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  1. Least Favorite Main Character
  2. Pandamonium is Too Hard! (Rant)
  3. This is the only one without the Final Fantasy theme.
  4. intelligence
  5. Favorite Main Character
  6. cheats?
  7. This could've been my favourite game, but...
  8. So, how do you actually increase Agility?
  9. The FF Origins version owns the original any day!
  10. stat numbers
  11. Stuck...
  12. How much time do you spend on the "fourth characters"?
  13. Best "Red Mage" magic list?
  14. Barrier and Aura
  15. leveling
  16. Are magics like SAFE and SHEL cumulative?
  17. Did anyone ever do this?
  18. beeping?
  19. i need help for my bestiary, only missing two, gazer and scissorjaws
  20. Help with bestiary
  21. Is this any good?
  22. Teleport
  23. Need help with Death Riders (DoS)
  24. Should Lionheart really be considered a "main character"?
  25. Lamia Queen Help (Spoilers)
  26. Leveling weapons
  27. Having trouble with Dist Cave
  28. Hm, am I using a good party?
  29. FF II PSP screenshots
  30. FFII questions
  31. Questions and Answers forum (post ur questions here and we'll answer em)
  32. Favourite Characters?
  33. Captains can actually be beaten with sucky stats...
  34. A Random and Civil Discussion about FFII
  35. Cheats
  36. Playing for the first time AND trying for 100%
  37. PSP edition of Final Fantasy II to include exclusive secret dungeon
  38. First Playthrough
  39. im new to ff2 and i need lots of help.
  40. Should I give the Blood Sword to Firion
  41. Best character set up for a newbie?
  42. Skills stuck?
  43. I need serious help...
  44. Supposing I don't make a conscious effort to build stats...
  45. Cheats
  46. Please Help Me...
  47. Are there any good ways to stand extreme super-leveling?
  48. FF II psp ver. help...
  49. Ooooops
  50. Fire! Fire! Oh no Gordon died! LIFE! Yay Life lvl up!
  51. Just finished FFII, Some thoughts...
  52. the menu cheat
  53. Interesting.
  54. How is battle money calculated in FF2j?
  55. new game!
  56. Maximum magic and weapon levels in PSP version
  57. The elusive ROM hack into FFX
  58. Most/Least Personality
  59. Personal suggestions on how to improve the battle system...
  60. Speed
  61. Crucifix?
  62. Um... Help again? "Ineffective"
  63. Soul of Rebirth
  64. Questions about Ultima.
  65. FFII - NES or PSP
  66. FF II Origins
  67. West of Gatrea
  68. Missable Items
  69. My first time through FFII
  70. Collections Bug?
  71. PS1 "Origins" version - World Map?
  72. Who would you bring?
  73. FFII's role in the growing of the franchise.
  74. Question about FF2 on GBA
  75. The novelization.
  76. "Cheats" were left in intentionally or from testing?
  77. Cap?
  78. Armor?
  79. Osmose and Poison
  80. How do you avoid the massive difficulty in this game?
  81. How do I increase my evasion in the NES version?
  82. Missing monsters in NES version
  83. Leon is killing me....................
  84. YAY! I finally beat it!
  85. Questions from a new FF2 player
  86. Extra Osmose Scrolls
  87. dumb, frog, death
  88. Damn this game is hard!
  89. FF2 Question
  90. The double helix on Firion
  91. Out of curiosity...
  92. Is this the game with the ice sled?
  93. Magic...
  94. Thinking of trying again
  95. Need to clarify the Ultima thing...
  96. Let's Make a Flow Chart
  97. need help finding ultimate weapons
  98. Am I okay?
  99. Am i just Weak or what?
  100. lost (dawn of souls)
  102. Stick to the CG Character Designs?
  103. Game Script
  104. FFII Mini-Tournament - Finals
  105. The Official Final Fantasy II FAQ!
  106. Do Weapons have differing effects?
  107. Two is Just as Bad as One
  108. Somebody knows How to return from SOR to Pandemonium in FF2 PSP
  109. My second attempt at playing through FFII
  110. Stat Raising Question
  111. The stat-gaining trick
  112. Bafsk?
  113. Leveling system... brutal.
  114. EoFF drunkenly Plays Final Fantasy II
  115. An overlooked character?
  116. >> Ricard or Gareth?..
