• Crystal Chalice

    In the world of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, the Crystals protect people from the poisonous Miasma that has spread across the land. In order to maintain the crystal's power, it must be supplied with Myrrh. Using the Crystal Chalice, groups of adventurers called 'Crystal Caravans' set out each year to retrieve myrrh for their respective villages' crystal. The fate of the village rests with the Crystal Caravan--and especially the precious myrrh within the Crystal Chalice. Should they fail in their quest, they will not have a village to return home to.

    The crystal Chalice itself has a small crystal on it, providing an area of protection from the Miasma for the Crystal caravan. Due to the magical nature of the crystal, it is sensitive to nature's elements and will change its attributes if exposed to an elemental hot spot. Whichever element the crystal is aligned with has an additional effect on the Crystal Caravan:

    • Fire: Resistance to Fire and Burning
    • Water: Resistance to Ice and Freezing
    • Wind: Resistance to Lightning and Paralysis
    • Earth: Resistance to Poison and Petrification

    It is also important to change the Crystal's elemental alignment when attempting to cross the powerful Miasma streams that would otherwise hinder progress. Each Miasma stream is also aligned with an element, and if the Caravan's crystal does not match that element it will be unable to cross the stream.

    There is a mysterious Fifth Element that some Caravans have reported will grant access through any Miasma stream but does not provide any magical resistance.