• Family


    Contrary to the RPG clich?, your character is not (and does not become) an orphan. Your parents are very much alive and they will assist you in your quest based on their trade. As time goes on and your relationship with your family develops, they will steadily give you more valuable support. There are 8 different trades you can choose for your family to specialize in.

    • Alchemist: Creates designs for weapons and armor.
    • Blacksmith: Forges weapons and armor.
    • Farmer: Grows wheat from wheat seeds.
    • Fisherman: Catches fish.
    • Merchant: Offers items for sale.
    • Miller: Mills wheat into flour.
    • Rancher: Raises cattle for meat.
    • Tailor: Crafts accessories.

    For the Farmer, Fisherman, Miller and Rancher jobs, your family will give you free consumable items each year based on their trade.

    The Alchemist, Blacksmith, Merchant and Tailors are different. They will not give you items for free, but will instead give you a discount when buying items from their shop. You receive a larger discount depending how much you family likes you. In addition to that, as your relationship gets better you will have access to better items and equipment from their shop.

    Building the Relationship

    When you defeat a boss during your quest, you will receive some Moogle Mail from your family. You can reply to them and attach a gift to the letter. Keep sending positive responses and gifts and your relationship will get better and better. Depending on your family's profession and the item you send them, you may get something in return in addition to a progressing relationship. For example if you send Wheat Seeds to your farmer father, you will receive a loaf of Bannock Bread.

    Gameplay Tip

    Even if you are playing the game by yourself, it may be worth creating 8 characters--one for each job. While you do not receive the familial benefits of the other 7 jobs, you will be able to access the shops they set up in your home town. The shops would not be there otherwise.