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  1. EU vs. NA datacenters
  2. Final Fantasy XIV Roundup: Beta Phase 3 Coming in June!
  3. Square plans to release ARR in the summer!
  4. Not really news...
  5. New to EOFF
  6. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLV: To Be Released 2013 Summer
  7. More rampant scholar speculation...
  8. August 27th announced release date
  9. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn - Coming August 27th 2013 to PC and PS3!
  10. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLVI
  11. Next Beta Phase
  12. Need a new Wallpaper
  13. What Class will you start off as?
  14. FFXIV job action
  15. Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter: Scholar Confirmed for A Realm Reborn
  16. New Opening Scene Screenshots from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  17. New Trailer - Crystal's Call
  18. Final Fantasy XIV - New Trailer - Crystal's Call - #E32013
  19. Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay Video on Playstation 3ís UI - #E32013
  20. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Coming to the PS4 Ė #E32013
  21. New Arcanist and Jobs Video for Final Fantasy XIV - #E32013
  22. Final Fantasy XIV Developerís Commentary: the FATE System is Actually Really Cool
  23. Beta Phase Three starts today
  24. Beta NDA status - Phase 3
  25. Got a beta invite, have some questions
  26. What platform are you getting this on?
  27. Dumb question
  28. A Realm Reborn BETA Impressions
  29. Hi, EoFF future XIV crew
  30. Which Race are you/will you be?
  31. FFXIV Outfits
  32. You have Encountered a Wild Newb.
  33. Beta Withdrawal
  34. Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Beta Code Giveaway!
  35. My Thaumaturge Primer
  36. The Fat Chocobos Free Company Thread for FFXIV:ARR
  37. Character Information
  38. I have no idea about MMO games. What would I expect from FFXIV?
  39. When are they sending out more beta keys?
  40. Collector's Edition bonuses FAQ
  41. Skills Shared per class
  42. Areas like Sea/Sky perhaps?
  43. To any EoFF people joining this weekend [UPDATED: Sargatanas is open for business!]
  44. So, what do YOU think?
  45. The only MMO I've played is WoW, how different is this?
  46. HALP!
  47. Will this game have RP servers?
  48. The story of Final Fantasy FFXIV 1.0
  49. Best Usernames
  50. EoFF Is Giving Away Another 20 BETA Passes! (EU Only)
  51. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - 1 Million Players
  52. PS3 Beta Impressions and Questions
  53. Final Fantasy XIV Tour of Eorzea Part 3
  54. Quick Question That's Probably Been Covered Elsewhere...
  55. So Rumor has it Phase 3 is over
  56. Final Phase 3 test incoming
  57. What was End Game like in FFXIV 1.0?
  58. Final Fantasy XIV World Transfer Application Deadline
  59. What are your Phase 4 Plans?
  60. The Eorzea Collection 2013
  61. The Arcanistís pet Carbuncle for Final Fantasy XIV is as cute as ever
  62. New Video Tour of Final Fantasy XIVís Dungeons
  63. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer XLVIII: Looking Ahead to A Realm Reborn
  64. Lightning to Appear in a FATE in Final Fantasy XIV
  65. Screenshots of Summoner Pets from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  66. What places would you like to see in Eorzea?
  67. New Benchmark for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with Character Creation
  68. Why no dagger class?
  69. Check Out the Scholarís Fairy from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  70. Phase 4 News?
  71. Article: Final Fantasy XIV open beta to start on August 17, early access on August 24
  72. Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer Live: Phase 4, Unicorns, and New Rewards
  73. Final Fantasy XIV Baddies Collection: Malboros and Tonberries and Cactuars, oh my!
  74. Anyone else going to play more than one character?
  75. Amazon sold out of PC Collector's Edition
  76. help please !
  77. Character Development Strategy
  78. Storyline / Story Missions
  79. Priorities at the start
  80. Bad Name Bingo Game
  81. Has XIV:ARR Accomplished It's Goal?
  82. Getting the most out of social interaction
  83. So what race/gender did you go with?
  84. Are you excited?
  85. Promo codes - will I have to make a new character?
  86. Did I miss out?
  87. Technical Difficulties
  88. Early access time announced
  89. Streaming!
  90. Character Info
  91. The Rise and Fall of the White Raven
  92. Here are some sites that I have found useful.
  93. Collector's Edition
  94. Wireless Play?
  95. So I got jailed in beta...
  96. Upgrading to CE
  97. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Already has a Patch in Works
  98. Error Code Bingo!
  99. Problems with their forum
  100. ARR Goals & Achievements Thread
  101. Question.
  102. Latency reducing software?
  103. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn free PS4 upgrade for PS3 users, PS4 BETA dated
