sense of duty. In the original game, his hometown of Fynn was invaded by the Empire of Palamecia, killing his parents and severely wounding him. Later he joined a resistance group identifying themselves by the watchword "Wild Rose." This reference to his hometown holds deep meaning for him, but he is reluctant to speak it aloud for fear of attracting imperial soldiers.
    Onion Knight Onion Knight
    A youth bearing the title of Onion Knight. Intelligent and mischievous, he unquestionably believes there's nothing he can't do. In the original game, he was an orphan raised by the Ur Village elder, Topapa. After a sudden earthquake opened a cavern in the ground, the boy and his friends went to investigate and fell into the alter cave. Eventually they were chosen as Warriors of the Light by the Wind Crystal.
    Cecil Cecil Harvey
    A kind-hearted knight that wields the accursed power of darkness. In the original game, he was Lord Captain of Baron's airship force, the Red Wings, until circumstances led to his dismissal and embarkation on a journey of self discovery. Eventually he was able to overcome his dark past and start down the path of a paladin. He is gentle and humble towards everyone, including children such as Palom and Parom.
    Bartz Bartz Klauser
    A cheerful man with a strong sense of justice and the inability to ignore those in trouble. In the original game, at his father's dying wish, he traveled the world along with his chocobo, Boko. Free spirited and spunky, one would never know that a childhood trauma left him with a paralyzing fear of high places. For ghood or ill, this too is part of his innocent, youthful personality.
    Terra Terra Branford
    A pure, innocent girl born with the power of magic. In the orginal game, she was a soldier for the Gestahlian Empire, which aimed to take over the world. In reality her mind and actions were cintrolled by a hypnotic device. Upon travelling to the snow-covered mining town of Narshe, she met a man named Locke and was stolen away to the resistance group, the Returners. She has a fondness for fluffy moogles and enjoys fluffing their fur, especially as she drifts off to sleep.
    Cloud Cloud Strife
    An acerbic young swordsman with glowing eyes who wields a blade as large as he is. In the original game, after leaving the Shinra company, he started working as a jack-of-all-trades in the city of Midgar. After joining the anti-Shinra group Avalanche, he became entangled in a battle for the future of the planet. On the surface he looks disaffected with most everything, but he is quite a fan of extreme sports such as snowboarding, motorcycling, and chocobo riding.
    Squall Squall Leonhart
    A cold, taciturn youth who wields a gunblade, a weapon part sword, part gun. In the original game, he was raised as a mercenary at the Balamb Garden Military Academy, and belonged to the special military force, SeeD. It is arguable whether his decision to train with the old-fashioned and notoriously difficult to master gunblade is more a show of strength or stubbornness.
    Zidane Zidane Tribal
    A thief with great energy and a sharp wit, though all is lost when it comes to women. In the original game, he was a member of Tantalus, a gang of thieves masquerading as a traveling theater group. After kidnapping the beguiling Princess Garnet, he was drawn into a conflict that concerned his very birth. While usually cheerful and waggish, he does have bouts of despair. However, this may be another part of his charm.
    Tidus Tidus
    A light-hearted, cheerful youth able to calm others even through the most trying of situations. In the original game, he was an ace Blitzball player for the Zanarkand Abes. After an assault from the monster Sin, he found himself in a world called Spira and began traveling with a summoner, Yuna.
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