• Story Journals

    1. Sora's Tale I
    2. Sora's Tale II
    3. Sora's Tale III
    4. Sora's Tale IV
    5. Traverse Town
    6. Wonderland
    7. Olympus Coliseum
    8. Agrabah
    9. Halloween Town
    10. Monstro
    11. Atlantica
    12. Never Land
    13. Hallow Bastion
    14. 100 Acre Wood
    15. Twilight Town
    16. Destiny Islands
    17. Castle Oblivion

    Sora's Tale I

    Our friends may be here...

    It was that thought that led us to Castle Oblivion, where cards rule over all.

    A mysterious man gave Sora a card, and using it took us to Traverse Town - of all places! It turned out the town was just a figment of our own remembrances, the first world of many that lie in Sora's heart.

    And so our journey through these worlds begins.

    Sora's Tale II

    It seems we're slowly losing our memories of what happened before the castle. And all my notes about the last journey have vanished!

    But in exchange, Sora is remembering other things he must have forgotten until now - like a girl he knew when he was little.

    While fighting Larxene, Sora finally remembered the girl's name...


    Sora's Tale III

    Sora pressed on in his search for Namin?, and can you believe it? He found Riku, his best friend whom we thought was lost.

    Sora was so happy, but Riku attacked him just like that, saying "I'll protect Namin?!"

    What could he mean? Will something happens if Sora finds Namin??

    Sora is chasing after Riku...and the answers.

    Sora's Tale IV

    So Sora's memories of Namin? were false...

    Marluxia wanted Sora's heart and the strength within, so he used Namin? to create fake memories and place them in Sora's heart. Larxene is gone, so we're going to the top floor to finish Marluxia. We want our memories back.

    And Sora - he wants to keep the promise he remembers. Namin, may not be his friend, but in his heart, protecting her is the only choice.

    Traverse Town

    The card the hooded man gave us took us to Traverse Town, where we were reunited with Leon, Yuffie, and our other friends.

    Leon acted like he'd forgotten Sora, but for whatever reason still knew his name. I guess his memory got mixed up somehow.

    Aerith sensed that the town and everyone there was a product of Sora's memories. It may sound crazy, but I think she was right.


    When we chased after the White Rabbit, we stumbled upon a trial in progress. The Queen of Hearts accused Alice of stealing her memory and sentenced her to death!

    Angered by the shoddy trial, Sora freed Alice and hunted down the real culprit. But even after we bested the Trickmaster, the Queen refused to believe that Alice was innocent.

    Fortunately, Alice's quick thinking pacified the Queen and no one had to lose their head.

    Olympus Coliseum

    Sora wanted to take on Hercules, so we all decided to compete in the games.

    Hades, frantic to dispose of Hercules, hired Cloud to take him out. Cloud cooperated, thinking he would get his lost memories back.

    But not even Cloud could best Hercules. Hades stepped in to finish the job, but we put his plans on ice.


    Aladdin brought the magic lamp back from the Cave of Wonders, hoping for a chance to meet Jasmine, Princess of Agrabah.

    Inside the lamp was Genie, who would grant three wishes to the lamp's bearer.

    Aladdin hoped to become a prince so he could see Jasmine whenever he wanted. But he used two wishes battling the Heartless, and then Jafar stole the lamp.

    Jafar turned into a genie, but we defeated him and Aladdin got the lamp back. Instead of becoming a prince, Aladdin used his last wish to set Genie free, and decided he wanted Jasmine to know him as he really is.

    Halloween Town

    Dr. Finkelstein invented a potion that restores true memories, but it drew the Heartless to Halloween Town.

    Intrigued, Sora went with Jack to look for Sally, who had nabbed the potion because she was scared of what it could do.

    Oogie Boogie swiped the potion and downed it in a single gulp. But his true memories drove him mad with fear.

    What if true memories do that to everyone's heart? Scary.


    Geppetto went out looking for Pinocchio and was swallowed up by the whale Monstro. But finding Pinocchio inside filled him with joy.

    But Pinocchio felt bad about running away from home and putting his father in danger, so he set off to find a way out of Monstro.

    After a run-in with a big Heartless, Pinocchio had a great idea: Why not make a commotion and get Monstro to spit us out?

    With our help, the plan worked, and Pinocchio and Geppetto escaped safely.


    Ariel, Princess of Atlantica, was worried about her little friend Flounder, who was nowhere to be found.

    The sea witch Ursula told Ariel Flounder was trapped in the outside world, and King Triton's trident was the only way to save him.

    Ariel was so worried, she stole the trident for Ursula, but it was all a trick -- Ursula had Flounder all along.

    With the trident's power Ursula became a giant, but we stopped her and Ariel resolved to apologize to her father, the king.

    Never Land

    Peter Pan stowed away on Captain Hook's ship to save the kidnapped Wendy.

    But no sooner had she been saved that Wendy to Peter she wanted to go home to London.

    Would Wendy grow up and forget about him and Never Land? Peter didn't like that one bit, and left in a huff.

    Meanwhile we were just trying to get off the ship. Hook caught us on the deck, but Peter came back and bailed us out.

    In the end, Peter and Wendy said their farewells, but promised to meet again one day.

    Hallow Bastion

    The Beast came to rescue Belle from Maleficent's clutches, but to his dismay, Belle acted coldly and would not go with him.

    We felt bad for him, so we went to see Belle. It turned out she was only pretending to be cruel, to keep her heart and the love within safe from Maleficent.

    But faced with a choice, Belle couldn't hide how she felt for the Beast, and Maleficent stole her heart.

    Together with the Beast, we took care of Maleficent and restored Belle's heart.

    100 Acre Wood

    Pooh seemed to have lost his friends, so Sora stopped to help him look.

    Maybe Sora saw something of himself in Pooh, since he's looking for his friends too.

    Twilight Town

    The card Vexen gave us led to a town none of us remembered.

    But Sora held fast to his promise to Namin?, and we pressed on.

    Speaking of which, Vexen seemed ready to say something about that, but Axel showed up, and... Well, we won't be seeing Vexen again.

    Destiny Islands

    The last card led us to the place where Sora grew up. Sora wandered the islet that was once his playground, wading through his memories to find the girl he cared for.

    But when he found Namin?, she told him the bitter truth - nothing he remembered of her ever happened.

    Castle Oblivion

    Well, we've made it to the top, and many of our memories are gone. Sora can't even recall the name of the person he cares for most.

    But we've made a promise. No distance can separate us, and we'll be friends even if we can't remember it to be so.

    Axel is out of the way. We just have to stop Marluxia. He ordered Namin? to wipe Sora's memory, but it doesn't matter.

    Sora knows that promises don't fade as easily as memories.