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    Many centuries have passed since the war. Civilizations have been rebuilt with iron, machines, and technology. For years, the Espers have existed only in ancient legends. Now an Esper has been discovered and the forces of magic are beginning to return. The risk of another, more devastating war is about to surface...

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    Final Fantasy VI Advance - Complete Soundtrack (High Quality)

    Thread Starter: calamitousstar


    Since there is no high quality soundtrack of the GBA port of Final Fantasy VI on

    Last Post By: Bubba 09-09-2019, 01:27 PM Go to last post

    FFVI Music

    Thread Starter: Ayen

    At this moment of writing I'm listening to the full original soundtrack by Nobuo Uematsu. What are some of your favorite themes from the original soundtrack?

    Last Post By: Wolf Kanno 08-04-2019, 07:58 PM Go to last post

    World of Balance versus World of Ruin

    Thread Starter: Ayen

    Which of the two worlds in FFVI did you find yourself liking the best? The World of Balance or World of Ruin? As much as I appreciate what the World of

    Last Post By: Wolf Kanno 08-04-2019, 08:04 PM Go to last post

    How many times have you played the game?

    Thread Starter: Ayen

    Like the title says. How many playthroughs have you done on Final Fantasy VI? Be it just one version of the game, or all of them?

    I've done

    Last Post By: Loony BoB 08-14-2019, 06:46 PM Go to last post
    Wolf Kanno

    Most Memorable Moment

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    What do you feel is the most memorable moment in this game? The Opera, Sabin suplexing a train, or maybe the end of the world?

    Last Post By: Ayen 08-04-2019, 12:06 PM Go to last post
    Wolf Kanno

    Recruitment Order

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    Simple question, during the WoR segment, once the Falcon was acquired, what order did you recruit the rest of the cast?

    Last Post By: Ayen 08-04-2019, 12:11 PM Go to last post

    Characters confirmed to have died during the end of the world?

    Thread Starter: 8ther

    Beside Shadow and maybe Banon and Arvis, are there any other named npcs who’ve disappeared after the End of the world?

    Last Post By: Wolf Kanno 05-07-2019, 05:56 AM Go to last post
    Wolf Kanno

    Final Fantasy VI Turned 25.

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI's release in Japan. Any thoughts or feelings for the sixth entry in the popular Final Fantasy series?

    Last Post By: Cell 04-11-2019, 09:38 PM Go to last post