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  1. [Book] What do you think of them? (Spoilers marked)
  2. Which of the Starks do you think will make it to the end of the series? (Spoilers!)
  3. What are some things you're looking forward to/hope happens?
  4. Who is your favorite character?
  5. Have you read the books?
  6. Isn't it strange that people could...
  7. Should Ben Affleck direct his own Batman film or should they get someone else?
  8. We don't want this forum to become a dull affair
  9. Favorite location?
  10. Would YOU survive?
  11. Media Exchange?
  12. How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge
  13. Actors in Game of Thrones who are also singers/musicians (videos)
  14. A Song of Marry, Boff, Kill
  15. I have a question for all Batman fans...
  16. Who was the dumbest Stark: Ned, Robb or Catelyn?
  17. Where would you be from?
  18. so are we gonna talk about NEW STAR WARS TRAILER GUESS WHO'S BACK
  19. Who would you fight for?
  20. I've never read/watched this
  21. Batman v Superman Trailer
  22. New Jurrasic World Poster
  23. Mad Men
  24. In your opinion what are the best Marvel films and the best DC/WB films?
  25. Religions of ASoIaF
  26. Changes between book and show (unmarked book spoilers!)
  27. Would You Rather...?
  28. Underrated characters
  29. Somebody just convinced me that Man of Steel is a bad Superman film...
  30. Favorite "Three's Company" show
  31. Daredevil
  32. Street Fighter Review
  33. Age of Ultron
  34. Gentlemen, start your engines. And may the best woman win!
  35. Who would win in a fight, Green Arrow or Hawkeye?
  36. Since we're skipping Batman's origin story do you think they should...
  37. Jared Leto's Joker...
  38. Favorite Seinfeld Character
  39. Geekvolution's Top 10 Episodes of Batman (1966)
  40. Incoming Message from the Big Giant Head
  41. Iron Man (2008) vs. Man of Steel (2013)
  42. There's rumors of a Fox X-Men reboot, going around...
  43. Do you like Batman and James Bond? Or do you just like one or the other?
  44. Do you like Sailor Moon? Or Not?
  45. Your ideal female character?
  46. The NFL Draft!
  47. Does anybody else NOT care about Wonder Woman?
  48. Don't you?
  49. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: US vs UK and other international versions
  50. Do you watch game shows?
  51. Symphonic Metal/ Symphonic Power Metal/ Symphonic Gothic Metal - FANS?
  52. Do you remember when movies used to inspire cartoon shows?...
  53. Which house has the best words?
  54. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? returns in the summer of 2015
  55. What would the female version of James Bond be like?
  56. Captain America: Civil War
  57. Supergirl!
  58. May Releases (Movies)
  59. Septon Merribald's speech is the most tragic thing in the entire series (AFFC)
  60. How does Avengers: Age of Ultron compare to The Avengers (2012)?
  61. ATTACK ON TITAN - Are there fans here?
  62. Cross-Over Live Action films based on comics from different publishers - Thoughts?
  63. SPECTRE's teaser trailer
  64. Do you think Sam Mendes's latest Bond film might do better than Batman V Superman?
  65. The Breakfast Club: Who are you?
  66. X-Men: Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut
  67. Unpopular Anime/Manga Opinions 2: Opinion Harder
  68. 1990's Cartoons: Batman vs. Spider-Man vs. Superman
  69. Big Brother (UK): Timebomb
  70. Favorite Drew Carey Show Character
  71. Favorite Captain Marvel
  72. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in the Thor franchise.
  73. 500 Questions (game show event)
  74. "I need to speak to someone with hair"