  104. What's on in Eorzea: Moonfire Faire
  105. Libra Eorzea companion released for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
  106. FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn - Impressions
  107. Tokyo Game Show schedule for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Announced
  108. Digital Sales re-open for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
  109. More Collaborations for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
  110. A Letter From the Producer - Live from TGS
  111. Favorite Zones!
  112. Make the Gil Spammers STOP!
  113. A closer look at the Lightning Returns cross-over
  114. The Ask a Stupid Question Thread
  115. Favourite NPC
  116. I can't run the benchmark
  117. Show me your HUD!
  118. What's on in Eorzea: All Saints' Wake
  119. Live Letter from the Producer IX: Build All the Houses
  120. Stupid Stuff People Say In Parties
  121. Timezones and play times!
  122. FF XIV: ARR has surpassed XI in subscribers!
  123. Ask Your Questions for the Next Live Letter from the Producer
  124. Lightning's FATE event starts this week!
  125. That's punny
  126. TeamSpeak
  127. So what's new?
  128. What races would you like to play in future expansions?
  129. References you like or dislike from other Final Fantasy titles
  130. Your favorite dungeons and boss battles
  131. Had a quest disappear on me
  132. Monsters!
  133. How Important is Roleplaying to You?
  134. A Realm Reborn is coming to PS4 in April 2014!
  135. I remember when the fantasy faded
  136. A Realm Awoken - FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 2.1
  137. Favorite "summon"
  138. Advice for being a tank
  139. Crafting
  140. FFXIV ARR Lore (Seventh Umbral Era)
  142. Doppelgangers
  143. /beckon
  144. General Wonderings
  145. Titan fight lyrics
  146. Fat Chocobo L50 Crafters
  147. Maintenance/Patchy
  148. THE CAUSE
  149. What's on in Eorzea: Starlight Celebration
  150. I can not be the only one...
  151. FFXIV:ARR wins MMO of the Year at Massively
  152. Dat Aesthetician
  153. MMOs are a completionist's nightmare (FFXIV version)
  154. Installing Final Fantasy 14 on PS3
  155. Tell me which housing areas you prefer and why!
  156. What's on in Eorzea: Heavensturn
  157. FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 2.1 - Impressions
  158. The Binding Coil of Bahamut
  159. Free* Login Weekend for FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn
  160. FFXIV fans - I need your opinions!
  161. How important is it to switch classes?
  162. Your Wanted Dungeons!
  163. ...Was this story not meant to be an MMA?
  164. How do I know when the patch is downloaded?
  165. What's on in Eorzea: Otherworldly Visitors
  166. Who will be getting this for PS4?
  167. A Letter From the Producer Live XII - Recap
  168. Fat Chocobos: Uncle Sam wants YOU(R FEEDBACK)
  169. Heads up for all you FFXIV players!
  170. Handy Macros!
  171. What's on in Eorzea: Valentione's Day
  172. Registration Help
  173. Meteor Survivors
  174. Good sub classes...
  175. Having lag issues? Maybe this can help!
  176. A call for assistance
  177. PS4 server
  178. EoFF Giveaway: Yoshi-P signed a Collectors Edition copy of ARR!
  179. How Flowerpots killed XIV
  180. I want to thank this game...
  181. 16 bit Titan Extreme Mode
  182. ARR: You can Harvest your moons in Patch 2.2!
  183. "Something" is hidden in the ARR soundtrack data
  184. Patch 2.2: Things To Do
  185. Look What The Cat Dragged In
  186. Only a week away! New PS4 ARR TV spot
  187. So, almost finished the game after 3-4 months...
  188. What's on in Eorzea: Hatching Tide
  189. Is this a good beginner MMO?
  190. FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Has Over 2 Million Players
  191. Cookie's Capers! Community Event
  192. Can't find NA server? (I'm from EU)
  193. Impressions: Through the Maelstrom - FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 2.2
  194. Which battle role do you prefer in FFXIV?
  195. Beards!
  196. FINAL FANTASY XIV - Fan Festivals, Patch 2.3 & More!
  197. I need help
  198. Making Money in Market Wards
  199. FINAL FANTASY XIV Patch 2.28 and Patch 2.3 Detailed
  200. Why should I play this?
  201. Is there more you wish you would have done when leveling your first character?
  202. Article: FFXIV A Letter from the Producer (English) LIVE - LIVE Coverage - #E3
  203. A Letter From the Producer Live XV - Recap - #E32014
  204. FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festivals 2014 - New Details
  205. Your Final Fantasy XIV Videos
  206. Would you buy a figurine of your character?
  207. Streaming Final Fantasy XIV on twitch in HD!
  208. Where do Adventurers come from?
  209. Patch Trailer for FINAL FANTASY Patch 2.3 - Defenders of Eorzea!
  210. Do you make characters that look like... other characters in media
  211. FF series Events!
  212. Mounts
  213. If this game was free to play...
  214. Is there anything from the 1.0 version you wish they had kept?
  215. What's your favorite FFXIV starting zone?
  216. Getting them seals
  217. Can't log in in a different country?
  218. So is this worth it?
  219. Free Login Weekend for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  220. Let's be honest XI players...
  221. Saint Adama Llama
  222. Have you used the Fantasia?
  223. Where do I know that from!?
  224. Limit Break
  225. Macros
  226. Article: FF XIV: ARR has plans up to 4 years into the future
  227. Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates After Same-Sex Marriage Was Made 'Legal'
  228. Visit Eorzea for Real.... Kind of!
  229. What time of day do you play?
  230. Play a FREE 14-day trial of FFXIV:ARR
  231. Do you have a gaming playlist?
  232. Any good ways to quickly level from 25 to 45?
  233. Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 2.35 Updates! A Brief Glimpse at the New Stuff in Eorzea!
  234. Who else is looking forward to Ninja?
  235. I'm about to make BoB real happy
  236. Lightning Returns to Final Fantasy XIV! And I played the quest!
  237. Coming up in A Realm Reborn... Chocobo Racing and Triple Triad!
  238. Quetions~
  239. Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice
  240. So, I've finished the main quest. Now what?
  241. ~My First MMO Journey~
  242. Fight Shiva in the Ahk Afah Amphitheatre in Patch 2.4!
  243. Let's Look at the 3 New Dungeons of Final Fantasy XIV!
  244. I'm new!!!
  245. 10 Earworms Courtesy of Final Fantasy XIV
  246. Super Cute Cactuar Lottery Earrings for All Worlds!
  247. 10 Marvelous Movie References in Final Fantasy XIV
  248. Aetherial Manipulation and Leviathan Extreme
  249. What's your favorite job?
  250. More Information on Patch 2.4's New Dungeons! - Final Fantasy XIV