  117. Was it really necessary? (some spoilers)
  118. Share your Progress
  119. How Is This Game Supposed to Be Played?
  120. Battle Theme I included in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
  121. Minor graphical problems with Final Fantasy 2
  122. Fourth Party Member
  123. Maps for NES version
  124. questions for FF2 NES fightint system
  125. Few more questions about FF2 NES
  126. Jack of All Trades or Master of One?
  127. Finl fantsy II NES version finished with...
  128. Final Fantasy II Reimagined
  129. Emperor Mateus
  130. How should I train my characters? (GBA)
  131. Does FFII for the PSP include the Soul of Rebirth storyline?
  132. I hate this game. :(
  133. Magic Question
  134. Star Wars' influence on Final Fantasy
  135. Final Fantasy II's Impact on the FF franchise
  136. Possible bug, if someone can confirm
  137. I Spent An Hour on Mysidia Tower and Then Died
  138. Hate it?
  139. Leveling system: Love or Hate?
  140. Does anyone else love flans?
  141. Minwu!
  142. Full-Powered Ultima
  143. Is this a glitch or just a trap?
  144. Favorite weapons?
  145. Quick question about character portrait backgrounds
  146. Worth getting?F
  147. Where were you?
  148. It's place in history
  149. I think I figured out what's really wrong with this game
  150. thread #400
  151. Leon
  152. FFII Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  153. The Story of FFII?
  154. Who loves FFII
  155. Dark Shadow Over Palakia
  156. Final Fantasy II song (YouTube video with lyrics)
  157. Your Favorite Version of Final Fantasy II
  158. If you could build your own party...
  159. The Memo system: Good or Bad?
  160. The Last to the Party
  162. Spell Setup for each character
  163. Mysidian Tower trouble
  164. I think I took a wrong turn...
  165. The Emperor of Palamecia
  166. Josef Appreciation Thread
  167. Completion.
  168. Final Fantasy II
  169. This game is great!
  170. The price of magic is too damn high!
  171. Strange NPC's
  172. I want to thank this game...
  173. If you could change one thing...
  174. How many people have actually beaten this game?
  175. What's up with Gus?
  176. The Most Amusing Spell
  177. So does anyone like this game?
  178. Fists of Fury!
  179. Did you play the Memory Minigame?
  180. So did you make use of the Chocobos?
  181. Who was the best "guest" character in FFII?
  182. Most memorable death scene
  183. Leon, FFs greatest Character mystery
  184. Favorite Weapon?
  185. Troubles
  186. So did you fight him fair?
  187. FFII Crossword puzzle
  188. Best Battle Theme
  189. Job Class Roles
  190. The Rebels! ~ FFs only successful Rebel forces?
  191. How did you first play this game?
  192. The Emperor ~ The Most Badass Villain
  193. The Iron Giant
  194. Firion the Virgin
  195. Beavers!!!
  196. Anyone max everything out?
  197. Favorite moment?
  198. Borghen
  199. Getting STRONGER!!!
  200. What did you think of the opening?
  201. Does Guy annoy you?
  202. If you have beaten this game which version did you beat?
  203. Who would you keep?
  204. Did you level up the Magic?
  205. Do you consider this to be the best NES entry?
  206. Did you like this game right away or did it have to grow on you?
  207. Least Favorite Dungeon
  208. Which weapon did you not use?
  209. Did you know there was a Wonderswan version of FFII?
  210. FFXII can get out, FFII was the original Star Wars FF game
  211. FFII: Difficult, or just difficult to learn?
  212. Are There Any GBA FFII Cheats To Change Characters? (Eg: Firion to Scott)
  213. FFII Has the worst dungeon design in the series.
  214. Pure Roles vs. Red Mages
  215. The Emporer is Jareth the Goblin King
  216. When was the last time you played this?
  217. Do You Think FFII is Underrated?
  218. Wyvern Key Item - Prelude to Summoner Class
  219. Would you like to see an expanded remake of this?
  220. The First Cid
  222. How early do you go to Mysidia?
  223. How many people have played the original?
  224. Favorite Spell (FFII Edition)
  225. Theory Time: Gus speaks Beaver
  226. Trivia - Final Fantasy II
  227. Alright children, can you say Red Rose? I know you can...
  228. Naming
  229. Thoughts on the first story-driven FF?
  230. Ultima in the NES Version Was Intentionally Left Glitched
  231. The Emperor
  232. What if Leon and Firion's fates had been switched?
  233. A Theoretical Final Fantasy II Experience
  234. Plot Holes?
  235. Favourite song from FFII
  236. Importance of Strategy and How You Don't Need to Power Grind
  237. How do you party?
  238. Unarmed = Overpowered?
  239. Dark.
  240. Should Square-Enix take another crack at a game of this style?
  241. Even in times of struggle, a Wild Rose may bloom...
  242. Spells You Wished Were Available In Soul of Rebirth
  243. Wandering Into Your Doom
  244. FFII Free on FF Portal App
  245. poor Ricard
  246. But nobody died
  247. Which characters were the most interesting?
  248. The Party
  249. Does anyone else walk on foot to every destination in the beginning of the game?
  250. Have you ever tried a "jack-of-all-trades" party in this game?