  75. Musicals!
  76. Cushy government job
  77. I Like Pumpkin's New Album
  78. Episodes you watch over and over
  79. Do you think the Justice League movie might not have The Flash in it?
  80. Best Canadian TV Show?
  81. so that Game of Thrones musical
  82. In your opinion, does DC/WB do better at TV shows than they do at movies?
  83. Favorite Hunter S. Thompson Book
  84. Will Batfleck overshadow Burton and Nolan's Batmen?
  85. FIFA Officials charged with Corruption and extradited to the US
  86. Season 6 Spoilers - Casting Calls
  88. Stuff you didnt use to like but now do.
  89. Someone made a ton of GOT/awesome mashups
  90. Celebs Flipping Out
  91. Tomorrowland (film)
  92. Recommend a movie to the poster above.
  93. Should Russia and Qatar be stripped of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups?
  94. Singing GoT Actors
  95. Would Superman survive if a nuke was shoved up his butthole and then detonated?
  96. When Sorting Collections Alphabetically by Title
  97. The Game of Thrones Merch Thread
  98. Carly Rae Jepsen, "Call Me Maybe" singer, returns with "I Really Like You"
  99. Kids Being Obnoxious In Movie Theaters!
  100. Na-na-na-na~
  101. EoFF Fantasy Football
  102. The Triple Crown
  103. FIFA Women's World Cup
  104. Road Music!
  105. DC New 52
  107. EoFF Con 2016 Playlist
  108. Favourite Futurama Character
  109. June Releases (Movies)
  110. Fuller House
  111. The Room
  112. Sir Christopher Lee has passed away :(
  113. Fantasy Novels
  114. Science Fiction Novels
  115. Hitler.
  116. Game of Thrones: Where Do We Go From Here? A Thread Of Speculation And Spoilers
  117. Who would win in a fight, Batman or the Xenomorph from "Alien"?
  118. Favorite decade for music
  119. DOWNLOAD 2015
  120. Resurrection Central (Warning, unmarked Season 5 Death spoilers)
  122. Which is more fun to watch, the Summer or Winter Olympics?
  123. Can you reccomend me a movie?
  124. The NeverEnding Story Review (Spoilers)
  125. Anyone read Homestuck?
  126. Favorite Marvel Super Team
  127. I don't always read fanfiction...
  128. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
  129. Favorite decade for TV
  130. Donald Trump angers Univision, Latinos with comments about Mexican immigrants
  131. Science Fiction or Post-Apocalyptic Fiction?
  132. Stand-Up Comedians
  133. Uncovered Review (Spoilers)
  134. Favorite NFL team
  135. Favourite Premier League team
  136. STOP
  137. Television soundtracks.
  138. Words Aplenty: Assistance Required
  139. July Movie Releases
  140. Favourite Simpsons Character?
  141. I saw Mel Gibson in Kill la Kill
  142. Fan-Made "A Series of Unfortunate Events" Trailer
  143. San Andreas Review (Spoilers)
  144. Red Oni/Blue Oni
  145. xiaolin chronicles
  146. Favorite Marvel Female
  147. Favortie DC Female
  148. Ariana Grande licks a Donut, Hates America
  149. Shauna and Jinx Watch Terrible Movies and Talk About Them
  150. MLB All-Star Game
  151. Jurassic World Review (Spoilers)
  152. Black Mirror
  153. Then there was the time I reviewed Jack and Jill drunk out of my mind.
  154. Marvel Studios (approved) Spider-Man reboot
  155. The Redemption of Cain
  156. Ant-Man
  157. Underworld Series
  158. Epic Rap Battle of History
  159. What color lightsaber would you choose?
  160. A Knight's Tale
  161. Children Educational Programs
  162. Do you think Man of Steel = Superman, but without the cheesiness?
  163. Who's Next?
  164. Key Magic of superconvenient Happy Endings
  165. If you had your own show
  166. The Worst Superhero Movie.
  167. Lip Sync Battle
  168. Terminator Genisys Review (Spoilers)
  169. God's Football 2015-2016 season thread
  170. The Casting in Batman V Superman & X-Men: Apocalypse.
  171. SPECTRE (new James Bond)
  174. Your Waifus
  175. Malice Mizer
  176. Inside Out
  177. Shows you watch over and over
  178. Favorite Classic Anime
  179. Batman: Year One & The Dark Knight Returns (Animated Movies)
  180. Pixels (video game-themed film)
  181. What is your criteria for selecting a book to read?
  182. Changing opening themes
  183. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
  184. Beijing, China selected as host of 2022 Winter Olympics
  185. August Movie Releases
  186. Top racing team?
  187. The Martian
  188. Deadpool
  189. Fantastic Four
  190. Die Antwoord
  191. Favorite NHL Team
  192. Spider-Man's Rogues Gallery
  193. What will you miss most about Jon Stewart on the Daily Show?
  194. The Hateful Eight
  195. Favorite 90s TV Show
  196. Survivor
  197. Favorite 80s TV Show
  198. Favorite 70s Show
  199. Fear the Walking Dead
  200. Doctor Who, Lady Doctor?
  201. Favorite Alice's Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass
  202. Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist
  203. K-pop
  204. Favorite Match Game Panelist
  205. Favorite MLB club
  206. What "Marvel" Film are you most excited to see next?
  207. Favorite TV Dad
  208. Favorite TV Mom
  209. Who's Your Favorite Guardian of the Galaxy?
  210. The Greatest interview the WWE has done in years.
  211. Favorite Star Trek Race
  212. RIP Wes Craven
  213. Film Theory on Dragon Ball Z
  214. Wild China
  215. Favorite Disney movie?
  216. What show are you most excited for this upcoming TV season?
  217. Former Disney Channel star Hilary Duff returns with first new album in 8 years
  218. Music and Time of Day
  219. Zombies Run!
  220. Football (Soccer) adivice
  221. Chris Harrison of "The Bachelor" hosts new season of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
  222. Anime
  223. Soul Surfer! Surfing for the soul, man
  224. Favorite Old School Wrestler
  225. What were the last 3 books you read?
  226. Pan
  227. Songs for the end of the world!
  228. American Horror Story: Hotel
  229. RWBY Season 3 Premiere Date Announced!
  230. Why is DC so dark and edgy compared to Marvel?
  231. Why aren't boy and girl groups as popular in the U.S. as they are in the UK?
  232. Halloween Reads
  233. Can you enjoy music by artists you dislike?
  234. EoFF Fantasy Basketball League!
  235. Comic Book Besties
  236. puuuuunk
  237. Insert witty name for thread about Power Rangers/Sentai/Kamen Rider here.
  238. The Truth is out There...
  239. Sailor Moon R The Movie (R STANDS FOR ROSES!)
  240. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens New Trailer (#3)
  241. Back to the Future
  242. Favorite James Joyce Book
  243. Which is hotter, the Sun or Charlize Theron?
  244. Marvel's Jessica Jones
  245. Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez: Former Disney stars gone erotic
  246. Supergirl The Movie (Yes, there was a movie)
  247. Oh god what am I listening to?
  248. Halloween Movies
  249. Battle of the Marvel Chrises
  250. Clone Wars vs. The Clone Wars