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    The very objects that make the world work are in jeopardy. Everything that makes life happen: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water; are dying. The crystals that govern and represent them are shattering. The lives that they protect are losing the means for society. The worlds that rely on them are hanging in the balance. The evil that they entrap is plotting to break free. The Warriors that are destined to fight for them are meeting.

    The time has come again to make the world a better place.

    By Big Ogre Umaro and theundeadhero for Eyes on Final Fantasy

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    Wolf Kanno

    When Dawn breaks, a new Light shall fill the Void.

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    When I studied psychology in college, my class discussed family dynamics among siblings, middle children were always the more interesting

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    Wolf Kanno

    Why do YOU think FFV's plot is overlooked?

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    Is it just ho-hum and forgettable, or do you feel FFV's story is one of the greats and just keeps getting sidelined because the other games were overexposed?

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